I know many espouse shopping vintage as the only way to inject “authentic personality” into your home. I wouldn’t say I disagree. I enjoy the vintage scavenger hunt as much as anyone, but sometimes you need more expedient options. And if those options look as good as these fall pieces from Anthropologie do, I’m totally ok with that.

I posted about Anthro’s latest collaboration last month and their hits just keep on coming. I’m the first to admit I’ve often thought of Anthro pieces as overly whimsical, feminine and a touch too cottage chic, but this new editorial shows that it all depends on your context. A beautiful home designed by famed architect Richard Neutra certainly helps. This one is for sale FYI!

But what this home tour really illustrates is that a piece can take on a totally different personality in a different environment – so really you shouldn’t rule an option out at first glance. Really think about how something will look and feel in your space regardless if it’s modern or bohemian-inspired.

I could not be more obsessed with this wood cabinet. It has a really unique a mesh overlay, a travertine top an gorgeous rounded corners.

Also I have to mention that this mix of wood tones is giving me all kinds of inspiration for our new cottage. And since I only have about 10 weeks to renovate and furnish the entire house, I’m fully ok with unearthing some gems – big box store or not.

This entire home is a beautiful study in mixing soothing neutrals, a variety of texture and a feeling of pieces being collected over time. But you didn’t have to wait years to stumble across the perfect treasure. And there’s no shame in that!

As we shift into the new season and really think about making our homes our sanctuary from both the colder temperatures and from Covid, you can think out of the box while still shopping within one.

I spy the gorgeous foraged branch work of Colin King.

photography by Nicole Franzen, styling by Colin King for Anthropologie.

After two trips to Sweden this year, I have become totally smitten with their unique design perspective. And I’m not referring to the stereotypical Scandinavian minimalism nor the typical “hygge” look that’s been massively appropriated into American design of late. Those styles are certainly present in many a Swedish residence, but they also feature a mix that includes old-world and modern, clean-lined and cozy, restrained yet perfectly layered.

Home Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in StockholmHome Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in Stockholm

This apartment, belonging to interior designer Lovisa Håger is a perfect example. At first glance, you might not immediately realize it is in Stockholm. The mix of furniture styles, the use of classic designs that aren’t Scandinavian, like Serge Mouille and Atollo lamps and the moody color palette make this home seem as if it could be in Paris or Brussels.

Home Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in Stockholm

But as your eye devours this decidedly stunning space, you do spy some tell-tale hygge signs, like those mid-century chairs upholstered in fuzzy lambswool or the classic Scandinavian midcentury credenza.

But I love that there isn’t a piece of blonde wood in sight here. Instead, deep warm wood pieces offer lovely contrast. I’m similarly obsessed with the choice to paint the molding throughout the house a sultry gray, bucking the all-white -everything Scandinavian look.

Home Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in Stockholm  Home Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in Stockholm

The kitchen also continues to buck the traditional color stereotypes, using dusty rose, dark countertops, more of that yummy dark gray molding.

Do you spy the split door at the end of the hallway – it’s one of my favorite things about European apartments.

Home Tour: Elevated and Elegant Fall Vibe in Stockholm

Natural light is indeed critical for those long Swedish winters and thanks to a plethora of large windows this apartment has lovely light in spades. I also really appreciate the deep windowsills. They become little little extra pieces of furniture where you can keep a few favorite books or display a vignette of ceramics. The floor to ceiling curtains in this room help accentuate the ceiling height.

The traditional corner-mounted fireplace does place this apartment smack dab in Sweden. But I’m not mad about it. Swedish fireplaces are so stunning. I also love a tone-on-tone dark room. The bedroom is a perfect spot to create an extra cozy retreat.

This apartment feels warm and collected, yet not overly cluttered or fussy. Of course it benefits from amazing interior architecture, but it’s the lovely mix of textures, design styles and timeless accessorizing that makes this house feel like a home.

And bonus, it’s for sale! Maybe my little relocate-to-Sweden-pipe-dream could in fact come true. Details about the apartment are here.

images via nomad makleri

It feels a little painful to type the word fall on July 19, but with a kid starting school in less than a month, fall season does feel a little around the corner. Hence why, as much as I might resist, I do love the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. For those new to this game (all two of you that are left) the Anniversary Sale puts new fall styles on sale now – like when you actually want fresh stuff, rather than waiting until season’s end. Genius, I know. The sale opened to the public today, and while I feel like either it gets a little less stellar every year (or maybe I’m just getting extra picky in my old age) there are a few gems that I’m definitely scooping up and I thought you might be interested in them too.

