Let’s admit it, most weeks Monday mornings come all too soon. So why not carry a little bit of the weekend into your work wear? I’m totally getting into this whole tailored sweatshirt trend. Comfy, cozy and totally chic? Where do I sign up?


I’ve developed a particularly strong obession for Cardigans New York. Yes, their use of the lovely model Caroline {who I’ve loved since Joanna’s amazing hair tutorials} certainly helps their cause. But when you have beautifully constructed pullovers in cashmere or super soft french terry that actually flatter and are full of style, I’d glady jump out of bed throw one on and head down to the office, knowing I’ll look perfectly put together!

I’d probably add a blazer {how about one for $25!}, some flat boots {on sale!} and my trusty tote to complete this totally comfortable and completely professional look.

So whatta think? Would you rock a sweatshirt to work? I say we start a sartorial revolution! Who’s with me?



PS: We’re trying out a new little shopping app on the blog – a way for you to find our favorite things even faster, especially on your phone or tablet. Simply click on each item to shop. Let us know if you like it!!

What do you think?

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  1. i recently ordered an everlane sweatshirt and after getting it on friday, i decided that i could definitely make it work appropriate. thanks for providing extra pairing inspiration!

  2. I totally love these sweatshirts and until recently it was very difficult to find one that was not too slouchy or sporty. I am all in!

    1. That’s why I’m all for pushing this trend–so we can get more sweatshirts that actually fit!