Dina Nur Satti of Nur Ceramics is as thoughtful as her ceramic pieces. You could expect as much from someone who creates art as a tribute to colonized cultures, honoring their lost languages and rituals.

Though now based in New York City, where she’s lived for the last 16 years, Satti uses her work to celebrate her heritage, having grown up in France and Kenya by her Somali mother and Sudanese father. “My ceramic work is as much a pathway for me to learn more about my heritage as it is an homage to the cultures I come from,” Satti says. (“Nur,” meaning “light” in Arabic, is a nod to her father’s first name, Nureldin, as well as her middle name.)

We love her evocative, considerate style, and know you will too. Read on for Satti’s thoughts on everything from western society’s relationship to art to the importance of cultural storytelling to how 2020 changed her business.

Your work evokes the traditions and culture of your Somali and Sudanese heritage, and is inspired by the beauty and rituals of the Sahara. Can you tell us about your background and how that translates into your work?
My ceramic work is deeply inspired by the cultures I come from. My mother is Somali and my father Sudanese, and the ceramics of those cultures continuously inspire my designs. I see my journey with ceramics as a form of healing for me. There were so many layers of colonization in Sudan and Somalia and so much language, rituals, and cosmologies that were lost.

While I was studying the politics, history, and culture of Africa and the Middle East in college, I took a course in African Art History that had a very deep impact on me. I learned that artifacts that we today considered traditional African art were actually functional pieces that were an integral part of these societies’ operations.

There were certain ceremonial or sacred items that were reserved for particular rites or times of the year, but even then, they too served a function. We can learn so much about the soci-political structures and traditions of pre-colonial Africa through the artifacts they left behind. After that realization, I started to see the ceramics of my childhood as remnants of my indigenous cultural heritage that had survived cultural colonization.

I also think this feeling of longing goes far beyond my own cultures into a human experience of longing that, for instance, the Sufis were so wonderful in capturing. It’s a longing to be reunited with something greater than oneself that brings a sense of purpose, calm, and belonging into one’s life. I believe that ceramics as vessels for ritual have the power to initiate that sense of

What does tradition mean to you? And how is your work connected to tradition and culture?
I think art in western society exists in a vacuum. We see art as an indulgent and frivolous thing that serves no essential purpose when it comes to our survival because western society has focused on developing its experience of reality solely in the physical realm. We are unable to see the importance of the intangible world and how it affects us, so when we think of art, we see it only for its physical value.

However, in traditional societies, art is the umbilical cord of a society, and its spiritual center. We don’t value spirituality in the western world, therefore we don’t value art because art is of spirit.

What we can learn from traditional societies is that they understood that in order to create an experience of the transcendental in a community of people, we must create a multi-sensory experience that transports them into other realms, connecting us to a reality beyond our own. And the way to do that is to create communal rituals that bring together various forms of art that create an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Through music, dance, objects and adornments, these art forms create context for each other that tell a much more complex narrative than if they existed all on their own. Really, this is what defines a culture. So traditional societies don’t see objects as stagnant things to be looked at, but items that hold an immense power to contribute to the collective healing of a community.

When we look at our current western society, what we are missing are rituals and language that connects us to these spaces. We crave escapism because we don’t feed that part of soul that craves the true feeling of connecting to something greater than ourselves. The ironic thing is in this form of transcendental experience, we may feel like we are escaping into another realm, but in reality, we are actually becoming more connected to ourselves and those around us. And this is what communal ritual can do for us.

How did you choose ceramics as your art form?
I was always artistic but because I grew up in a very academic family and I wasn’t raised in an environment where art was a viable career, I didn’t lean into artistic inclinations until I was past my mid-20s.

I spent my first seven years out of college working in development for the Robin Hood Foundation and during that time I met communities in Brooklyn who were full-time artists and academics in the arts who awakened a desire to discover my own artistic superpower. During that time I was also refining my ability to express myself by taking Afro-Brazilian and bellydance classes, which I think really helped me develop an understanding of how to translate an intangible feeling into physical form. I also nurtured the relationship with my intuition and remained in a state of curiosity by following all the little lines of interest that would come up. Essentially, I was actively searching for what Joseph Campbell called your “bliss.”

To this day I can’t pin-point what that moment was that led me to my first ceramics class, but it was this active state of questioning that brought me there.

