The title of this post already gave it away- today I’m taking you to I now believe must be the most magical place on earth {besides Disneyland!}: the greek island of Mykonos! {Warning: these images of turquoise waters, classic whitewashed buildings and what seems like an endless sky may cause you to spontaneously book a ticket today!}.

Even though Mykonos is an obvious bucket list destination, it wasn’t until I came across these Mykonos suites at the San Giorgio Hotel that it suddenly soared to the top of my wanderlust list! After a week spent in New York’s freezing temps, there’s nothing I’d love more than touching down in this little slice of heaven.


First, let’s talk about the San Giorgio’s dreamy lobby. Once you get past the rather cute desk clerk, do you spy the wall of beat-up old shutters behind the check-in desk? Such a refreshing, thoughtful design detail! And can we talk about being greeted by a circle of swinging rattan chairs? They instantly set the mood for a fun and relaxing vacay and are far from your typical ugly corporate hotel look!


And while I love a good lobby, the most important piece of great hotel design is your room  – duh! These pictures obviously speak for themselves. It’s hands down some of the most beautiful styling and perfectly understated hotel decor that I’ve seen. Luxuirous, canopy covered bed? Check! Rustic chic accessories? Check! Beautiful tile-work? Check, check, check!

Theses suites are totally swoon worthy with their soothing bohemian flair. They’re so good in fact, I’m afraid I’d just stay in my room all day, french doors open, sea salted air billowing in. Never thought I’d say I pick the hotel over the beach, but these suites are just too beautiful not to enjoy to the max!


I just can’t decide which detail is my favorite. The branch curtain rods, the collection of mis-matched rugs or ladder towel racks?? Thankfully, you don’t have to choose! I fell so in love with the design aesthetic of this gorgeous Mykonos gem, I spent way too many hours planning an fake itinerary for our dream getaway just in case we ever do make it to this gorgeous part of the world! What? It’s best to be prepared, right? I figured I might as well share my research should any of you be heading to Greece soon.

If you’ve been before, please feel free to finish the list of must-sees, eats and shops- we’re taking notes!

Must-See Mykonos:

Matoyianni Street: exactly what you think of when you think of Mykonos. Labyrinths of uphill cobble stone streets, lined with white buildings with cobalt blue trim and quaint shops. We usually like to stay away from tourist traps, but this one is so picturesque.

~ Avli Tou Thodori: looking over the Aegean Sea, you can enjoy grilled octopus, lamb risotto and fresh fish right on the beach. Mouth watering good view and food from what we can tell. Calamari? Count us in.

Psarou Beach: a calm beach where partying is frowned upon. Beaches are a plenty on this island, but this one looks perfect: crystal clear waters, scuba diving, umbrellas for rent and tranquility!


If we haven’t convinced you hightail it to Mykonos right now we’re slightly worried about you. This popular destination seems like a little slice of heaven on earth and although we love snail mail, a postcard just won’t do! Who’s coming with us??

images via San Giorgio

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  1. the most hilarious thing is that it actually looks like this!

    if you go, don’t miss santorini and naxos (plaka beach). mykonos is stunning also…each island is a dream!

  2. Lovely pictures! Brings me back to my trip to Greece years ago – who knew white washed walls could be SO pretty??

    Love your getaway series! If you’re interested in more travel getaway ideas, I recently blogged about my trip to Croatia, Paris and Bosnia 🙂