While cooped up in a house on maternity leave, one can’t help but get travel fever – dreaming of beautiful far away places like Morocco, Cape Town, and Bali. In doesn’t help that this time last year, our Editorial Director shared her incredible Balinese vacation and I was living it up on Mykonos! Since we’re homebound this year, dear friend Jaclyn from Blog Society kindly offered to share her breathtaking Indonesian island retreat. Hosted by Natalie of Eat Read Love, some of Australia’s top bloggers, stylists and photographers set out on a journey together that would change their lives! Warning: the following is likely to induce severe wanderlust!

Taking place at Villa Sungai – an award winning luxury villa in Cepaka, Bali, a group of amazing creative ladies joined forces on an international retreat to talk business and collaboration, creating a truly inspiring experience. The recounts of this magical trip will surely help you get through a lackluster Monday in the office! Jaclyn, take it away!


First off, Natalie is no stranger to hosting gorgeous events and our trip to Bali was no exception. She hosted a once in a life-time adventure – a complete ‘pinch me’ getaway that I was so grateful to be part of. Myself, Natalie, Lisa, Nadean, Luisa and Sophie were speechless when we arrived. There we were in the most luxurious villa we’d ever seen, surrounded by close friends and in a culture that is rich in tradition and history.


Over lychee martinis by the pool, we shared stories of success and failure – talking openly and passionately in the kind of freeing environment that only travel can offer. Walking through lush rice paddies, we created the ultimate picnic spot and sat while sipping on rosé and taking in the local surroundings – almost in silence, each of us reflecting on the impact that travel has on the soul. We watched the sunset together while talking about what the future holds and laughed until the wee hours. We explored the countryside and enjoyed balmy mornings that were hot and humid, with still air that was was laced with incense.


Looking back it was the small moments of luxury – being surrounded by exotic flowers, fresh cuisine and indulging in a relaxing massage that made these incredible few days such an escape from reality. But the true adventure was bonding with my soul sisters over cocktails, a new culture and endless conversation – the ultimate trifecta of blog travel!


This trip that Natalie planned was just the beginning. She plans to create more international retreats coming up this year complete with gorgeous setting, brilliant company and a magical culture. Talk about dream getaway. It doesn’t get much better than that!

And if you’re planning an escape to Bali yourself, here what you’ll want to pack to get that perfectly chic island style!


Get Your Shop On:

> 1. Illesteva Round Mirrored Sunglasses
> 2. Ryan Roche Crushable Straw Hat
> 3. The Net Bag
> 4. Dolce Vita Nude Sandals
> 5. Koza Elyse Dress
> 6. Rag & Bone Gracie Scarf


images c/o Luisa Brimble

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  1. I’m going to Bali for my honeymoon and already couldn’t wait – now after seeing these beautiful pictures I’m even more excited! It looks like the perfect blend of beauty, relaxation and culture – the perfect trip!


    1. Thanks so much for commenting Melissa! It’s been a bit crazy being in the newborn/new mama haze but we’re hanging in there! Hope you’re well too 🙂

  2. Thank you very much Jaclyn for sharing this….I am the owner and just came upon it on Instagram. At Sungai Jungle Villas, we are taking the new year as an opportunity to re-establish our difference and reiterate our position in the world of luxury private villa experiences in Bali.
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