Well people, it seems that it’s time to batten down the hatches, clear those calendars and warm up the ole liver—wedding season is in full swing. Just how many are you attending this year??

If you’re anything like us, proactive wedding gift planning is not a strong suit. Typically, about a week out from the wedding, we’ll log onto the couple’s registry to find that the only items that have yet to be spoken for are pillow inserts and a sad looking Tupperware set. “Argh…If only I had placed an order for those monogrammed bath towels two months ago!” you gripe to yourself. Unless you have an incredible backup gift plan – BPA-free Tupperware and hypoallergenic pillow inserts for the coolest eco couple you know? We don’t think so. You’ll need to come up with something for this uber-chic couple, fast. Because if their wedding looks anything like the stunning Australian fete below (that dress — holla!), Tupperware just ain’t gunna cut it.


Knowing the last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on an entirely impersonal, lackluster gift, we’ve rounded up a list of eight eye-catching items that we’d LOVE to give (and let’s be honest—receive) as wedding gifts (or bridal shower gifts!):

How about you? Is there anything you’ve given (or received) that was off the beaten path, but that you absolutely loved anyway??


1. > Small Copper Standing Bowl

2. > Walnut Serving Board

3. > French Press

4. > Bocce Set

5. > Wine Breather Carafe

6. > 4 Piece Bar Set

7. > La Brisa Throw

8. > Hasami Porcelain Deep Bowls 

Because there’s always someone who really wants to stay off the registry, here’s more unique gifts we’re loving for the cool couple.

copy written by Ali Hartwell, Editorial Intern

images via The Lane 

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  1. I’m loving all these fabulous ideas! Shopping for presents in general are always so hard whether it’s for someone’s birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. But this is a great list of items, thanks!

  2. I think a gift of a very cool cutting board / bread board is so spot on! A really cool/unique one can be rather pricey, so I think this is such a brazilliant idea. Love the shape of board you picked. Of course, this *is* coming from a person who has a bit of a cutting board…well…”problem”…as in, a bit of a board hoard. Oopsie. But wait, they’re all so different! I need a pill for board hoarding illness.