While I know minds are focused on tricks and treats this weekend,  I’ve got nothing but pool time and wine tasting on the brain! We’re taking another jaunt up to Healdsburg, my new favorite Bay Area escape. We enjoyed an overnight stay at Hotel Healdsburg a couple months ago. It’s a super cool spot nestled in the heart of the charming downtown. The hotel’s gorgeous mix of modern and classic design, the complimentary breakfast spread and stellar spa  won me over immediately. And it only whet my appetite for more.

The Dry Creek appellation is officially my favorite wine growing region. It’s a bit dangerous to visit yet again because we tend to join wineries everytime we taste there. We’re starting to run out of storage space! But small production wineries like Martorana, Zichichi, Preston and DaVero have stolen my wine-loving heart. As far as hobbies to geek out on, I think wine appreciation is definitely a worthwhile one. 

And it’s supposed to be 87 degrees tomorrow – don’t hate me! 

Actually, I thought it’d be fun to share some our adventures on Snapchat. Follow me at apartment34. There may be wine tasting in costume involved!!

What do you think?

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  1. Meanwhile I’m up here in Indiana preparing for the snow that’s surely coming any day now… gah!