I’ve often been accused of being overly sentimental. I can have a hard time throwing things out. I kept a shoe box of notes passed in freshman algebra, books that I haven’t read in years but love, and clothes. My tendency to hold onto things has caused overstuffed drawers and overflowing closets. I’ve tried to get on the purge bandwagon – capsule wardrobes being the rage at the moment – but with fashion’s pendulum swing, I know it’s only a matter of time before styles from the past come back around.


Case in point, flared denim. I rocked this look hard circa… 2000 I’d say. Then the  jeans had an had overly dramatic bell bottom – and a lot of sparkly butt pocket detailing. I was in college. It kinda worked. Ok, ok, probably not my best choice. But low and behold, after a decade of nothing but skinnies (with the occasional boyfriend jean) here comes flared denim again and I’m loving the modern update.


I snagged a new pair of Hudson Jeans from Zappos recently. I know a lot of people hesitate to buy jeans online but I haven’t been in a single store since Carter was born! Plus who ever has fun trying on jeans in a dressing room?? With free shipping and free returns (for a year – holla) you can order and try on to your heart’s content. It’s like Christmas everyday.

But back to these flares. I gotta say I’m into the look. Dark classic denim, understated detail, high waist and a bit of stretch – perfect for the upcoming holiday season. {As is my attempt at a fashion face in the pic below. Did I pull it off??}

If I was going to caution you about anything when it comes to this look, it helps to be taller than about 5’6″ or 5’7.” It can be hard to get the taper right if you’re petite. But if you can find the right fit, you’ll suddenly look six feet tall!

You know the adage. What once was old will become new again. As I round the corner heading further from 30 and closer to 40 this weekend – yes, I just typed four zero. gulp. – it feels a little odd to think about styles I wore in junior high being back in vogue (choker necklaces anyone?!). Thankfully, I think this flare look will stick around for quite some time. There will be no need to purge at the end of the season.

And that gives me ammunition when the husband asks why I need that walk-in closet in our new house.

what i’m wearing: hudson jeans | jcrew blazer | madewell scarf | celine bag | emerson fry pumps | sunnies | tw steel watch {similar}

original photography for apartment 34 by emily scott

This post is in partnership with Zappos and Hudson Jeans. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations we’re excited about and that have kept Apartment 34’s doors open.

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  1. I love my bell bottoms! And oh my word – flashbacks to the days of the awful sparkly butt pockets.

  2. I, too, tried to get behind the purging movement but thankfully I am such a procrastinator that I haven’t gotten to the thrift shop yet and can still pluck out the flared jeans I almost gave away! Thanks for the heads up!