Take on us a verbal tour of your studio space.
I have a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn that’s part of an art collective called Nolo Studios. It’s a small space that’s perfect for everything I need at the moment. I have some custom built tables designed by a friend where I do my sculpting and assembling, a slab roller, a wheel and a ton of shelves.

What’s your favorite time of day to be at the studio?
I like the feeling of the beginning of the transition from day to night that starts around 4:00 p.m. That 4:00-6:00 p.m. pocket of time has a liminal, magical quality to it!

Nur is a one-woman show, from making all of the pieces to the nitty gritty of business. What have you learned about yourself in needing to combine creativity and business?
I’ve learned that I have to be very conscious of the type of business I’m building. I have to keep a healthy relationship with my art, so I have to be very mindful of which projects feed my creativity and my overall vision, and which ones do not. Because at the end of the day, a business is built from the sum of many small decisions we make.

Where do you seek inspiration? And where does inspiration find you?
My art is intertwined with my growth as a person. I find that in seeking new knowledge and understanding of the world, its history and cultures, my inspiration comes from a desire to express the epiphanies I have during these moments of seeking. I have never been someone to sit down and think, “What am I creating next?” I’m continuously in a state of curiosity and my ideas are born from this place. It really feels like a process of birthing, or taking an intangible feeling or idea and bringing it into physical form.

When things get hard – ahem, 2020 – what keeps you going?
The motto that through darkness there is light. We have to go into our shadows to know ourselves, on an individual and collective level. From this perspective, I can sit in the discomfort and know that it also has a purpose.

How has your work, process, creativity and vision been affected by the events of this year?
This year took a completely unexpected turn for me. I was on vacation in Costa Rica when the quarantine was being put in place in New York City. I ended up staying at a friend’s eco-village in the jungle for two months! When I came back, the support Black makers movement went viral and my Instagram page was swept up in the wave of reshares and I got my big break. Until that point, I was taking a break from ceramics and doing events and production consulting.

So very unexpectedly, this is the year I have been able to take my business to the level I had always hoped for!

Your pieces are not only beautiful, but functional and purposeful too. How do you imagine these pieces fitting into a buyer’s home?
Ceramics is a vessel, a container through which I explore ideas of personal purpose and growth as well as our collective transitions, cultural storytelling and communal rituals. Whether a gathering takes place within the personal home of a family or a public venue, an intentionally handcrafted vessel carries profound power to affect and elevate the feeling of a space.

I really believe that objects have a power to shift perception and the way we feel. My hope is that my work can be part of a wider tableau in a buyer’s home that creates a space that feels otherworldly and connects them to a feeling of expansiveness and connection within themselves and the people they bring into their space.

What’s next for Nur?
My other love is event production, and I find much pleasure in creating multi-sensory experiences that are collaborative with the artists in my community. For a long time I have envisioned an event that builds an environment that incorporates ceramics as a way for people to experience them in a way they might not have in the past. I’m patiently waiting for the right time and opportunity to bring it to life.



written by megan mccarty, images courtesy of nur ceramics 

the apt34 shop is now open!

Hi friend! If you were celebrating, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving at home last week. As the holiday season now kicks into high gear, I have some very fun news for you today. Instead of bombarding you with an avalanche of gift guides that only live for this little moment in time, I’ve decided to do one better.

Today is a very exciting day around these parts! After only 13 years of blogging, I thrilled to announce I have finally launched an APT34 Shop!

I know I’m very late to this having a shop game, but hey, here we are.

I spend so much time treasuring hunting – for my own home, for stories for you, for my kid – I realized I should finally compile everything I find into one easy-to-shop spot! I’ve spent the last few months amassing hundreds of pieces that I either already do have in my home, or that I desperately want.

I’ve found literally hundreds of pieces, be they furniture, decor, lighting, my favorite kitchen items, even all my best finds for your littles.

To help out with the holiday shopping, I have created a Gifts Section, but I’ve only included things I’d happily give or receive year round!

The APT34 Shop is live right NOW – you can find it up in the Main Menu at the top of the site – but more finds are continually being added, literally by the hour.

I’m doing my very best to avoid the big box chains in the shop and instead focus on unearthing unique finds and special things from small shops, makers, artists and particularly women and POC-owned businesses. With the huge amount of online shopping happening during the surging pandemic, if you are shopping online (it-me) I strongly recommend you shop early to ensure ontime arrival for the holidays.

Do be sure to check back daily to see the Shop updates. Just click on the What’s New section!

I hope you are as excited about this as I am. Happy holiday hunting.


