Well, it’s officially here. Summer’s swan song {ha – pun!}. Are you ready? While the tease of fall sweaters and boots is starting to tug at my heart strings I’m not really quite ready to let the summer vibes go. Think we could all agree to hold onto a little bit of that laid back attitude for the rest of the year? I think it’d help the planet’s sanity!

As for us, I think we might take the long weekend to dip Carter’s toes in the ocean for the first time! Seems fitting don’t you think? Whether you’re hitting the road or planning to enjoy a little stay-cation relaxation I hope you have a marvelous time. We’ve gathered a few fun links to help you stay busy below. And we’ll be back next week with a few fun tricks up our sleeve!

> A Man Repeller podcast? Genius. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, you’re welcome.

> Is it too early to think about pumpkins? Probably. But this pumpkin curry looks SO good.

> This dinner party idea is the perfect way to hold onto summer vibes.

> We’re going to be making a little sojourn to New York for Fashion Week soon {spoiler!}, so we were startled/intrigued to see that Style.com is no more – VogueRunway.com has taken its place. The coolest part? They’ve opened the online archive to every September Issue ever published!

> It’s no secret we love boots and the creative co-founders that design them at Freda Salvador. So this story featuring Cris and this story featuring Megan are must reads.

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