If this is the season of new beginnings then I certainly feel like many a brand new thing is starting to poke up out of the ground after a long, dark winter. Hopefully by summer I’ll have a veritable garden of opportunities from which to pluck.

But as I was recently reminded, what you take time to water, grows, so that’s why I’ve been a little mia this week. I do hope you’ll forgive me.

There are just so many good things that I can see just beyond the horizon…it’s easy to forget to also pay attention to and enjoy the present moment.

But here are a number of things I truly enjoyed around the interwebs this week. And I’m looking for a low key weekend before my son turns four (I’m gonna have a four year old – how did that happen??).

CB2 is getting into the vintage goods game and I am here for it.

Bobby Berk launched a new website and it’s all kinds of good. Particularly this kitchen. (please tell me you’ve already cried your way through the new season of Queer Eye.)

Emily Henderson also revealed her mountain house kitchen and now i really want a mountain house. Or at least a new kitchen to design.

Green kitchens are also having a moment.

And I think I need a kitchen with a fireplace in it (can you tell I’m obsessing).

Instead of a mountain house maybe I should shoot for a beach cottage.

I’m still working on my Scandinavia recap, but HonestlyWTF already has me wanting to hop a plane to London.

And I’m officially planning a June trip to Puglia, Italy. Do you have any tips you can share with me??

Motherhood truth telling.

A modern approach to spring cleaning.


images via TineKHome

What do you think?

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  1. Hello! Puglia has my heart. I recommend staying in Oatuni and be sure to take a drive along the steep coast toward Lecce. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. La Sommita is a wonderful place to stay near the center of Ostuni, known as the white city. Also one of my favorite experiences in living in Italy for two years is the restaurant Osteria gia Sotto L’arco a short drive away in Carovogno. Be sure to reserve the one table on the balcony. It’s just so lovely. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Puglia was absolutely amazing! I went with two girlfriends 3 Mays ago–it was a little chillier than you might expect. We took the train from Rome and stayed in 3 places–Gallipoli, Martina Franca, and Monopoli. In Monopoli we chartered a catamaran and had a tour of the coast–it was absolutely amazing. The tarali cookies / crackers, the olive oils, the people, the views. Just completely beautiful. Alborobello is as touristy as expected, but still a spot you can’t miss. I have a great photo album from my trip with lots of good info an links embedded–send me a note if you’d like access to it–and I made a minorly insane Google Map that still has everything on it 🙂 We’re still friendly with the couple who owned the farm we stayed at just outside of Martina Franca–it was amazing.