Apparently, our loft has nine lives. Just when you thought we couldn’t redecorate yet again – I got pregnant! My first thought upon hearing that le bebe was on the way {after the initial shock wore off!}?? How the heck would we cram a baby in our loft! With our new/old house months away from completion, I knew we had to find a way to make our 1-bedroom space work for our suddenly growing family. Thankfully, I think we’ve managed to do it, and quite well if I do say so myself!

In order to make way for baby, we did have to say so long to the Apartment 34 Studio {wah!!}. It was in the only room in our space that has a door that closes {other than bathrooms of course}. I also decided climbing up and down from our loft bedroom to the nursery two flights below would be less than ideal – so we decided to combine the two. I’m rather thrilled with how our bedroom + baby room turned out – but quickly, here’s a reminder of where we started:


And here’s how the room is looking NOW!


If we’d had room for a separate nursery I would have been all for it, but since we had to go with co-sleeping, I set out to create a combined master bedroom/nursery that was functional for baby, but also aesthetically pleasing for us grown-ups! The key was to keep the space from feeling too childlike. This was accomplished in three ways: 1) sticking with neutral color palette, 2) using black as our accent color and 3) relying on modern pieces throughout the space – even the stuff for the baby.

apartment-34-nursery-3apartment-34-bedroom1apartment-34-2apartment-34-nursery-apartment-34-bedroom-2Apt34-LoftRedesign-35 (1)Apt34-LoftRedesign-55-e1435351243897

The room really started around the alphabet print above. We stumbled upon it in a shop in St. Helena. I immediately loved the muted tones and unique animals {narwal anyone?!}. Confession: we actually originally bought it as a baby present for some friends, but then one thing led to another and it never got sent! Whoops! So it became the main inspiration for our color palette and overall vibe.

I was also thrilled I could repurpose many of the existing design elements in the room, including our floating Ikea shelves that once served as our office bar {as you may have noticed in the before pics above}. They are now our changing table. Carter loves looking up at his Ladies & Gentlemen Chime from his changing pad. Diapers and all other changing accoutrements are at arms reach but incognito in the woven basket. Everything else – wipes, onsies and burp clothes are all tucked neatly away. Fun side note:  I’ve had that felt Mariners mini-pennant since I was about six!


My favorite creative idea in the room? Using a chic modern towel ladder designed by Norm Architects to hang swaddle blankets {you go through a ton!} and display modern books and toys. My killer woven leather basket that used to house my magazine collection organized, now holds all of Carter’s little stuffed friends. I used sheepskins throughout the room to add warmth and a cozier feel – since we have a concrete floor!

I also tossed some DIYs into the room. Yes I said DIY! For example, rather than hang faux stuffed animal heads or a baby-themed gallery wall above the crib, I found a set of geometric metal sculptures on Amazon. I simply spray-painted them white {with one left black to pop} and tacked them to wall. It’s a completely malleable art installation that cost less than $25! I love that it gives some visual interest without being overbearing.

I did have to say good-bye to one of my favorite DIYs –  our gorgeous gold bookcase {see the before image for reference}. It was just entirely too girly for my hubby – and even for me these days. So back to bright white the bookcase went. Instead of office supplies, I styled out the shelves with a mix of grown-up elements like design books and my collection of Kinfolk Magazines. I combined those with some childhood treasures like my collection of Mariners bobbleheads and my husband’s Boy Scouts rally car. I can’t wait to see Carter play with it one day!


Sure, there are a few whimsical touches in room. My clouds and stars mobile by Baby Jives came from my similarly themed baby shower. Yes, there are some overly sacchrin stuffed animals in the room. But other than that, we intentionally kept the baby decor as paired down as possible. It is only temporary after all. And it’s amazing how quickly things you “must” have for baby can accumulate. But now that we’re almost three months into this whole parenthood thing, I’ve narrowed down my newborn nursery must-haves to the absolute essentials. When you’re dealing with a small space, I highly recommend sticking with the basics. Baby stuff will take over if you’re not careful! Thankfully, I found quite a few of my favorite well-designed baby accessories from Munchkin. Carter particularly loves their Latch bottles – which was great because I surprisingly had a lot of anxiety about bottle selection. They even make a travel bottle warmer, making naps on the go so much easier! So many new things to worry about as a lady with a baby… But I digress.

Here are the rest of my nursery faves. I think they’re as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional!



