As I enter the final few weeks of pregnancy – yup, it’s gone that fast! – I’ve officially hit the “how the heck to do I style this thing” phase. I relied on my standard oversized tops and skinnies to camouflage the bump for a very very long time, but there’s just no avoiding full-on maternity clothes at nearly 9-months along.


Thankfully, maternity jeans are coming to my rescue. I pretty much wear jeans everyday so the thought of having to give them up was definitely leaving me with the “I’ve got nothing to wear” blues. But I don’t mean it in the way girls usually say it. At 34+ weeks pregnant, it’s for real! Looking at my closet is becoming a bit torturous. It’s like that saying: “water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink!” {I’ve since moved out everything that no longer fits – highly recommend. My plan is to be rather ruthless about what makes it back in!}. That’s where DL1961 Maternity Jeans stepped in. From classic blue skinnies to great ankle crops, I suddenly have my wardrobe back and I haven’t felt like I have to give up “me.”

what i’m wearing: zara poncho, asos white sleeveless button down, clare v. clutch, chloe sandals {similar}

I’m kinda obsessed with the white Angel Maternity Jean. I’m a big fan of wearing white all year long and these jeans still feel so good. They have the hidden stretch panels at the pockets instead of the over the belly fabric, which I have to say hasn’t been my jam. I’ve found that the over-the-belly pairs don’t hold their shape and they definitely don’t stay up well! And constantly tugging at your jeans is not a good look, no matter what size you are. I love how the DL1961s are super comfortable, super flattering and feel like I’m wearing normal jeans. Feeling as normal as possible is a big perk when you have an alien invading your body.

what i’m wearing: stella mccartney blazer {similar}, alexander wang top {similar} , tibi boots, philip lim mini pashli bag

The classic blue Amanda jean is that pair that everyone woman should have in their closet. Yes, I already had multiple pairs of skinny blues, but when you get to the point where there’s no chance they’ll zip up, this is the perfect alternative. I simply ordred my regular jean size and they fit great. No pinching, no pulling, plenty of stretch but they still have a nice shape.

what i’m wearing: everlane sweatshirt, mina + olya overcoat {similar} , vince sneakers, the common knowledge bone bag, illesteva sunnies

Nothing makes me feel more chic than wearing black. Apparently, I should have been a New Yorker. And if you’re like me, and admittedly, not a huge bump enthusiast, black is your style BFF! It does a great job camouflaging. I don’t know why I’m not into my belly being so out there – even though it certainly is out there now. This is why I love my black DL1961 ankle jeans. From business meetings to my last few brunches sans kid, I strongly suspect I’m going to be living in these babies.

I’m just thrilled to know I still have good style options at the ready even as my belly grows by the day. I promise I’ll share a few more looks with you before it’s all done!

PS: for all you mamas-to-be out there, you can save 20% on DL1961 today with the code DL20!

original photography for apartment 34 by emily scott // styling by erin hiemstra 

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  1. You look fantastic! Clothes wise it is much better to be highly pregnant in winter rather than summer as coats do a great job of disguising the bump.