Wow – the official heart of summer is upon us. How are you celebrating?? Hopefully you’re about to head out for a camping/beach/hiking/picnicking/bonfire filled weekend. We’re actually laying pretty low. San Francisco clears out for most major holidays and I’m excited to enjoy a little quiet. I might even brave the line at this newly infamous bakery. I’m also not quite sure how le bebe is going to respond to fireworks. But we are escaping to wine country next week for some serious R&R among the vines. {Anyone with favorite wineries in northern Sonoma, please send them my way!}.

Not only does the 4th mark the peak of summer, but Carter also turned 12 weeks old this week and it’s making me pause. If I thought time flew by before, it is amazing how quickly time passes when you’re watching a tiny person grow. It’s been a wonderful reminder to truly savor every little itty bitty moment. They slip away soooo quickly. I know, I know, cliché but what can I say – I’m feeling sentimental. So I hope you’re able to walk away from the computer, forget about capturing the perfect Instagram and can hold your Facebook status update till next week. This 4th, be fully present for all the special summer moments – the memory is worth way more than the picture on your phone.

I’ve got a few analog things on my agenda this weekend:

> I want to make this healthy dessert this weekend

> Followed by this truly indulgent one!

> And if want to make your 4th epic, you can follow these simple tips

> If you’re feeling patriotic, any of these red, white & blue bags should fix you right up!

> As should these red, white & blue recipes

> If you feel like saving a little $$$, this sale, this sale and this sale are must clicks!

Happy Fourth Friends!

PS – I revealed our nursery design this week and Monday I’ll reveal how we made way for baby in our living room so be sure to drop in!

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