While it can feel a bit odd to get excited about any kind of shopping during these intense times, it’s clear we’re going to continue to need to stay home for the foreseeable future – I’m about to start homeschooling a kindergartner woohoo – and so there’s no better time to upgrade your space however you can. Thankfully, a couple of new furniture collections are making that much, much easier. I’m officially drooling! Scroll to get some much needed inspiration right now.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

First up is the stunning new collection that launched on Anthropologie late last week. Called the Artisinal Modern Collection by Lemieux Et Ciethis truly chic mix of everything from chairs, sofas and coffee tables to accessories, rugs, art, and even wallpaper is the brainchild of one of my longtime favorite designers in the home furnishings space, Christiane Lemieux.

Lemieux was the founder of DwellStudio – a collection that launched an iconic bird print bedding set – among a number of other items. DwellStudio was sold in 2013 and Lemieux has continued to have a hand in the home furnishings space – but I am so excited to see this comprehensive collection take a store like Anthropologie in a more elevated, elegant and design-savvy direction. As I scrolled through, I wanted virtually every single piece. I’m sure that was influenced by the beautiful editorial images you see here – I just want to dive right into this home. But that also doesn’t surprise, as Lemieux tapped my favorite stylist Colin King to style this beautiful shoot.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

I was just sitting in my dining room last night thinking I need to add a rug to anchor and soften the room. This dining room has officially convinced me. I think this handwoven Tukar rug would be perfect!

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

The rounded sofa trend is here to stay and I am so happy about it. The look is the easiest way to elevate a room. This sofa is a beautiful option. I’m coveting that vintage-looking vase as well!

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34 Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

Her sculptural pieces in this collection are reminiscent of Brancusi – and I am completely smitten.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

While I would gladly add virtually any piece from this collection to my house, I’ve picked a handful of my favorites for you to shop below.

It appears Zara Home has also gotten the timeless modern design memo, as their newest collection has equally lovely neutral pieces photographed in yet another stunning space.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

I’m particularly loving the warmth of this space. The creamy walls, mix of wood tones and natural materials transports me to the countryside of Spain or France.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

Obsessed with this chunky kitchen counter – and the accessories from Zara are cute too!

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

Did you notice the arched doorways throughout this house, painted with a black accent? Officially banking this idea for a future dream project.

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

This is an absolute dream bathroom situation!

Two New Furniture Collections You Need to Shop Right Now on Apt34

If I could add a piece or two to my house that would make me feel transported to a space like this, well sign me up! Here are a few of my favorite finds.

images courtesy of anthropologie and zara home

The enormity of the problems the world faces today can easily overwhelm. It can be hard to figure out how to have a significant individual impact. But one of the easiest things we can do is vote with our dollars. If we commit to being fully conscious of where our money goes, if we make the conscious choice to find and buy from Black businesses, and take the time to know the stories behind what we are buying, we can shift the landscape.

Support Black Businesses: Shop Goodee on Apartment 34

Enter Goodee World. This online shop is an amazing resource for ethical brands that create beautiful, sophisticated, design-savvy pieces for your home and life, while supporting artisans, underserved communities and traditional craft. As Goodee explains they are “where good design and good purpose intersect.” I knew they were speaking my language when Goodee explained their belief that the concept of “less, but better” will only lead to a kinder, smarter, more beautiful world. One hundred percent, yes!

Support Black Businesses: Shop Goodee on Apartment 34Support Black Businesses: Shop Goodee on Apartment 34Support Black Businesses: Shop Goodee on Apartment 34Support Black Businesses: Shop Goodee on Apartment 34

Goodee sources their pieces from all over the world, with the requirement that everything they offer is transparently sourced, ethically made, and designed to last. Their brand partners report about their materials, supply chain, labor standards, ecological footprint, and business practices to Goodee to ensure they meet their standards. Goodee evaluates so many considerations that we should all care about but are often really hard to learn about as an individual consumer. Goodee looks at everything from community engagement to gender advocacy, work in marginalized communities, poverty reduction, water conservancy, use of recycled materials and more. Basically, they’re doing our homework for us.

