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This year I (along with most of the internet it seems) have been focusing on self-improvement. The words wellness and self-care are getting thrown around so much that they’ve almost lost their meaning, but I think the idea is a good one. I’m all for using serums, taking restorative baths and meditating, but I’m more interested in ditching bad habits like negative self-talk, reactionary defensiveness, insecurity, and fear. Easy-peasy right? Obviously, not so much, but a little self-awareness and intention can go a long way.

Another great way to do a little self-improvement is to learn a new skill – like flower arranging! My beautiful friend Natalie Brookshire has teamed up with the Bay Area entrepreneurial mothers’ conference In Good Company to teach a floral workshop in San Francisco on April 14. You can learn to make something like the stunner above!

But this class is a bit different than the standard fare. You get to be in a truly gorgeous space in San Francisco’s quaint, Jackson Square neighborhood. You get to enjoy some rurl tasty food. True Botanicals will be on hand offering personalized skincare consultations. And, most importantly, this is a giveback workshop. Every single dollar made goes to two incredible organizations helping mamas in need: On Your Feet Foundation assists birth mothers with practical help after they have chosen adoption for their child; and Homeless Prenatal Program helps provide for poor and homeless families, with the end goal of ending childhood poverty.

If you ever wanted to invest in yourself this is your triple whammy. You get some self-care, a new skill and get to help two amazing organizations. For all my Bay Area readers, please consider buying a ticket right here.

And apparently, podcasts work for self-improvement too.

I recently listened to the Goop podcast with Oprah, which I loved. It’s like a beginners guide to self-awareness.

And then the Oprah podcast with Brene Brown which I really loved. This is like a master class in recognizing your own issues.

5 tips on how to stop being defensive. Yes pls.

I’m very into horoscopes and particularly excited about my opportunities for growth this month (fellow Scorpios take note). Do you get into your horoscope?

How to own your shit according to Ellen Pompeo. I stopped watching Greys Anatomy years ago, but I still love her and this video is spot on.

And for the ladies, have you heard about the describe yourself like a male author challenge on Twitter? It’s a little lighter fare in the #metoo theme but it’s pretty dang hilarious. And sometimes the best way to improve is to just laugh.

Oh and if you just need some good ole fashioned design inspiration (which is why probably come here right?!) how about:

A key tool you need in your styling arsenal.

My favorite kitchen design of all time.

What to hang on your walls that isn’t art. I particularly love this idea.

Interesting places to hang art, if that’s what you’re into.

My favorite spring color palette.

It’s spring break and while I’m not going anywhere, this home is giving me island fever.


And if you didn’t catch it, here’s the room I’m redoing for the One Room Challenge. You’ll be getting updates on the progress every Wednesday.


Happy weekend friends!

image by natalie bowen designs

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