You will find my tightest of tight N-Sale edit below. But shop fast. The super cute pair of Levis I was planning to get already sold out. Grrrr.

I think I might be one of the only people on the planet who really isn’t into Halloween. I know, I know. Even with a kid now I’m just not that jazzed on this holiday – not feeling pumpkins, don’t enjoy faux spiderwebs, really see no need to hang a skeleton from my front door. And I certainly have NO idea what I’m going to actually be on the big day (I will dress up as this is the first year my kid really gets it, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a very 11th a hour kind of thing).

All that said, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate some good (ahem) design inspired by the season.

Halloween Inspired Cook Here, Eat This on apartment 34Halloween Inspired Cook Here, Eat This on apartment 34Halloween Inspired Cook Here, Eat This on apartment 34

Case in point, this stunning (almost all) black kitchen. I’m obsessed with the dramatic contrast between the black upper cabinetry, the island and lowers with the deliciously veiny marble counters and backsplash. The moody lighting in simply gorgeous. Created by one of my favorite San Francisco based interior designers, Nicole Hollis, there’s a depth to this space that could teeter on foreboding and instead is just dramatic and practically perfect in every way. That round wood topped table with a blackened base is giving me life.

I certainly think this stunningly dark kitchen pairs perfectly with one of my long running favorite cocktails. If you have a Halloween party on the books, definitely consider serving up this nearly black libation. It’s ghoulish, but also delicious. A winning combo in my book – no ghosts or skeletons actually required for enjoyment.

Halloween Inspired Cook Here, Eat This on apartment 34

DRINK RECIPE: Pomegranate + Blackberry Lemondrop 

6 blackberries
1/3 cup pomegranate juice
1 oz. lemon juice
1.5 oz. vodka

First, muddle blackberries and place in shaker with juices, vodka and ice. Shake for 20 seconds, strain into glass and garnish with blackberries on a pick.

This drink makes you pucker, in a good way! It’s perfectly sweet at first with a punch of sour towards the end. We love the idea of blackberries as a garnish, making the dark berry drink even more moody and monochromatic.

For our Cook Here, Eat this archive CLICK HERE.

interior design by nicole hollis / original cocktail photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick / original drink recipe by craft and cocktails

I think it’s very important to hone your personal style. When working on something like a major remodel, that clear vision helps keeps you focused. Someone recently describe my vibe as approachable sophistication – which I gotta say might be the nicest compliment I’ve received in a long time. But, then there come that time when you get a little sick of your own atheistic and crave something fresh.

That might be why I immediately swooned over this modern, rustic, vintage, but most importantly seriously cool home in Amsterdam.

home tour: modern vintage in amsterdamhome tour: modern vintage in amsterdam

What was once a warehouse in the 1800’s, the Dutch founder of the lingerie company Love Stories, has transformed this four story building, into a funky, stylishly nonchalant family home. Rough and rustic materials from exposed beams, reclaimed parquet floors, steel windows and white washed brick mix with a menagerie of house plants, vintage furniture and pseudo-industrial light fixtures.

home tour: modern vintage in amsterdamhome tour: modern vintage in amsterdam

A child sized worktable is made out of an old door and some sawhorses. Genius.

home tour: modern vintage in amsterdam

I’m loving this oversized sofa, and the fact that entire living and dining areas are all interconnected.

home tour: modern vintage in amsterdam

I’m really into the stainless steel kitchen, and the fact that this home has windows for days.

home tour: modern vintage in amsterdamhome tour: modern vintage in amsterdamhome tour: modern vintage in amsterdam

The children’s rooms sit under the homes eves and have that charming collected feel.

home tour: modern vintage in amsterdamhome tour: modern vintage in amsterdamhome tour: modern vintage in amsterdam 

The master bathroom floats in a glass encased area in the middle of the master bedroom. I kinda love.

I think what really appeals about this home is that is still within my go-to neutral color palette. Or maybe I just love it because I’m also Dutch and fantasy about escaping to Amsterdam myself one day. Regardless, while this home isn’t necessarily in my design wheelhouse I completely appreciate it. And might even work harder to add a bit more patina and vintage goodness to This Old Victorian.

What about you? Are you into this look?

