While I’ve been taking some much needed time to rest, recharge and unearth fresh inspiration over the holiday break, I just can’t help but share a few of my discoveries with you before next week.

It’s always good to go into the new year with a clean slate – beautifully designed of course. This home, the Napa Valley retreat of Minted founder & CEO Miriam Naficy, is in the current issue of Domino magazine and it is the perfect inspiration for a fresh perspective for 2019.

Home Tour: A Fresh & Bright Space to Inspire a New Year on apartment 34

Naficy’s wine country abode is open and airy, yet also cozy and inviting – kind of the perfect design goals for any space. Take her family room above. The classic ben ourain rug, textured woolen throw blanket and swath of muted throw pillows  – not to mention the oversized cloud-like weaving by Bay Area artist Meghan Shimek –  make you want to sink right in and stay awhile.

Home Tour: A Fresh & Bright Space to Inspire a New Year on apartment 34

Cushy textures offer depth and tactile interest even while the color palette throughout the rest of the home remains serenely muted. I’m obsessed with the record collection display and that vertical record player in the pic above! Naficy talks about collecting through her world travels that have brought her to Morocco, Tanzania, Paris and Scandinavia, but she maintains a highly curatorial eye, choosing to switch favored objects in and out rather than cover ever available inch with stuff. Take notes friends. This is an excellent technique.

Home Tour: A Fresh & Bright Space to Inspire a New Year on apartment 34

Her kitchen is another beautiful example of using tone on tone to create a soothing space but the punctuations of black – the faucet, the bar stools, pendant light and even pour over coffee pot add a modern urban edge that keeps the space from feeling blah. As I flipped through each page of this home in the current Domino issue my adoration (and envy!) only grew.

This home is inspiring me to both do a major edit of the objects I have around This Old Victorian, and to also start the year with some serious treasure hunting. The perfect vintage chair. A stunning piece of art. The pieces that will make me smile every time I look at them, rather than the ones I simply want to get rid of. I know I will becoming back to this home for inspiration time and again.

I wonder if Naficy might ever need a house sitter?! Be sure to check out the entire tour on Domino’s site.

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photography by thayer gowdy c/o domino magazine

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