> Latch Bottle by Munchkin
> Nuna Leaf baby Lounger
> Wipes Warmer by Munchkin
> White noise, Baby Log & Wonder Weeks iPhone apps
> Diaper Pail
> Video Baby Monitor
> Crib
> Latch Pacifier

So do you like?? I bet you didn’t think we could switch things up any more {after this office makeover, and then this one, and this living room makeover and then this one} but I was determined to make the loft as functional and fantastic as I could for the short time that we’ll continue to be here. A space I love is SO critical to my sanity. And let’s be real – I’ll jump at any excuse to redecorate! I’m dying to hear what you think of the space! And if you like what you see be sure to come back. We updated what was our bedroom and made a few changes to our living room too. I’m going to be revealing those spaces next week!

Nursery/Master Bedroom Resources:

west elm platform bed // cedar & moss sconces // h&m linen bedding // jm generals wool bed throw // original art by bianca sotelo // stokke mini crib // aden & anais baby bedding // jessie black felted sheepskin // baby jives mobile // menu towel ladder // serena & lily stool // sheepskin rugs // vintage turkish rug & felt rug pad // ladies & gentlemen studio chime // onefortythirty wall lamp // pottery barn kids nesting floor baskets

Original photography for Apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick

This post is in partnership with Munchkin. Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safer, easier, and more fun. You can find Munchkin products at Munchkin.comTargetBabies’R’UsWalmart, and Amazon. It’s the little things! All opinions expressed in this post  are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that we’re excited about and keep the Apartment 34 doors open!

If you’re like us, you’re constantly looking for fresh ways to give your space an updated look. But unlike clothing, the whole “out with the old, in with the new” approach isn’t as practical or realistic when it comes to room decor. That’s why one of our go-to room makeover tricks is to play with rugs. We’re always adding or swapping them, but recently we’ve been kind of obsessed with layering them!


There are a few different approaches you can take when it comes to rug layering. First, there’s the tried and true combination of a bold patterned or textured rug with a neutral base. Layering also works when you take a more organic shaped piece {like a cowhide!} and pair it with a traditional rectangular rug {love this one!}. Another option is to choose rugs of various sizes and patterns, but that are of the same general color palate–like what’s happening in the image above. So good. 

If you’re craving even more design tips and tricks, click HERE!

Copy by Editorial Intern, Ali Hartwell // Image via Yatzer

One of our favorite events of the year is touring the San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase home. It’s almost like the Fashion Week of interior design where designers from all over the Bay Area come together to exhibit their talents all under one roof {literally!}. This year’s location is a beautiful historic home designed by famed Bay Area architect, Julia Morgan. Located in Presidio Heights, the home overlooks the Presidio boasting expansive views of the Bay and that mighty fine looking Golden Gate Bridge of ours!

Since each room is designed by a different designer, you’re hit with all types of styles, tastes and interior inspiration. There was so much visual interest to take in, it was hard to even find time to blink. We could have easily spent several hours exploring and we still would have missed some killer details—it was just that stunning.

While there was an overload of inspiration to report back on, here were some of our biggest trend takeaways {the rest you’ll just have to go see for yourself!}:


1. Green is Gold. Various shades of green were used as the wall color choice for several rooms, but we were especially obsessed with the look of the matte, Hunter Green walls of Will Wick’s master bedroom. The color seemed to shift dramatically depending on which way the light hit the room—adding an additional layer of drama to the space’s already edgy feel. The use of all sorts of green hues throughout the home proved just how dynamic the color can be and for that reason it earned a spot at the forefront of our minds for future decorating projects {like this one!}.


2. Embrace Destruction. While a lot of interior design has a tendency to be super pristine and polished {and spendy!}, we love the look of subtle imperfections that give a room character and a sense of realness. Brittany Haines of Authenticity B layered in that sense of “realness” for the Showcase home’s office space. From a desk made from charred wood to a worn, lightly frayed antique rug, the room embraced life’s natural “wear and tear” to create an utterly sophisticated, yet still super approachable look.


3. Walls as Art. Of course we’re familiar with the concept of hanging art on walls, but Cecilie Starin took the idea to another level by commissioning Bay Area muralist Ian Ross to create a custom-painted, canvas wallpaper. Suddenly the walls themselves became the work of art! The organic, energetic lines of the hand painted walls played perfectly with some insanely badass gold accents to create a jaw-dropping look that can’t even be summarized with words.

