One of my favorite parts about being a lady with a baby is hunting down the fabulous baby stuff out there. Even though it can be a little hard to find, if you dig past the crayola-colored everything you can find super cool clothes and toys that make you just as happy as your little. More importantly, you can also make sure everything your kid puts on or plays with isn’t going to harm them.


Case in point: everything you can get at Noble Carriage. The online children’s boutique is a beautifully curated collection of responsibly made cloths and toys. Founder Jen Hartford has very strict sustainability and safety standards for what she carries and I for one appreciate that immensely. While I hate to come across as one of “those moms,” I definitely pay very close attention to lotions, soaps, food, fabrics, toys – kinda all of it. Yeah, I am that mom. Their little bodies are just so tiny – if I can do my part to keep the nasty away – I’m going to do it.

So when Jen asked me to be part of her Wellness Wednesday interview series – where you get a peek into the routines of parents who are raising kids with healthy living in mind – I gladly said yes.


Jen’s questions were so thought provoking. And it’s always fascinating to see how other families get through the crazy that is raising tiny people. For me it’s about finding some sort of balance – whatever that actually means.

CLICK HERE to check out the entire interview and HERE to shop my curated picks at Noble Carriage.

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photography by emily scott


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