Holiday shopping is always fun, but shopping for little people takes it to a whole new level. Whether it’s for my own kiddo or for those of friends – so many expectant ladies at the moment – there’s something irresistible about things in miniature form. As a lover of neutrals, I’m here to prove that you can find things your children will love without resorting to crayola colors.


1. All little guys love airplanes. It’s a thing. I love this all natural wood version.

2. Who can resist little tiny baby feet? And you have to keep them warm you know. These little booties are sweetest way to do it.

3. A cute and cuddly sweatshirt will make your little that much cuter.

4. Every tot needs a buddy to cuddle with. This penguin is perfect for the winter season.

5. Our little guy will take a screw driver to just about anything. This workbench is sure to keep any mr-fix-it busy for hours.

6. A pom pom hat. Need I say more?

7. Every little person loves to drum. This one makes a noise that might not drive you crazy

8. For those expectant friends or new moms, this baby rocker is functional and chic.


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original photo for apartment 34 by emily scott

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