So sorry this post is a bit delayed. Nothing like a touch of food poisoning to throw you off your blogging game. But I’m on the mend and I wanted to make sure to share my most recent wine country escape with you – because it might be my favorite ones to date and very little wine was actually involved!

This escape was focused less on new wineries and instead on new spas. Seemed like a fair trade off. We hit the road from the city (driving under the Golden Gate will never ever get old) and headed first for Meadowood Napa Valley.

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Tucked into a canyon off the Silverado Trail, Meadowood Napa Valley is a hidden oasis. Under 100 guest rooms (many, including the one we stayed in are actually individual little cabins) dot the 250 hundred acre property. We stayed in a Treeline Suite. The room featured a fireplace, soaking tub, private decks and of course heavenly hotel beds. What is it about hotel beds – I usually hate a soft bed but when I sink into a plush feather-filled bed when I’m on vacation, wild horses have to drag me back out again. That’s a long-winded way of saying I found the whole hotel room very comfortable.

Also hidden amongst the trees are swimming pools, tennis courts, golf and hiking trails. We enjoyed dinner at the resort’s restaurant The Grill. The only disappointment is that the 3 Michelin starred Restaurant at Meadowood was closed for the weekend. But what I was really excited to test out was the resort’s newly opened holistic spa. I’m a sucker for a good spa treatment but my experience at Meadowood was exceptional.

apt34-wine-country-escape apt34-wine-country-escape apt34-wine-country-escape

Their brand new all-inclusive spa facility is gorgeous. Think solid oak floors, beautiful linens and pillows and I wanted to stash in my luggage to take home with me. But it was their treatment suite that really blew me away. You were taken into your own private treatment room that included a steam shower and private bathroom, private sitting room and of course the treatment room. You met with your therapist in the sitting room to discuss your personalized needs and then a custom treatment of essential oils and aroma therapy is made right in front of you to enjoy during your massage. The entire experience was tranquil and lovely.

The spa also features a chic garden area with saunas, lounge chairs and plunge pool you can enjoy for the day – either before or after your treatment. But if you’re digging the privacy thing, there’s also a private “tree house suite” featuring a soaking tub, fireplace and that stunning bed that you can rent out – for the entire day if you like! Genius.

Everything at the Meadowood spa was understated, minimalist, modern but a touch wabi-sabi at the same time. I wanted to stay forever.

apt34-wine-country-escapeapt34-wine-country escape

But we had to go. We were scheduled to hop across the valley from Napa into Sonoma – driving through stunning vistas of vineyards blooming with mustard btw – to stay at Sonoma’s famed Farmhouse Inn. Farmhouse Inn takes boutique to another level. Tucked into an open and backed up upon a forrest, the four yellow guest buildings pop against the see of green. We were greeted at reception by very nice staff and two resident cats who were eager to escort us to our room. The staff, not the cats though we were warned they’d try to snuggle with any cat enthusiast. With only 25 rooms you’re going to get very personalized service. And of course I swooned over the design. The rooms put the perfect modern spin on cottage chic.


The rooms also feature soaking tubs which I made liberal use of, especially since they offer bath salts, sugar scrubs and homemade soaps at reception so you can make your own mini-spa kit. I don’t think I’ve bathed so much in one weekend. But I did drag myself back out of the room to give the Farmhouse Inn spa a test run. Set up in the Inn’s “barn,” I was equally impressed by the spa’s design. It was less modern zen and more down home – like you were walking into someplace immediately familiar and welcoming. I’m also a sucker for any space that’s all white!

For my treatment at Farmhouse I got to test out their new treatment app which let me use Numerology to determine the best essential oils for my system. I love that kind of stuff so was totally into it. The massage also featured the use of herbal compress balls that are applied warm to your back to help further ease tension. And feel amazing. I wouldn’t have left the spa if it weren’t for the lovely three course breakfast that was awaiting me in the restaurant (which is also Michelin starred). The food, the ambience, everything at the Farmhouse Inn was stunning.


I was so focused on relaxing on this trip, I actually failed to do any wine tasting – though plenty of wine was consumed to be sure. That only means I have to get back up to the Valley sooner rather than later. I truly love experiencing it during every season, whether it’s blazing in oranges and reds during harvest, stark and leafless but striking during winter, or tinted by the golden light of early spring. I’d never seen the mustard blooming before. It was gorgeous. I’ve always thought of myself as a beach person but wine country has this hold on me now that won’t let go. I’m already counting down the days until I go back again.

Right now the Farmhouse Inn and Meadowood Napa Valley are offering a “Best of Both Valleys” Getaway package. It includes two nights at each property, breakfasts, spa treatments and custom wine tasting itineraries. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxurious escape, it doesn’t really get any better than that.

Need more convincing? Check out some of my other adventures in wine country here and here and here.

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  1. Did you take your son with you? I’m curious how these hotels would deal with babies.

    1. We didn’t bring the baby with us this time but both hotels were very family friendly. While the Farmhouse Inn didn’t have suites the bathrooms were big enough that you could put a pack n’ play in. I would definitely go back and bring the little.

  2. Is this a sponsored post? Most of us can’t afford the $1000 a night hotel room…

    1. Thanks Shannon – I wasn’t compensated for this post, but I realize that this trip would be a major splurge! It’s definitely a a major celebration moment

  3. Simply gorgeous. Love how you describe this sweet gem!