I have always been a fan of monochromatic interiors, particularly seen in a lot of Scandinavian design. I love the way that you can play with a singular palette by layering texture on texture. Of late, it seems like Pinterest has been on the same wave length – love for the monochromatic look is gaining ground!

Excited about the amount of Scandinavian inspired pins popping up, I rounded up some of my favorite interiors that have come across my feed for this edition of This is Very Pinteresting!


If you haven’t started a monochrome interiors Pinterest board, I strongly urge you to do so! You’d be surprised by how much a lack of “color” can inspire amazing design. If you have a board already, I’m dying to see it – please, do share. I think I have a couple of hours in between meetings this afternoon to drool over some fabulous pins!

While you’re there you can check out what inspires me on Pinterest here! 

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  1. I’ve become so obsessed with the Scandinavian design style lately that I even gave it it’s very own series called Scandinavian Thursday’s 😉 I just couldn’t help but share all of these beautiful designs on a weekly basis.

  2. I totally agree with you! I love these interiors- simply beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing xo