It’s a little known fact that I came to the world of blogging from a very different career path. I actually started out…in politics! Yes, it’s true!! I studied political science in college, actually went on to get a master’s degree in public policy analysis and even worked in both the United States Senate and the White House! I know, crazy right??

And while I did love a lot of things about what I was doing at the time, I ultimately walked away from working in politics for well…political reasons. And while I look back at it nostalgically, there’s one thing about the whole experience that I really miss. The wardrobe! If you live on the West Coast and work in more creative fields like I do now, when it comes to your daily look, just about anything goes. Sure that can be fun too, but there are times when I miss my days of power dressing! So when I was invited to create a look for my “ultimate dream job” as part of the countdown to Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway show {happening this weekend!}, my ideal outfit immediately sprang to mind.


I decided to recreate the look and feel of the Washington Powerhouse! In this case, I started with my trusty cotton trench coat. This baby has been in my closet for a long time {truly more years than I’d like to even admit to myself!} and I realized it’s high time she got to see more daylight. A beautifully tailored trench is going to elevate anything you wear, but I love the sense of poise, confidence and purpose I have whenever I rock mine.

APT34-Cotton-38 (1)APT34-Cotton-finalAPT34-Cotton-56

As fall is my favorite time of year, I also gladly pulled out another closet must-have: a stellar sweater. This ribbed cotton turtleneck is tailored to have beautiful twists and folds that give it interesting structure and unique detail. A classic wide-legged trouser, a chic black heel and lady-like bag definitely make me feel like I could give any Washington-insider a run for her money!


Now I’m about as far from the halls of the Capitol as I can get, but putting my old DC-influenced styling skills to the test was a great reminder that I can still pull out my power look whenever I’m in need of a little oomph. You see, style has this amazing ability to communicate who you are {or want to be!} without you having to say a word…and I love what this look is sayin’! Even if your dream job is far from your grasp right now, who says you can’t dress like you already have it. Dressing the part is half the battle after all.

Of course, preparing for {or landing!} your dream job is only one of life’s major moments. There are so many others, ranging from big to small, that can leave a lasting impact. That’s why I love the concept of Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show. It’s dedicated to the various parts of our day to day as well as the major milestones that make up “The Moments of Our Lives.” You can see our Dream Job inspired look along with 23 others streaming LIVE from Cotton’s runway in South Beach starting at 8pm on November 7. Tune in to or to check it out!

I’m curious. What key moments would you say have stood out in your life??


original photography for apartment 34 by aubrie pick

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  1. I saw this and was like – so perfect for DC…thanks for sharing! Just not on a staffer salary :'(…

  2. Love it – personifies the look I aspire to – now to try and find a way of translating it into the Australian summer! It really is incredible the confidence / ‘I belong here’ feel the right clothing can achieve.

  3. Absolutely LOVE how to dress for your dream job outfit all the way down to the purse. If I were interested in purchasing all of the pieces where could I go?

    1. All shopping links for what I’m wearing are included in the post Edith – thanks!