Goodee offers some of my go-to brands including Scandinavian cult favorites Skagerak and Frama, but I was most excited to discover gorgeous pieces that I’ve never seen before like Baba Tree, a exceptional collection of traditionally made good including stunning baskets from Ghana. I’m also smitten with their collection of handwoven pendant lights by AAKS, a design brand founded by Ghanaian designer Akosua Afriyie-Kumi. AAKS works with Ghana’s skilled women weavers through their ‘Weaving for Change’ home décor project which focuses on preserving the artisan trade of the Tuareg community—many who are living as refugees in Burkina Faso. Each beautiful and handcrafted lamp generates awareness, income and job creation for women artists and their families.

Support Black Businesses: Shop Goodee on Apartment 34

Goodee was founded by twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart. Already steeped in the creative world as the founders of indie travel accessories line WANT Les Essentiels, Byron and Dexter identified that “we live in a world where the things we consume have begun to consume us. And our lives are so filled with stuff that we’ve left little room for happiness.” Goodee is their antidote and I’m so grateful they decided to take all of their knowledge, amazing taste, and dedication to helping us discover beautiful work that enhances our own lives but also the lives of the people who make the things.

But as an online shopping savant, who spends most of her day in front of the screen, I truly appreciate that Byron and Dexter have created a beautiful shopping experience. Their shop is easy to navigate, tells deep stories about the products they offer, and has a whole section of in-depth editorial stories about their partners. It’s truly a pleasure to explore.

If you’re looking to add a little joy to your home as we continue to muddle through 2020, I highly highly recommend you shop Goodee.

Support Black Businesses: Shop Goodee on Apartment 34


For more of my best shopping recommendations, CLICK HERE.

As a self-professed professional design enthusiast, I’m constantly searching for amazing work to share with you. But I am the first to admit that I have failed to do my own work to find and share designers of Color. That is a gross oversight on my part. There is dramatic underrepresentation of designers and makers of Color in the design world. It’s reported that less than 3% of graduates in Interior Design in the US are black. This massive underrepresentation is a disservice to anyone who not only values social justice, equity, and inclusion but also to anyone who appreciates creativity. Creative conversations can only evolve and grow if all voices are not only at the table but listened to wholeheartedly.

I can make one small contribution to breaking down the walls of white supremacy by ensuring that Apartment 34 shares the stories of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) who are in creative fields. I committing to do that in thoughtful ways on Apartment 34 on a regular basis. To be very specific, I am committing to sharing the work of BIPOC on Apartment 34 every week.

Support Black Designers - Tortus Copenhagen on Apartment34

Today I want to introduce you to a ceramics studio based in Copenhagen. Originally from Milwaukee, founder Eric Landon was introduced to throwing ceramics on a wheel at the age of 16 but didn’t pursue his passion professionally until he moved to Copenhagen in the late 1990s. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 as a master ceramicist and began doing major art installations and exhibiting sculptures in galleries around the world. But Landon found that version of the art world too elite and limiting. He felt compelled to share his work with a much broader public. He also wanted to get back to a much simpler pure form of ceramics – just the potter and his wheel.

Landon opened Tortus Studio in 2012. His twin brother runs the business side. The studio name refers to Landon’s preferred pace of work – slow and steady – which is what sophisticated hand-thrown pottery requires. And Landon’s work – beautifully simple, majestic vessels in muted tones and sometimes dramatic scale – have gained quite the following. Landon won Craftsman of the Year at Denmark’s Design Awards in 2015, but it’s his savvy use of Instagram, namely the captivating videos of him working at the wheel that has amassed nearly 1million followers.

Support Black Designers - Tortus Copenhagen on Apartment34Support Black Designers - Tortus Copenhagen on Apartment34

Tortus Copenhagen has taken up residence in a historic house in the heart of Old Town Copenhagen. Their space fully embodies Landon’s commitment to authenticity and the handmade. The ground floor houses the showroom while upstairs is the studio and work areas for visiting artists and students. You can go to take immersive workshops directly from Landon.

Support Black Designers - Tortus Copenhagen on Apartment34Support Black Designers - Tortus Copenhagen on Apartment34Support Black Designers - Tortus Copenhagen on Apartment34Support Black Designers - Tortus Copenhagen on Apartment34Support Black Designers - Tortus Copenhagen on Apartment34Support Black Designers - Tortus Copenhagen on Apartment34

I am just obsessed with the minimalist style Landon’s work. It belies the amount of skill and mastery you must possess to make a thing that looks so simple. You can shop pieces from Tortus – or if you’re lucky enough to be able to travel, even purchase a spot in one of their upcoming workshops right HERE. I’ll be counting down the days until I can return to Copenhagen and can visit Tortus in person.

