There is decorating and then there’s design. There’s design and then there’s decor porn. The digs of the designers behind the NYC-cased studio Apparatus are definitely XXX-rated. Just take a look at their living room. You might need some alone time.

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High design is often thought of as austere and untouchable, but these spaces still draw you in. It’s the genius interplay of cozy textures and warm color that tame the modernist edge just enough to make each space feel approachable. Their use of black gives everything a sexy edginess. I had the pleasure of meeting Apparatus founders Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson at a trunk show in San Francisco a couple of years back. Humble and unassuming, it was a pleasure to get to talk to two artists who obviously had an amazing vision. The pair partners with artisans to handcraft the metal and timber pieces that they then assemble by hand to create their light fixtures and objet. The pieces are a beautiful melding of salvaged components with contemporary elements like marble and polished brass, perfect bridging the gap between modern and vintage.

While their light fixtures are the jewelry of their spaces, it’s clear to see that Hendifar and Anderson also have a keen eye for furnishings, art, scale and composition. Their perfect balance of these components has me breathing hot and heavy!

How about you?

photography by blaine davis via t magazine

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  1. HA! Love your commentary! Yes, I’m blushing… excuse me for a moment…

  2. Love love love Apparatus to death! Every space is perfection.

  3. The furniture is truly an art in every way. The different shapes, the colors and materials, so out of the box, I love it!