For our entire home tour archive, CLICK HERE.

photography by marc van praag for vogue living

Temps are dropping (slowly, but surely…), and the season of fall gatherings is officially upon us! I firmly believe that the whole point of having friends over for dinner is to make everyone feel at ease – yourself included. That’s why I was so excited when one of my fave home collections,The Citizenry, asked me to create a fall inspired table with their newly launched table linens collection. All of their linens are so lovely I actually couldn’t just set one table – I had to set two.

Scroll below to see how you can create two different fall entertaining vibes by simply swapping out your napkins (and a few other choice details) along with some of my best entertaining tips.

Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34

Setting a lovely table makes a meal feel a little special, but creating it shouldn’t have be complicated. A simple white linen tablecloth is my go-to foundation. It offers a nice blank slate. A few wrinkles – or even a big fold or two are no big deal. I love how it gives everything a more Euro-rustic vibe.

Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34

There’s no need to have a collection of fancy china. Simply create layers with your daily dishware. I love to mix and match dishes in different colorways to add extra dimension. And I will always approve of gold flatware for everyday use – there’s no reason to make them wait for a special occasion. It quickly makes any table feel a bit more festive.

Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34

Adding flowers to your setting also doesn’t have be stressful. You can let your creative juices flow, combining whatever fits into your color palette. A fall arrangement can mix all kinds of greenery – everything from lambs ear and grasses, to cuts of leaves. A few dahlias give you that plucked straight from your garden look. But if creating your own centerpiece feels overwhelming, head to your local flower mart or corner florist. The talented ladies at Marigold SF put together these stunners. There’s no shame in putting a pretty arrangement into your own vase. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34

I created two different fall tables by only swapping out a few simple things. I like to stick to 2-3 colors on the table to keep things from getting overwhelming. This first table features a set of The Citizenry’s subtle Onam napkins and tablerunner in blush. You can fold the the napkins to highly their mustard gold threading or camouflage it to keep the look really light, neutral and airy. The Citizenry’s set of Dasar bronze trays make the perfect serving dishes. I added white oak candle sticks and warm golden taperd offer a light, feminine touch.

Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34

To quickly and easily change this tables look, I simply swapped in pops of indigo and chambray to create a slightly bolder, high contrast look. The Citizenry’s Chera napkins feature hand stitching, but are made from durable cotton – meaning they’re machine washable! Hits of black – candlesticks, the Citizenry’s black marble cheeseboard and our dining chairs elevate the look. I’m also obsessed with The Citizenry’s new Ba Lai glassware. Matte gray on the outside, with a high gloss glazed interior, they’re seriously so good.

Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34Simple Steps for a Stunning Fall Table on apartment 34

I’m struggling to pick a favorite between these two looks so I’m thinking I just have to throw two parties to put both to the test. Do you you have a favorite??

See the rest of my favorite fall entertaining tips on The Citizenry blog here.

florals by marigold studio / photography by andrea posoadas

This post in partnership with The Citizenry. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations we’re excited about and that keep our doors open!

When I spied today’s stunning home tour, I was struck by two things; how totally out of the typical Apt34 atheistic the modern cabin look is and how much I absolutely love it! The design is incredibly detailed and thoughtful. It feels like the perfect fall retreat. But here’s the kicker – this home is not tucked on a mountain side somewhere. It resides right in downtown London.

warm modern cabin on apartment 34warm modern cabin on apartment 34warm modern cabin on apartment 34warm modern cabin on apartment 34

This home dates from the early 18th century, and had been many things, from a Tavern to a traditional weaver’s home, but it was completely reimagined by the (extremely talented!) husband and wife architecture team behind Chan + Eayrs. They describe their style as “Arts and Crafts, Japanese Modernism and Moroccan earthiness, all expressed through a natural palette of materials.” I call it elegant wabi-sabi executed to perfection.

The entire house, from the kitchen to the living, dining and bedrooms features specially smoked and limed oak cabinetry and wainscoting. Wide planked wood floors abut sections of handmade tile and ground traditional lime washed plaster walls. All of the warm, highly textured wood is juxtaposed with slabs of cool, smooth Arabescato marble and is grounded by deep green trim. Beautiful antique lighting and accessories mix with design classics. But nothing feels overwrought. Or overstuffed. This home offers plenty of room to breathe. Greenery dots almost every room offer an additional layer of softness and life.

warm modern cabin on apartment 34warm modern cabin on apartment 34warm modern cabin on apartment 34warm modern cabin on apartment 34warm modern cabin on apartment 34warm modern cabin on apartment 34warm modern cabin on apartment 34

