If there’s one thing that motivates my travels more than any other, it’s food. I’ve been known to drag travel companions miles out of our way for that “perfect bite” {I swear it’s always worth it!}. So of course during our trip through Australia, I paid close attention to where we were eating!

My overarching assessment?

Fresh, delicious, seasonal and simply but beautifully prepared food abounds. The ingredients in Australia are exceptional {hello zero antibiotics, GMOs or other nasty chemicals}. And while I enjoyed virtually everywhere we ate, I did have a few standouts – interesting places whose ambience, as well as the food, had me coming back for more!


I already mentioned Mike’s at Koskela. That is a stellar destination. But I did manage to find a few other gems in our explorations of Sydney. Our first stop is the Watson’s Bay Beach Club. About a 20 minute drive or even more picturesque ferry ride from Sydney’s downtown, Watson’s Bay is the perfect place to grab a seaside lunch!


The restaurant & adjacent hotel had been on the top of my must-visit list since I’d read about the new hotspot in Vogue Living. It did not disappoint. From their rockin’ beachside patio and open air kitchen to their rustic-chic indoor dinning room, a lot of attention to detail was paid in the recently completed renovations.


I would have wiled away a leisurely afternoon at Watson’s outdoor bar quite easily, sipping on my {$20!} cocktail. {Be forewarned friends, while Australia is fabulous, it is $$$$} But of course, other foodie-finds were on my agenda.

I was thrilled to discover the adorable Stables Cafe, tucked away in the Surry Hills neighborhood of Sydney {where we stayed in a lovely AirBnb apartment}. If you didn’t know, breakfast {or brekkie as the Aussie’s call it} is somewhat of an Aussie art form. They take it very seriously. I think Aussies might eat out for breakfast every single day. And I approve. The Stables Cafe is a quintessential little Aussie spot, perfect for grabbing a Flat White, a Piccolo, a Long Black or any of the other variants of Aussie coffees – I think there are about 20!


I became obsessed with the Piccolo coffee – kind of a cross between a mini-capuccino and latte and it came it the cutest teeny-tiny takeaway cup {isn’t that a nicer way of saying to go!}!


I was also enamored with The Grounds. The openair space is part coffee shop, part farmers market, part restaurant part farm. Their resident pig, Kevin Bacon, was infamously stolen last fall but made his triumphant return just before our visit. I was surprised there weren’t armed guards watching him!

The Grounds definitely seems like the perfect long Sunday lunch destination.


Other favorite delicious Sydney discoveries included:

Bills: for classic Aussie brekkie

Paramount Coffee Project: Epic coffees and food in Surry Hills. I went back daily.

The Winery: A fun spot to grab a drink in Surry Hills

Nomad: a super cool industrial setting makes this new, hip spot’s exceptional food taste even better!

Lemongrass: Higher-end Thai that definitely delivers the flavor.

Xage: a delicious neighborhood vegetarian Vietnamese spot in Surry Hills that even satisfied the husband!

Love Tilly Divine: the perfect off-the-beaten-path wine bar in Darlinghurst. When you turn down a sketchy looking alley, don’t get nervous!

But really you can’t go wrong almost anywhere you go in Oz! If you find new hot spots be sure to share them in the comments!! I’m sure everyone would appreciate the insider scoop.

What do you think?

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  1. Gah! The perfect break from all the football talk! Now I’m hungry and hungry to travel! But I don’t think I’m going to pull off a wedge heel as well as you, m’dear! xo UB

  2. 10 years ago I would not have said we were expensive and then all of a sudden, we were. It’s kind of annoying but compared to the States everything cost more. We call it the Australia Tax which seems to add the cost onto everything.

    The photos are just beautiful!

  3. So fun to read these! I’ve already hit them all, except for Nomad – have heard many great things about it, so I’ll try it soon.
    Did you get to meet the adorable pig & sheep buddies Kevin Bacon & Bradley when you were at The Grounds?


  4. so many beautiful photos! pinning for later. i need to get to Australia someday! stop by, i am hosting a giveaway! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  5. We had breakfast at the Grounds when we visited Sydney this past year, and I loved at the different little areas to sit and enjoy.

  6. This is a little late, but I just HAVE to know where you got that denim jumpsuit in the top photo, it is completely perfect!