Given that I’m currently on an exhaustive couch hunt searching for the perfect pieces for the Victorian, I have sofas on the brain. While I’ve yet to commit to a style (though sectionals are on the list), I’m also loving the vibe of a low-slung sofa look. I’m definitely thinking of stealing this idea.


The look feels modern, cool and design-forward, but also relaxed, easy and comfortable. It’s kind of the perfect storm. It’s definitely the feeling I’d love to evoke in our house. You can so easily curl up and read a book in one of these babies, take a nap, watch a movie. The more structured options still feel tailored and formal. They can also feel really casual. A vintage leather version would just be badass. There are current options like the classic 1970’s Togo Sofa from Ligne Roset, similar idea from BB Italia or this much more affordable style at Article. If you wanted to really go big, head to 1stdibs.

I’m not 100% committed to this sofa idea yet, but I think the low-slung style would be a great juxtaposition with our house’s historic details like the ornate crown molding and wide-plank hardwood floors. They’re also incredibly kid friendly. Bonus.

What say you? Anyone out there have this style of sofa? I’d be really intrigued to hear you experience with them. For now, the hunt continues!

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What do you think?

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  1. I love the low slung sofa look. We had one custom made similar to the B&B Italia tufty time and it is amazing. So much seating for guests, so comfy, so cool. One caution – these sofas tend to be deep, so be prepared to put your feet up and/or have some pillows for people to lean back on if they don’t want to put their feet up. We want a casual vibe, so this works perfect for us.

  2. Enjoy it while your young. Way to uncomfortable for older folk.

  3. This looks so relaxing, I have a feeling if I sit I won’t wanna get up. Also each one looks really modern and brings a chic tone