These were just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the all the design happenings going on inside the 2015 Decorator Showcase house. It’s truly a must-see for any design fiends in the Bay Area. The house itself will be open for viewing through Memorial Day weekend so be sure to check it out for yourself if you’re in town! You can find all of the details on the Decorator Showcase website. If you’ve already visited, we’d love to know what design detail caught your eye!

image 1& 2 by Patrik Argast // 3 &4 by Bess Friday // 5 via Cecilie Starin // 6 by Ali Hartwell

Here in San Francisco, our dear friend Karl the Fog isn’t shy when it comes to making his appearance this time of year. Just as the months are getting warmer he arrives in full force. It’s a rare thing to look at the horizon and not see an ominous gray blanket slowly creeping through the streets. It’s similar to the way gray hairs are tending to creep out of nowhere on my head – hence, why most people tend to associate the color with BUZZKILL! In spite of all that, we still happen to love the color gray. In fact, as the spaces below illustrate, we’re here to prove goin’ gray has never looked better!

gray-room-inspo-apartment34TDC.Sleepyhead_5307-02grey-inspiration_apartment34 color-coded-grey-apartment34lotta-agaton-interiors_01

We’re obsessed with the moody yet calming look that gray can offer. Whether it be a dark charcoal on walls, soft heather gray on furniture or monochromatic artwork – the spectrum of “gray” is one of the most versatile and inoffensive palettes out there.

By layering your gray tones and mixing your textures you can add lusicious depth and interest to any room. The living room above with its variety of gray textiles and black & white artwork feels cozy and inviting rather than cold. A pop of natural wood also helps warm things up. The bathroom above is a great example of that. The wood vanity, divan and wall mirror contrast with the slate tones beautifully. Are you swooning over it as much as we are??

Whether you apply gray with a light touch or fully commit to the singular color palette, it’s a softer way to play on classic black & white. We say gray, you’re welcome inside of our homes annnytimeee {just stay out of our skies and hair!}.

Do you agree??

image 1 greg cox for elle decoration uk // 2 the design chaser // 4 carolina bak for loft // 5 est magazine // 6 lotta agaton

I realize the long weekend was supposed to be our official farewell to summer….


But I, for one, have never done very well with good-byes! So I’m going to put off the inevitable, at least for one more morning and ease my way into September gently. Slowly. I think a nap may need to be involved. Mad dash…I’ll deal with you later!

Who’s with me??

image via dustjacket in the attic


Guys, I have an unhealthy addiction; with all white bedrooms! Pristine, crisp, beautifully impractical white bedrooms. I love the minimalist feel, the clean simplicity and soothing calm of the monochromatic space. White bedrooms feel spa-like, as if they offer a retreat from the mess of daily life. My Bedrooms Pinterest board runneth over.


The challenge, obviously, is to actually keep life’s messes from destroying your all-white room! I’ve actually always had a love affair with all things white. I still remember my mom trying to talk me out of white Keds circa second grade because she knew I’d want to accomplish the nearly impossible task of keeping them clean! And I’ve never met a white tee or button down that I don’t love.

While all white bedding requires similar amounts of work to keep stains at bay {especially with kids – of the two or four-legged variety}, there other other ways to accessorize with white! I’d gladly add any of these pieces to our bedroom!


I’m curious- do you dare stick with all white bedding or decorate mostly with white? We have for the past couple years and so I’m now the queen of laundry and am BFFs with Oxy-clean and the Magic Eraser. But I will still argue it’s worth the extra effort!! Collapsing into the fluffy white cloud of goodness each evening just might be the best part of my day! — Erin

Get Your Shop On:

> “White Afternoon” Print by Judith Gigliotti
> Carpe Diem Candle
> Scope Wall Clock
> Kate Spade “Odds & Ends” Tray  
> Ladies & Gentlemen Studio Chime 
> White Acapulco Chair 
> KAS Designs White Beaded Pillow 
> Rope Storage Basket
> Wilshire Table Lamp

image 1 via Duneha // 2 via Design Chaser // 3 via Pinterest  // 4 via Arch Daily // 5 via Varpunen

Mondays suck- it’s a universally agreed upon fact. It’s right up there with the sky is blue and the most jealousy-ridden news of 2014: Eva Mendes is in fact, having Ryan Gossling’s baby. She just took all living hope right out from under us. There is no chance any of us are having Ryan’s first born because hey, we had a chance, ok?! But back to Mondays sucking and connecting the dots. After copious amounts of coffee, we like to exercise our brain to fully wake up. It helps get our juices flowing for the week and we do this by looking for connections in unlikely places.

