Style-Your-Staples-ShortsOur Style Your Staples series has been such fun. We’ve looked at the Pencil Skirt, the Oxford Shirt, and now we’re back with the last installment: the Denim Short!

Yet again, all the ladies put their stylish spin on this summer must-have and now I want to give each and every one of their looks a go. But first, here’s how I tried my hand at working denim cut-offs, Apartment 34 style:


I have to say, this assignment was my biggest styling challenge yet. Though I’m tall and obviously have long legs, I’ve never been a huge short-shorts wearer. I don’t know what it is – maybe being in my 30s, maybe living in slightly chilly San Francisco…I just haven’t been a huge shorts fan. But when I put these super-cropped puppies on, they were decidedly the most flattering for my body shape, so I went with ’em! I couldn’t rock the boy short – they just felt frumpy on me. I guess you ought to flaunt it while you got it, right?!


get your shop on: shorts // top // blazer (similar) // heels (similar) // necklace // sunglasses // clutch (similar)

The key to feeling comfortable with this look was covering up up top. I firmly believe a girl can never have too many stripes in her closet and a good tee can always be dressed up. By throwing on my favorite oversized double-breasted blazer, I didn’t feel overexposed. By toting a structured clutch, a touch of gold jewelry and putting on a pair of clean and classic nude sandals, my shorts suddenly felt more sophisticated and ready for primetime.

I was also pleased to discover that denim shorts can be highly versatile. A tank and sandals is all you need for the beach. Sneakers, t-shirt and hat and you’re ready for an afternoon at the baseball park. I’d switch out my blazer for a leather jacket and a Celine-inspired heel to take this look from day to date night!

Be sure to check out Casey, Hilary, Jen, Sara, and of course, the masterminds of this whole operation, Kat & Em’s, takes on the denim short. I’m quite certain you’ll find more than one look to love!

PS: Did you like this series? Are you interested in seeing more ways to wear some of your favorite fashions? I’m thinking of bringing something like this back to the blog on a more regular basis if you do!

original photography for apartment 34 by Emily Scott, bike courtesy of Public Bikes

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  1. Super cute! I love that red wall, your sunglasses, & how you’re rocking those shorts on such a cute bike. Love it! 🙂

  2. First of all, GORGEOUS outfit! I love how casual yet still classy it looks. Then, love your shorts – and so glad denim shorts are back (or still in).

  3. SPARKED! Gosh that necklace sure has proved that it goes with everything!

    See ya tonight.

  4. loved this series so much!!! the refined woman might have to bring the series back in a few months cause it was just too much fun and so inspiring to see what everyone came up with!