The master bedroom, atop the home’s highest floor, was reimagined to be like an open-plan hotel room. The oak cabinetry continues as a built-in headboard and gorgeous antiques accessorize the space. I would gladly call this room home.

warm modern cabin on apartment 34

For our entire home tour archive, CLICK HERE.

images via chan + aeyrs 

Finding your style is a bit like a never-ending quest. I’ve certainly swung from one side of the style pendulum to the other (evidenced here). But with fall around the corner (sorry to break it to you), I’ve been thinking about my favorite fashion season – and how I’m excited to get dressed again! No Lululemon allowed. This post from 2016 still sits at the tippy top of my style goals. Appears I may have officially found my uniform.

Fall is always the best style season of the year. Before you’re buried under winter coats, but the summer’s glow has yet to fade, now is the time to play. You can have fun with proportion, with textures, with adding a little edge. I’ve always been a fan of menswear influenced style. It gives off a subtle sexiness while being incredibly practical for daily life; think wide-legged pants, flats and a cozy sweater or two. When you mix them all together you get a decidedly strong, but thoroughly feminine approach to taking on the new season on in style.

Continue to scroll for some of my go-to favorite looks.

your fall uniform on apartment 34

Extra-wide culottes paired with a snug sweater have me like whoa. Especially in this creamy, caramel-y warm color palette. And yes…those so ugly they’re really ridiculously good looking shoes are starting to appeal to me too.

your fall uniform on apartment 34

All white is always alright in my book. Those denim culottes are also calling my name and I just might have to add a white blouse to my white shirt arsenal.

your fall uniform on apartment 34

A classic trouser feels fresh when it’s cropped and is an easy thing to get you out of my your denim rut. I love the dress up / dress down combo of a classic tee and loafers.

your fall uniform on apartment 34

A touch of blush & metallic lend a girlie touch to borrowed from the boys staples like bomber jackets and more loafers. Metallic is a bonus.

your fall uniform on apartment 34

A peacoat never goes out of style. To make it more wearable in this early part of fall when the weather just can’t make up its mind, pair yours with some bright whites and a chunky open toe sandal.

I’m a big fan of adding a few choice pieces to my closet around this time of year. Especially ones I know I’ll love for a long time – rather than just buying into the it-trend of the moment. Any of these options would make my closet very very happy for years to come.

For even more fall fashion inspiration, follow my My Style Pinterest board HERE

images via goop

If you caught yesterday’s post, I mentioned I’m up to my eyeballs getting my house in shape for the holidays. Well thankfully, I’ve checked the guest room off my list! My guest room has actually been one of my more pulled together spaces since  apparently people really like visiting San Francisco, but a I did want to give the room a bit of cozification for the holidays (yup, just said holidays). With help from The Citizenry, (whom I adore  – remember this post), I was able to do just that.

If you click here you can see the the current evolution of my guest room. The room is always flooded with amazing light, but I wanted to ground it with texture, add more contrast with pops of black, and a layer of sophistication with marble and leather accents. I still need a guest give it a test run, but I think I’ve got a cozy little retreat on my hands. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

a cozy guest bedroom on apartment 34a cozy guest bedroom on apartment 34a cozy guest bedroom on apartment 34a cozy guest bedroom on apartment 34

sources: tweed accent pillows / leather lumbar pillow / beni ourain rug / throw / marble tray / marble candle holders / vintage mirror / wall sconce / vintage french stools / upholstered bed  

I love the tonal feel of the room now. The consistent color palette is soft and soothing. Mismatched vintage french stools add character and warmth. But it’s the details from The Citizenry’s newest collection that add the yummy texture I was looking for. Tweed and leather accent pillows, a nubby knit throw, a super thick beni ourain rug and gorgeous marble accent pieces offer the hotel-like touch I like to create for guests. Because no one wants to travel and be surrounded by someone else’s crap. That I’ve managed to shove in closets so at this room is a respite. I might want to sleep in here myself from time to time!

If you need more tips to get your guest room up to snuff be sure to head over to The Citizenry’s blog today. I’m sharing my top tips for making your guests feel extra special and you can see even more pics of this space!

Now I promise, I won’t show this space again. At least not until spring anyway!


original photography for apartment 34 by andrea posadas

this post is in partnership with The Citizenry. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I’m excited about and that have kept apartment 34’s doors open

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