Is it that time again? Wow- February, you sure do make a lady feel old, passing time so quickly like that. It’s the one month of the year that you almost always feel like you’re racing against the clock. Despite being gone in lightening speed, there was no way we could have made it out of those brutally fast 28 days without a little escape in the blogosphere with the help of the blogs we loved this month!


Beeldsteil, loosely translated into “photography and styling”, is an incredibly sleek and gorgeous blog mainly focused around great design and interiors, started by interiors stylist and Dutch photographer, Wendy. You’ll find Scandinavian style designs that are to die for {like that copper pendant!} and beautiful detail shots of Wendy’s home. Our favorites, thought, are her instagram roundups- this girl captures the most amazing shots on her iPhone! You just have to check it out for yourself.


Anouk is the editor in chief of, and while we love what she does for her “day job”, we’re ob-sessed with her personal blog simply titled, Anouk Yve. First of all, the woman has the most incredible curly hair- it’s wildly untamed and perfect at the same time. Thought that may be her signature definer, her style holds it’s weight in gold. Chic to the max, we’d wear everything she puts on!


Flourishing Foodie is a food blog {obviously!} that you may already be familiar with, but it’s always a good one to be reminded to come back to. We love how approachable the recipes are {founder, Heather, blames her easy way of cooking on her “laziness” and love for ingredients in their most natural state!} – even the photography and styling isn’t at all intimidating. There are generally two types of food blogs- ones you visit just to see beautiful imagery and others you visit to actually find something for dinner tomorrow night. Believe us, you’ll want to cook straight from this one and that’s why we love it!


Oracle Fox is a fashion blog hailing from Queensland. One of the reasons we love it so much is the mix of great personal style posts with high fashion editorials from the likes of Vogue and Elle, mixed with inspirational and seductive photography as well as great product roundups- a balanced fashion blog is often rare to find. Just when you’ve decided to leave the page, she hits you with an outfit, paired to perfection with the most unexpected twists, and you just have to see more! Bet you’ve never seen a button down shirt with athletic sweat shorts before- so good.


I’m Breanna Rose is a gem in our world. She has mastered the way to talk with her readers through relatable story telling and thought provoking writing. Not only are her writing skills impeccable, but she also has a background in graphic design and is an art director by day a.k.a. everything she does is beautiful. You’ll fall in love with Bre and her freelance advice she openly shares, her stories of Portaland and most of all her witty and charming personality!

What’s the one blog you stumbled upon this month that you’ve now added to your daily reads? We’d love to know what you’re reading!

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  1. That Breanna is pretty amazing, but I may be a little biased 😉

    1. Just cuz you’re biased doesn’t mean it’s not true! She’s amazing indeed!

  2. These are amazing suggestions! Loved every one of them. What a great idea for shout-outs to other bloggers. Great round-up.

  3. I have been hunting for a great fitness and wellness blog (thanks to New Years resolutions) and I really think I have found it! Now if only they could work out for me!

  4. I stumbled upon the Fresh Exchange blog and I’ve been so inspired by her design, zest for travel and style! Her & her husband’s relationship seems so cute!