I’m currently working the design for my living room, but it’s proved a tougher challenge than I originally thought. The room has odd dimensions and we need for it to be a multi-use space with more than one sitting area. It also has a long desk area and is the primary play space for our son. You can see some of our Designer’s Take series that offered ideas for the space herehere and here. As I hunt around for solutions, one has bubbled to the top of my list: the Safari Daybed.

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Now, we’ve talked about daybeds around here before, but the safari daybed isn’t the traditional, could actually be a bed, variety. This version can really function more as a bench or a cot if you ever wanted to actually sleep on it. While there are some variations of this bed, the original OGK Safari Daybed actually was designed in 1962 by Danish designer Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen. The story goes that he designed it for his son who was heading off on a camping trip and didn’t want him to sleep on the ground. But what I love is the beautiful timeless design. It’s low profile, it’s understated. The use of natural materials including canvas, beech wood and sisal rope is beautiful. While many other daybed options take on a boho vibe, this daybed is minimal, modern and seriously chic. I think I might be sold!

What do you think? Would you put a safari daybed in your house?

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What do you think?

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  1. I really love this. The design is beautiful. But also, it’s almost like it could be as movable inside as it once was outside – sometimes a reading nook, sometimes a bench, free-standing or in front of a wall. And so many styling options. Thank you for the idea.

  2. No. It looks like it would be horribly uncomfortable to sit on for too long. No back, no arms.

  3. I love the boho vibe it gives off but not really practical, unless you have a lot of unused space around. It’s too low for sitting and not very comfy to lie on it.

  4. Adore this daybed – so lovely, minimalistic and fun to boot!