I’ve long had a love affair with Italy. I traveled there for the first time at 17, studied Italian all through college, lived abroad in Siena and have made multiple return trips, including road tripping through northern Italy on my honeymoon. But that was six years ago. To say I’m craving a little la dolce vita right now is an understatement. And it doesn’t help when I find gorgeous hotels straight out of Roman Holiday – like this one.

Beautiful hotel in Italy on Apartment 34Beautiful hotel in Italy on Apartment 34

Located in a 17th century palazzo building in Piazza Pasquino off of Rome’s famed Piazza Navona, this little gem of a hotel features only 10 rooms, all of which are uniquely designed and beautifully appointed. They’re actually like mini-apartments as they all feature separate sitting areas off of each bedroom, many have terraces & mini kitchenette areas. The furnishings – all selected in homage to early 20th century Italian furniture designers –  is juxtaposed with the centuries old rustic features of the building like its original frescoed walls, tiled bathroom floors and exposed timber beams. Hence the hotel’s name, G-Rough.

Beautiful hotel in Italy on Apartment 34Beautiful hotel in Italy on Apartment 34Beautiful hotel in Italy on Apartment 34 Beautiful hotel in Italy on Apartment 34Beautiful hotel in Italy on Apartment 34Beautiful hotel in Italy on Apartment 34 Beautiful hotel in Italy on Apartment 34

But this please does not feel rough at all. It looks perfect. I love that each room boasts a different theme and color palette, killer light fixtures and spectacular art. The penthouse even has a private terrace that gives you a stunning view of the Sant’Agnese dome in Piazza Navona. The hotel lobby features a bar and lounge that regularly showcases local artists. And apparently the hotel even offers a “Lifestyle Manager” that can hook you up with exclusive behind the scenes types of experiences throughout Rome like design tutorials, private dinners in picturesque places and exclusive VIP access to historic sights throughout Rome. Done and done!

Va bene, I’m in. Who’s ready to hop a plane and head to Rome me?? Ciao ciao!!

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photography courtsey of g-rough // spotted on travel + style


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  1. Look at that view! Those floors!
    I love how you see where they carved into the walls to run wiring and, I suppose, pipes. Just patched and left.
    At a moment, my renovation looked like the penultimate photo, with patchy plaster, and I was tempted to leave it. But didn’t. And I don’t regret.

  2. What?! I studied abroad in Siena, too 🙂 That place is magic.

    1. Isn’t just spectacular Kasey. I can still remember meals I had during my stay there more than 10 years later!

  3. Stunning place! And I so know what you mean – I lived in Florence for almost 4 years and I’ve not been back for two now, and I suddenly find myself missing it like crazy. It really was a wonderful life there. I hope you get to visit soon x

  4. Wow, just gorgeous!!!
    I have been living between between Paris and Milan for more than 9 years (my husband was Italian) and it’s weird how I miss Italy especially during spring and summer…
    Lately I just have weird craving like gelati and spaghetti alle vongole!
    I miss it so much!!!!!!!
    Thank you for reminding me the magical moments I spent there and for making me smile 🙂

  5. This is gorgeous! I love the design and those views! We are off to Amalfi Coast, Siena, Lake Como and Paris in July. Can hardly wait. Lucky you to have lived in Siena!

  6. I love every single room in this house. Awe-some-ness.
    I could move right in.