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Holy f***, it’s September. Summer’s over, the world is flooding, our president is a global embarrassment and I still have no idea what I’m packing for Kauai next week. Quite the spectrum of dilemmas, I know. But it is Friday, it is a long weekend and it’s supposed to be the same temp in San Francisco today as Miami. So there’s that.

With my wide swing of emotions and thoughts in mind, here’s a wide swing of weekend links to keep you busy for the next three days.

This NPR article gives the best advice about the most effective ways to donate to Harvey relief.

Houston based Sugar & Cloth is doing an awesome adopt a family program where you can give directly to someone in need. Pretty stunning display of human kindness. Sign up right here.

This post by Jen about how to be awesome is awesome. Perfect September inspiration.

Since it’s balls hot in SF (finally!) I’m going to be drinking this all weekend. I will be adding rum mind you.

I’ll also be eating these amazingly good burgers.

Victoria is launching a shop and I Can.Not.Wait!

And did you know September is a great time to travel? My girl Cassandra is breakin’ down everything you’d ever want to know about taking a cruise right here.

I could also easily spend all weekend in bed, especially if it was this one.

My favorite shoe brand is having an end of season sale. Consider yourself warned.

So is one of my favorite sources for my house.

And I’ve missed my Friday Follows for a couple of weeks but I’ve spending a lot of time on the Instagrams this week. You’d be quite wise to follow the following

@hejdoll for a beautifully curated feed

@well__received for serious home envy

@ivansocal for all the things you want to eat

Cheers dears!


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