Though Pinterest may have driven most moodboards online, I still champion a good ole’ fashioned tearsheet. There’s just something about a tangible image. Maybe it’s their size or their saturated color. Or that I just still really like real magazines. I have stacks and stacks of tears in piles around my desk.

But then there’s another somewhat antiquated tool, the good ole’ fashioned clipboard {remember those!}. What happens when the two collide? A stellar display is born. Bringing back the clipboard is officially this week’s Idea to Steal.


Quicker than building a collage. Easy to swap out on a whim. A wonder and economical way to add a little display to your space. I say genius.

The only question now is where the heck can you still get a clipboard?!

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    1. Good luck with your office renovation. I definitely recommend a large pin board or a few strategically placed clip boards. It really inspired you visually!

  1. Is that a suede portfolio?
    I have a vintage YSL leather one that has been so much fun to use for many years.

    We are looking to build out our workspace in the coming months so we can get off the computers a bit and start to build, draw, sketch, and layout things with our hands.
    The clipboard is a great idea. Hang them in a row or square layout!

  2. I started off with a white board but I went ahead and bought a cork board and now use that. It’s almost like the clipboard idea..only bigger? Lol!

  3. I love it & do this too with binder clips & clear push-pins directly into the wall! I grew up in the 70s & love collages! FYI – you can get these clipboards at … Wal-Mart xx

  4. Oh, I totally agree! There’s something so great about being able to physically rip something out and post it nearby, where you can always see it. I just did a tutorial on creating a giant cork board, but I’ve also just found a bunch of clipboards at Target for $2.99 and they’re fantastic. Sometimes I carry them around my house and my husband tells me that I look like a camp counselor.

  5. I got the most adorable matt stainless steel look one from muji.
    I think you guys have muji in the US?

    1. Not only do we have one in the US Karen, we have one in SF – I’m going this weekend!