Remember that little trip to Australia I took? Yeah, about that…In between jumping back into the daily routine and the craziness of getting ready for the holidays, I am still determined to share experiences from my inspiring trip Down Under with you! I’ve been back for just over a week and am {almost!} over my jetlag enough to get through all my photos. I’ve got city guides with must eat restaurants, the best shopping and even some style posts in the works. I promise they are making their way to the blog very soon!

But I can’t think of a better way to kick off my recap than by sharing a truly unique and utterly breathtaking art installation I had the good fortune of stumbling upon while in Sydney.

Inside The School, an amazing skill sharing space started by Australian stylist extraordinaire Megan Morton, I was lucky enough to view the Sea Art Exhibition, featuring extreme-knitter Jacqui Fink in collaboration with ceramist Lara Hutton. Get ready for your jaw to drop {mine certainly did!}.

seaart15sea-art-australia-2sea-art-australia-7sea-art-australia-1sea-art-australia-5sea-art-australia-4seaart10sea-art-australia-6sea-art-australia-8sea-art-australia-3seaart20So crazy cool, right?!

I was even more fortuante to get to meet the “extreme-knitter,”Jacqui Fink in person. Sweet and unassuming, she told me about how she crafts these amazing jumbo-sized knit pieces from materials she also makes. Her yarns and ropes come from raw wool {which she sources from her native Australia and some from New Zealand too} all in her living room! She must have a very patient husband.

From knit bowls, to oversized throws, knit-covered tables and yarn wrapped chairs, jumbo-wall hangings, picture frames, pillows and bowls, Jacqui constructs these jaw-dropping creations with a few simple twists and turns of her hands. She was actually in the midst of teaching a mini-knitting lesson when I was there and Jacqui gave me hope that I could actually learn the trade {I’ve tried in the past with dismal results!}.

It was such a treat to get to not only see, but discuss such an interesting and unique project with the artist herself. And I love the exhibition’s motto: “You have Sea Art to believe it.” True dat.

I feel very lucky to have discovered this work. It got me excited to explore the creativity happening at home too. So friends – what amazing art have you spied recently?! I’d love to know!

If you’d like to see more of Sea Art be sure to follow along on Instagram at #seartatthestudio. And this is only the beginning. Many more peeks into the life in Oz to come.

original photography for apartment 34 by maya vidulich (and a few from my iPhone!). Follow Maya on Instagram @pics_missmaya

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  1. I’m loving all of these updates from Australia and the fact they aren’t the typical shots but really much more representative of us!

    1. Happy to hear you love the shots, Chon! There’s more on the way, and no gratuitous pics of kangaroos!

  2. Erin, thanks so much for your lovely post. It was such treat meeting you and I’m so pleased you loved Sea Art. Sea Art has proved to be a wonderful reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily life and Lara and I are very proud of our achievement. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your visit to Oz. Did you ever get to Sean’s Panaroma? If you didn’t you simply will have to come back Erin. Jac xxx