Since we’re already talking about Instagram today, we figured why not keep the party goin’?! We aren’t even going to try to deny that we aren’t a little bit {or completely!} obsessed with checking our IG feeds. All. Day. Long. Really, there’s probably nothing we do more frequently {you too?! Phew!}. That’s why we figured you can always use someone new to follow, so here are three of our favorite accounts to further fuel your addiction!


As much as we love San Francisco, Nana makes us want to jump onto the first flight to Copenhagen. The city seems to be filled with the most drool-worthy moments and Nana manages to make them look even more beautiful than they are- if that’s possible. Not only that, Nana fills our feed with delicate ceramic still lifes, tranquil table scenes, and GORGEOUS floral arrangements. Nana’s photography is quiet and enchanting- making it impossible to scroll past!

Trotter Magazine’s founder, Eva Tsang, has a talent of making any person walking out of an all-you-can-eat buffet hungry again. Documenting her travels around the world, Tsang never forgets to stop and enjoy the things around her {with a cup of coffee in her hand, of course!}. If you’re planning a foodie-based vacation anytime soon, Eva is a necessary follow!

Have you heard of  the #makemoreportraits movement? We are still trying to figure out how to break into the intimidating hashtag task, but Yuvali Theis has mastered it. Edited in a Polaroid-like effect, the photographer from London grabs our attention with every portrait. With a very minimal approach, gorgeous shadow play and intriguing angles, Theis’ instagram account looks like it came straight out of one of our favorite magazine editorials!

We know we aren’t the only ones that have an Insta-obsession. Remember, we’re in this together! Who are some people you love to follow? Please let us know – we need to feed our feeds! — Victor

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  1. Love the first 2 acconts! Going to follow!

  2. Just saw this post by accident, thank you guys so much for featuring me! Glad you like my feed. This blog is beautiful!

    Best, Nana