We all knew them. The new guy who’d show up at school and just somehow be cooler than everyone else. You couldn’t quite put a finger on it. Their style, the way they talked. There as just an air about them. It was like a moth to a flame. Well the same goes for the design world and everyone is elbowing to hang out with the new cool interior design team in town: Consort Design. It’s pretty easy to see why.

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Founded by Domaine Creative Director Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone, the interior design studio has been piling up a list of high profile projects featuring some hot celebs. Consort has been feelin’ the love from the start (they’ve been featured here, here and here recently), but the frenzy really started when they opened their retail space in Los Angeles late last year. Thankfully for the rest of us, they also have an online shop but I’m still dying to check out their bricks & mortar space.

I was a bit surprised by how much I’m drawn to their work since Consort is not afraid to use color. Not typically my jam. They also mix print, pattern and texture like design magicians and incorporate witty uses of vintage. They have excellent taste in art. Check. Consort was even using the Pantone color of the year before it was the cool kid on the color palette block. So meta.

Every project has a layered depth that feels lived in rather than overly styled. While Mat & Brandon describe their big, bold aesthetic as “playfully chic,” I’m particularly attracted to their moments of restraint. Their use of neutrals still feels strong and sexy. I particularly love they way the mix tones of wood, add in creamy textiles and then make their standout statement with a bold light fixture. I also need to know who does their florals. Every use of botanicals in the shots above is damn genius. I officially have a new muse for our house.

Is Consort Design giving you the feels too?

images via domaine and consort design

What do you think?

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  1. Thank you so much for these gorgeous shots. I’ve been on Insta a lot lately and it just feels like everyone is the same. Scandi – check minimalist – check. This feels fresh and so sophisticated and doesn’t look clinical as there’s a real warmth in the style. I think I just pinned all of this!

    1. Right Chantelle? I’ve loved the Scandi look for so long but SO tired of everything looking the same. These design feels timeless, stylish, refined but interesting. I’m in love