By now, we have all seen our beloved Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree stand tall in all of its beauty. It’s commonly housed in a chunky, woven seagrass basket {at least according to Pinterest}.

But why not switch up things a bit and instead of baskets as pots, try using a bag – it’s this week’s Idea to Steal!


All you need is a tall raw canvas tote. You’ll certainly need a sturdy insert in order order for the fig leaf to hold its shape {I’d likely cheat with a smaller planter inside}.

Depending on the size of your plant or tree, I’m thinking that there are some great laundry bags that’ll do this trick quite nicely. I’m considering giving this one or these a try!

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  1. My fiddle leaf has gone to compost heaven 🙁 , they sure look amazing but are kind of moody plants, no? Love the bag idea! I shall use it on my next