Frequently, things just go together like two peas in a pod {like Eva and Ryan….le sigh} and it’s fun to look for those connections. It makes you feel slightly accomplished, like you’ve discovered a crazy scientific pattern that no one has seen yet. It’s also a preferable substitute to playing games that were invented to make you feel stupid, like Sudoku or the NY Times crossword puzzle. And besides being pretty to look at, we’re almost 100% certain that shopping Net-A-Porter for color coded lacy bras and matching them to the imaginary girl who lives in the badass room below is similar to brushing our teeth with our left hand- it’s sure to keep our precious brains healthy!

Without further ado:


We’re obsessed with this room and it’s funky flair. A leather jacket, designer skateboard {talk about a decor statement!} and nods of glamour mean a bad ass chick lives here, we’re sure of it.


Get Your Shop On:

> West Elm Souk Wool Rug
> ABJ Glassworks Cosmos Geo Group
> Steven Alan x West Elm Abstract Crewel Pillow
> The Kate Moss Book
> Calypso St. Barth Carre Stool
> Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soy Wax Candle
> Specimen Editions Cement Wood Pendant
> Calypso St. Barth Moroccan Wedding Pouf


Oh look! Maybe it’s Leandra? Or some other fashionista rockin’ the dress du jour: The Shirt Dress. We’re loving the classic look with a mix of some accessories that scream “my closet is cooler than yours.” And can we talk about reinventing the shirt dress over pants? Duly noted for Fall.

Get Your Shop On: 

> Belted Leather Biker Jacket
> Ray Ban Gold Aviator 
> Calico Shirt Dress {great price for a piece you can wear year round!}
> Yasmine Eslami Lace Bra
> Lanvin “Me” Parfume
> J. Crew “Sophie” Crossbody Bag
> Vince “Nolan” Wedge Sandal
> J.Crew High Shine Wide Cuff



And just in case you weren’t picking up what we were throwing down {we get it- it’s Monday and connecting the dots can be tough!}, this resort collection matches our color palette, so we think it belongs in this post too.

There you have it. We feel smarter already. We encourage you to take some time every Monday morning to connect the dots. You’ll be pretty proud of what you come up with! –Bianca


image 1 via Husligheter // 2 via A Love is Blind // 3 via The Polysh // 4 via Radar Magazine // 5 via Cédric Charlier

Faye Toogood, a furniture and interiors designer and stylist out of London, has a laundry list of accomplished projects under her belt. Her resume includes design work for crazy-big names like Comme des Garcons and Alexander McQueen. Yet as impressive as that sounds, we can’t help but believe that Toogood’s home has to be her most spectacular achievement of all!

Recently featured in T Magazine, her London flat bridges modern and antique in perfect juxtaposition, making for an incredibly ethereal, airy and collected work of artful design. We’re excited to kick off the 2014 version of our Designer Files series with a space that is just too good to handle! Ha- get it?!


Inside Toogood’s home light dances around the moody blue walls and shadows play against the washed out floors creating the perfect backdrop for her collection of antiques. I love how they never once seem overpowering or cluttered, right? In fact, these old pieces feel incredibly modern in her space and have found their place through what Toogood describes as much “trial and error.”

Toogod readily admits that her styling work is really a matter of arranging and rearranging. When she buys a new piece, what does she do? Rearranges again of course- a girl after our own heart, I’d say! {You can watch a fun time lapsed video of her figuring out a “final” styled look for her mantle here!}


One of our favorite elements in the home is the fluid use of blue. The color blends into the rest of the neutral palette, practically becoming a neutral itself! Despite its calming effect, Toogood has come up with an intriguing recipe of making the hue exciting by varying the shades of the color in each room. The teal painted wardrobe in the bedroom instantly brings an icy lake to mind and the deep blue in the bathroom shocks the senses, leaving no room for lack-of-color lethargy!


Despite our love for the blue, we’re dying {in a good way!} over the simplicity and modernity of the neutral kitchen. Oversized Mutto knobs, normally used to hang clothing and accessories, are reinvented as statement making hardware on Toogood’s Ikea cabinets and with an Ikea hack that good, the kitchen easily takes the cake as our favorite room in the home!

