Every time we come across a cool site, we bookmark it. But how many times do you ever actually go back to your bookmarks? Hmmm, how ’bout never?! Sure, we have this bank of content in our arsenal- except that we NEVER use it. Thank goodness our monthly series, Blogs We Loved This Month, forces us to go back, look through them all and share only the best with you!


We have to admit- the blogosphere is dominated by women. Wah. So when we came across Petros’ blog Hommie, the male voice behind the elegant interior photos really stands. Finally, A MAN! Hommie gives us access to some of the world’s most creative and eclectically designed homes and who doesn’t love snooping in stylish stranger’s homes! It feeds our desire for fresh decor tips. And the name just really makes us smile. So go check out our new home-boy’s blog, yo.


Scrolling through food blogs is 5x easier than well… actually getting busy in the kitchen, but sometimes there are recipes that convince us we could actually be successful at this whole cooking thing. Enter Milking Almonds– a food blog with recipes as doable as they’re easy on the eyes. Ranging from savory to sweet, Milking Almonds has some cleverly simple dishes that’ll make you look like the next Thomas Keller. One of our recent favorites is the trumpet royal crostini with citrus recipe {fancy words for basically the most freaking delicious piece of toast you’ve ever seen!}.


We all have that one fashion maven that we would just DIE to be, even if it’s just for a day: the uber stylish Rachel Zoe, the business-chic Jenna Lyons, the very French Carine Roitfield. We stalk admire their careers while simultaneously wondering “how can this be me one day?!”. Yara’s blog, Chapter Friday has now been added to our must-watch list. Yara has created the ultimate online toolkit for pursuing a career in the fashion industry that is so approachable and sincere, it’s like hearing advice straight from your best girlfriend! Did we mention she writes for Elle? We’ll take it! We love reading along with Yara and her team as they give us tricks and tips that motivate us to start living our dreams. Quotes like, “Girl, you are one boss bitch” always make us laugh!


Travel blogs are plentiful and even though they make us jealous inspire us to see the world, the world can be a bit overwhelming. What we love about Far and Close is how the approach to travel remains so personal. Nana {who just so happens to be one of our favorite instagrammers too!} takes us along her journeys around Berlin and Copenhagen and points out some of the best hidden spots. Thanks to her, if we’re ever so lucky to wander through her cities {sooner rather than later, please!} we have a hunky list of to-dos.


The team literally spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to pronounce FIGTNY. I mean, you try! So you can imagine how silly we felt when we found out that it was actually an acronym that stood for F**** it…going to New York – and that’s not the only reason this sassy blog piqued our interest. Going by the moniker of “M”, the blogger behind FIGTNY had us immediately intrigued in her casually polished outfits. For this chick, everyday seems like a weekend! Featuring contemporary styles, “M” is always clad in monochromatic shades. She might be slightly mysterious but this blogger babe is 100% à la mode.

It’s that time to go back through your own bookmark archives this weekend. You might dig up some gems that theoretically, you were supposed to come back to every week and never did. Just be sure to share with us what you uncover!

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