As progress on our house continues, ever slowly but ever surely, I’m turning my sights to our living room. It’s been the most neglected to date- really serving as our dumping ground while the rooms around it have taken shape. (Check out my dining room, media room and even a kitchen sneak peek in case you missed them). But I’m ok with really taking my time in the living room because eventually, it’s going to be the heart of our home. That’s why I custom designed a sofa (that’s coming any day now!), insisted on built-in shelving (which you can see here) and am being incredibly choosy about every piece of furniture I add to the space. I want to make sure I get this room right and fill it only with treasures that I truly love.

One of the biggest decisions I’ve yet to make is a rug choice. Rugs can set the tone for an entire room. While the beni ourain trend still has a vice grip on our style subconscious, I’m craving something equally timeless, but decidedly different. Here are just a few of the rug ideas I’m currently considering.


Still Moroccan, still vintage but in a noticeably different style and color. I’m loving the mix of a grid and squares in the example above. It would be a really interesting conversation piece.


I’ve talked about layering rugs before but hadn’t thought about it for my living room until now. It would make it easier since I wouldn’t have to hunt down something in the over 12′ range. It would allow more flexibility for switching up styles down the road. It would let me play with tone and texture…color me intrigued.


A flatweave with black stripes would create a striking visual and would be a fun way to mix and match print and pattern in the room.


I am leaving heavily toward a vintage option and I’m liking the darker tones of the rug in this picture. It would ground the room and give it depth.


While I tend to shy away from color, I’m into this multi-toned striped rug idea. It still feels neutral even though it includes some blush and earthy brown tones. Something like that would play well off of our light oak floors.


When mixed with an eclectic grouping of furniture a classic blue and white stripe goes from feeling nautical to feeling modern. Hmmmm.


But then I come back to a beni ourain. A good vintage one with asymmetrical, unique patterns really does feel classic. But is classic a cop out?

What would you do??

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What do you think?

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  1. I find it so intriguing how two people who work with interiors can have such different opinions! 🙂 Personally, I feel like the striped versions are the safe bet – versatile enough to cater to both contemporary and traditional tastes. But a beni ourain being a cop out? No way…! My rule of thumb is that if the majority of the furniture has straight, clean lines then an asymmetrical, unique rug may serve as that touch of the unexpected. If, however, the furniture is more ornate and traditional, then a flatweave with stripes may be just what you need to bring it all together. Can’t wait to see what you decide! In the meantime, I’m off to peruse the dining room, media room and kitchen updates – don’t know HOW I’ve missed those! XO

  2. Classic is never a cop out, classic gives an elegant vibe and you wont ever think “oh i wish I had got a Beni!” You are lucky with all your choice its not so abundant here in NZ.

  3. Rugs and cushions, the way to make a place more lively and warm. Great picks