There’s no way we were going to leave looking over these images without feeling inspired by their beauty! The calming grays, creams, whites and blues, the mix of natural and hard edges, the modern and the new all had us dreaming up ways to achieve a similar look:


get the look: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 

First, you must start with those amazing Mutto knobs. Whether you choose to use them as cabinet pulls or not isn’t the point. They’re so impactful on their own and can just as easily make an artsy statement in an entry way or closet, housing your purse or necklaces. Second, the shapes, color and texture of Toogood’s ceramics play a big part in achieving that flea market meets fine china style so we say, stock up on pottery. And last but not least, have fun with different shades of blue from navy-black all the way to a muted grey. You’ll never tire of layering in more blue for that perfectly collected English vibe!

What do you think? A pretty unbelievable house tour, right? You can see Toogood’s entire interview, home, designs and video here.

images via T Magazine // photography by Henry Bourne 

Today I’m excited to feature a dear friend and fellow Seattle-ite, interior designer, Brian Paquette! Brian and I had the pleasure of working on the Sunset Reimagined Home {he designed the kitchen!} together, but if that wasn’t enough work, Brian was also in the process of designing, not one, but two more entire homes for Sunset Magazine’s Idea Town in Seabrook, Washington.

Brian designed two color-filled beachfront homes with guest cottages that exemplify what Sunset is all about: casual, beautiful interiors and innovative ideas. I am in awe of interior designers like Brian, so I was dying to ask him for some advice. From color application tricks, financial planning tips and his favorite Etsy shops…it’s all right here – along with stunning images of his designs of course!!


Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind this project. Where did you start in the design process?

I let the natural landscape that surrounded Seabrook be the guiding force here, amplifying the tones a bit to bridge the gap between inside and outside.  While walking the massive beaches early in the morning, you can be surrounded by this overwhelmingly comfortable purply fog to the point that you don’t know where the ocean, sand and sky begin or end. All of a sudden, something like the sharp green of the lush landscape or even a piece of colored ship rope pops into view. This stark contrast was how I approached the homes. Being true to nature while also turning it on it’s head, just a tad!

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome when designing the homes?

Honestly, most of the process for me is intuitive at this point, but trusting my gut and my inspiration can be a little scary, especially when you have the wandering imagination and bold inclinations that I sometimes have. Time was also a big hurdle, we all had to work fast and smart.


The homes are full of color. What is your fail-proof color palette trick?

When using a bold color, use it in more than one way. For example, we can look at the true green you see throughout the project. I used it in everything from upholstery, to tile, trim paint, pillow welting and in accessories. By using variations of the green hue throughout all of those details, it makes the room look more thought out and textured.

Do you have a design mantra or rules you live by that other people could follow and apply in their own home?

Never stop evolving and changing and looking and learning. The process and excitement of discovering something new and the inspiration that could follow is priceless. Take every trip possible, go down the unexpected path that says “no entry”, read everything!


What is your go-to, {perhaps insider!}, source that is open to the public? A great Etsy shop or maybe a box store that carries your favorite items?

Not so much of a secret, but after getting the first layer of upholstery, rugs and textiles in a room and then piling in the old stuff like antiques, found pieces and art, I like to pepper in accessories from a lot of different box stores, but my fail-proof stop has to be West Elm. They really have it down, from bedding to vases and ceramics! I am also constantly inspired by some of the artists on Etsy like Jeremy Miranda and Michelle Morin.

Running your own business and being an entrepreneur is a challenging thing. What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learned? Any advice you would give your 25 year old self?

Oh gosh, don’t get me started! I will say I have had some of the best mentors a boy could ask for, but when it comes down to it, I’d suggest two things:

1. Get a financial planner now. You could have 5 dollars in your bank account and a steady job and they could still help you.

2. Not only build, but maintain your network of tradespeople, mentors, creatives etc. It isn’t enough to just meet someone at a party and take their card. True and real connection and an interest in humbly learning something new is where dreams become realities!


There are just so many good things about Brian’s designs. I love that he relied on Seattle based designers in the blue dining room and for his custom artwork from Jennifer Ament {hello, crazy good gallery wall in a stairwell! taking notes on this one.} I love that Brian is making our hometown proud!!

And did you notice the special project on the stairs? Brian blew up and pixelized images he found of clam diggers on the beaches just outside the homes, from the 1920’s. He then decoupaged them onto the stair risers. It’s such a fun DIY that anyone can do in their home!

I want to thank Brian for all of the great advice he shared with us. It’s such a treat to get behind the scenes of the thought process that goes into design! If you are in the Washington area, the homes will be open to the public through October. If you’d like to tour these beauties in person, find more info here!

We hope you enjoyed today’s decor double whammy!!

images courtesy of Brian Paquette

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