We may have missed National Rosé Day over the weekend, but that only means we have some catching up to do! With the temps heating up, I’m in the mood to take my favorite rosé to the next level. Have you heard of frosé? Yeah, I hadn’t either, but I’m immediately sold.

Just look how purdy this drink is.



makes 4 cocktails

1 750 ml bottle dry rosé
3 oz simple syrup
3 oz fresh lemon juice
4 lemon twists, to garnish
Vergano Americano Chinato (you can substitute in Campari if you can’t find it)

1. Freeze the rosé into cubes overnight.
2. Blend rosé cubes with simple syrup and lemon juice just until smooth.
3. Pour into glasses, garnish with lemon twists, splash the chinato over the top and serve.

This seems like the perfect light, refreshing drink. Perfect for a hot afternoon by a pool, a mimosa alternative for Sunday brunch or a fun signature cocktail for a summer wedding. Or a Tuesday. Just sayin’.

If this has wet your whistle, there are a few more frosé recipe options here, here and here.

PS – more of my fave summer cocktails are right here.


images and recipe via W&P Design, inventors of the carry on cocktail kit

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  1. Interesting. Rosé isn’t my favorite, which is sacrilege to say for someone in the south of France. I’ll have to try this version.