If you have a BIPOC artist or designer you love, please feel free to share their name in comments. If you’re looking for more inspiration immediately the Black Designers & Artists Guild is a great place to start.

For more BIPOC designers features on Apartment 34, CLICK HERE.

images c/o tortus copenhagen


I’ve made no secret of my love for Scandinavian design. My trips to Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Gothenburg last year only cemented my obsession. While the “Scandi” look has had a hold on interior design in U.S. (and particularly on Pinterest!) for a while now, I think there’s more nuisance then the look often gets credit for.

Scandi-modern isn’t just about minimalism, white walls, or bleached oak furniture. A line that embodies that nuisance, and that has also been one of my long-time favorites, is FermLIVING. Their mix of furniture, lighting, and accessories offers a mix of minimalism but also artful sophistication that really adds interest to a space. These pieces aren’t generic. Each one feels considered.

Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34

And now FermLiving has opened its first-ever store in Copenhagen. Situated on the ground floor of a restored 18th-century building, the sprawling shop and showroom feature the FermLiving collection in context for the first time. From living and dining spaces to the kitchen, home office, and even the backyard, there is something special for every corner of your home. I regularly scroll the FermLIVING website, but seeing their collection in context makes it so much easier to discover things you love.

The shop is also offering a collection of curated vintage curio and home decor books that is really really making me wish plane flights were safe right now. Scroll down for a virtual tour of the brand new Home of FermLIVING.

Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34 Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34 Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34 Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34 Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34 Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34 Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34 Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34 Tour the New Home of Ferm Living on Apartment34

For details about my travels to Scandinavia, CLICK HERE.


images courtesy of fermLIVING

I’ve long been a fan of the home furnishings shop Lulu & Georgia. I’ve been sourcing furniture and accessories from them for years. They carry a wide range of styles, their pieces are always great quality and they’ve collaborated with some of my favorites in the design blogging world including Ginny McDonald and Sarah Sherman Samuel.

If you happened to receive the latest Lulu & Georiga catalog you might have thought you were looking at something familiar. I’m so thrilled they were able to showcase their all-new Art Deco Collection in This Old Victorian!

This look is a mix of everything I really love – interesting, elevated pieces that offer a unique blend of styles all combined to create a sophisticated yet inviting vibe. There are clean lines, there are curves, there are nubby wools paired with smooth stone. And also something a little unexpected. A golden-hued sofa, a graphic print rug or a vintage piece of art.

This is juxtaposition at its finest and really showcases how the art of mix and match (rather than same-same) is the secret to creating a space that feels organic, collected and special.

In hindsight, it was probably an unwise move to have Lulu & Georgia at my house, as now I want to change everything around! Occupational hazard.

Also, the light in our house is the entire reason I wanted it. Just sayin’. Natural light is like gold people. Gold.

Thankfully, all this eye candy landed at the perfect time. Now that we’re all staying home so much more (and really should be for the foreseeable future), this is the time to really make your space feel good.

Your environment has a tremendous affect on your mental health, stress levels and overall sense of well being. I’m sure, like me, you’re feeling it directly right now. So if you’ve been sitting on a crummy old couch, are tired of looking at the same stain on the rug, or are sick of that room you always meant to finish but never did (it me!), I would say now is the time invest. Make your home work for you the very best it can. I’m most definitely doing that right now – spoiler alert – more to come on my next big project in an upcoming post.

If these images are not inspirational enough, Lulu & Georgia’s Memorial Day sale just launched. You can now save up to 25% off with the code MDW25 at checkout. I’ve down the searching for you and rounded up my very best picks from their current collection.

If you don’t know interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel – well you really should. She’s already had two projects grace the covers of major design magazines, her own homes are always amazing (she’s currently renovating a gorgeous fixer-upper in Michigan) and well, basically everything she touches turns to design gold (she actually designed a custom serving board for our holiday shop more than five years ago!). Hence why it’s no surprise her new rug and pillow collection for Lulu & Georgia launched just yesterday and is already nearly sold out!

This New Rug Collection is So Good it's Almost Sold Out! on apartment 34

It makes total sense. The entire collection is so so good. Inspired by her love of the vintage Morrocan and kilim rugs she’s constantly sourcing for clients, Sarah decided to create a cohesive collection of go-to styles that work in nearly any space – all at crazy affordable price points. Both her rugs and pillows feature fun tactile designs making them as satisfying to touch as they are to look at. The collection’s earthy neutral color palette and a minimalist modern take on the ubiquitous beni ourain rugs feels fresh but also timeless. You really can’t go wrong with any option you choose.

