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Friends, can we have a chat? A little heart to heart? You see, lately I’ve been reflecting a lot about this space and the entire blogging/social media world in general. A two-week road trip will do that to ya. And I find myself perturbed. The world of blogging has changed so much in the nearly 10 years I’ve been at this gig. When this little ole site started it was never intended to be about me. I was 27. What the hell did I know about anything?! It was intended to share discoveries, crowdsource ideas and miraculously turned into quite a vibrant community.

But today the blog world feels solely focused on “the me.” Look at me, I’m the most clever on Instagram stories. Look at me – I travel to the most enviable destinations. Look at me – I build the most fabulous wardrobes, design the most amazing homes, throw the most epic parties. I’m exhausted by it. Are you exhausted? Truth be told, I’m not comfortable with that vibe. Never have been. Sure, I’ve gained a little knowledge over the years and I certainly have many an opinion (do you follow me on Twitter?!) – but there is much more out there than my little slice of the world. And I want to get back to what I loved about blogging in the beginning – curating all of the goodness into a nice, neat little package for you.

That’s why this crazy journey called to me in the first place. Discovery. Creativity. Beauty. All at the click of a mouse and with the unique ability to broadcast it to whoever might be listening. So I’m working on a lot of different ways to weave this perspective back into Apartment 34, but one small gesture is to resurrect my Friday Links (which have had many iterations in the past – like this and this and this).

My list today is nothing fancy – just a list of links – cuz who has the time for crazy fancy graphics anymore. I just want to share bloggers who are kicking ass. Articles that made me think. Pictures that grabbed my attention. Instagrammers whose feeds give me life. It’s because of everything else out there that I’ve stuck around this long. And sharing the love just makes everyone feel better.

With that, here is my Follow Friday roundup for this week!


My bestie is the queen of tabletop design. All hail.

Camille took a dream trip to Italy and created an entire site about it. I’m freakishly jealous and learning to live with the envy.

Apparently, I’m not the only one to share today’s post’s sentiment. Jacquelyn’s list of must-read blogs is quite similar to my own.

One of my favorite writers (and occasional Apt34 contributor) wrote a lovely travel guide to Amsterdam, one of my all-time favorite cities.

Modern gorgeousness on MyDomaine.

I constantly pretend that I’m going to find more time in my world to read. Like a whole book. I keep saying it out loud. I even tried to start a book club once and I was the one who never finished the book. But despite all of that – I’m bookmarking Jen’s summer reading list.

I had an amazing experience in Napa last month and California Weekend captured it masterfully.

Serious backyard goals on Almost Makes Perfect.

If you love color (which you probably don’t because you read this blog, but just in case…) this pool party by Studio DIY is epic. Epic I tell you!

There’s a new generation in town and it makes SO much sense.

I’m going to New York in a few weeks and want to look endlessly stylish. These pants are either a really good or a really terrible idea.

And now for those Instagrammers

Meg Cassidy because goals

Kimberley Hasselbrink cuz I’m always hungry

Ann Street Studio cuz she’s taking Instagram art next level


Happy weekend friends!


image via here


What do you think?

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  1. Keep the spirit, Erin. The pendulum swings back and forth. After every period of ‘we’ it is followed by a self-centered era. We are clearly living in ‘me’ focused times, until we get fed up of staring at ourselves. For people like you (and me) it is all about finding that balance between putting yourself out there and stay in the background and let others shine. But you are doing a great job!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Veerle. I couldn’t have said it better. Hoping for the sake of the planet it swings back the other way soon!

  2. Love your sentiments. I’ve had the same thoughts lately, the blog world has become an over saturated look at me world. However, there are a few still out there that stray from the herd and I like it.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Yolanda. I completely agree. If you have any other faves – I’d love to know about them.

  3. This is so, so good… and constantly on my mind. It’s one of the main reasons we recently introduced contributors back to the site– I love having more than on perspective. That being said, I do love YOUR perspective. I love your aesthetic and what you bring to a theme or idea.

    Thanks for featuring our book list 🙂

    1. Constant struggle, right my dear?! You’re crushing it these days though xx