This New Rug Collection is So Good it's Almost Sold Out! on apartment 34

One of the things I appreciate most about Saraha’s designs is her knack for combing design styles. Her look isn’t strickly California casual or mid-century or bohemian. She strikes a balance by combining eras, styles and finishes to create elevated casual rooms that could work in nearly any kind of home. The living room above is a perfect example. While the rattan ottomans feel bohemian, the curved clean-lined sofas add an air of sophistication. The Serge Mouille inspired swing arm lamp is a classic, while the ceramics add a structural, mid-century vibe. The addition of Sarah’s (sold out!) Iconic Stripe Rug and a mix of her pillows soften the space a bit more.

This New Rug Collection is So Good it's Almost Sold Out! on apartment 34

I also love the mix of the brutalist bedside table’s hard lines juxtaposed with the soft curves in this bedroom (hello channel tufted bed!). The Arches rug looks great small (see below), but I also really love it in this oversized scale.

This New Rug Collection is So Good it's Almost Sold Out! on apartment 34

Look out – rust orange is making a comeback! But in all seriousness, a bold color is a great way to anchor an otherwise neutral monochromatic room.

This New Rug Collection is So Good it's Almost Sold Out! on apartment 34

I’ll take this entire bathroom, please and thank you.

This New Rug Collection is So Good it's Almost Sold Out! on apartment 34 This New Rug Collection is So Good it's Almost Sold Out! on apartment 34

Very seriously considering the Stripe Break Rug for This Old Victorian. 

This New Rug Collection is So Good it's Almost Sold Out! on apartment 34

Sarah’s collection was more than two years in the making and the attention to detail, the meticulous construction and the pitch-perfect color palette shows all the hard work that went into these designs. While I’m struggling to pick a favorite option, I’ve included my top three picks below. Just shop fast because I have a strong feeling they’re not going to be available for long.

Congratulations Sarah and Lulu & Georgia!


While many an American holiday actually holds significant meaning, we tend to mark the occasion by offering some of the biggest sales of the respective season. And I for one think it’d be rather silly not to take a look at the amazing deals! The best part about all these Memorial Day sales? The discounts are on what we want right now. So, what are you waiting for? I’ve culled my top picks from all the best home stores and I’ve listed them out for you below.

First up we have Serena & Lily. They are offering 20% off almost everything (!) in stores and online with code SUMMERPREP good through May 22-28. I have no doubt your entire home with get the ultimate refresh with this deal.

Next is Target. If you’re looking for a deal on patio furniture, Target is where you need to go. You can snag up to 30% off, plus an extra 15% off outdoor furniture, rugs, cushions, etc. with code HOME at checkout. Online only, now through Monday.

Wayfair is always a great place to find a good discount, but they’re kicking it up a notch for Memorial Weekend. They’re having various markdowns in several categories ranging from dining furniture up to 70% off to area rugs starting at $50.

West Elm is back this year with its Buy More, Save More concept, which always reads like a pretty great situation if you ask me. The sale starts at 15% off $100 and increases all the way to 30% off $3,000 or more. Deals are good in store and online and offered through May 27.

CB2 has an up to 30% off sale going for select outdoor furniture, up to 35% off summer decor and entertaining pieces and up to 25% off select planters. This one is drawing me in, not gonna lie. Ends May 27.

Ah yes, we can’t forget Crate and Barrel. Their sale includes up to 40% off outdoor furniture, 40% off outdoor rugs and 40% off outdoor entertaining and 15% off pretty much everything else..

If you love a more bohemian style for your home, then you have to check out the sale happening over at World Market in stores and online. World Market Rewards Members get 20% off purchases while everyone else receives a 15% discount. Not to mention you get free shipping for any purchases over $99. Sounds straightforward enough for me! The sale runs Thursday May 23 – Monday May 27.

Lulu & Georgia, one of my favorite go-to’s for all things super chic – furniture, lighting, rugs, you name it – is offering up to 25% off purchases of $900! It’s time to grab something really really good looking for you house.

I’ve gone through all of these sales with a fine toothed comb for you and plucked what I think are the most stylish steals – my cart certainly runneth over! Hope you might find something you love too.

If you need last minute Memorial Day Weekend ideas, this is a great cocktail, this is an epic breakfast and this is my favorite outdoor dining look!


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