I have a weird obsession with bedding. If I could change out our bed monthly, I probably would. I’m the first to admit my throws collection is getting a little out of control {do you have that problem too??}

So when HD Buttercup, my favorite San Francisco furniture mecca, told me they were opening a shop dedicated to bedding, in my favorite shopping neighborhood Hayes Valley no less, I was ecstatic!

Recently, the aptly named In Bed asked if I’d like to make a dream bed as their storefront window display, so obviously I jumped at the chance! Especially when I found out I’d be “in bed” with on of my besties, Courtney Lake of CourtneyOutLoud fame. We are quite the dynamic duo and immediately began scheming on a concept. The obvious solution for the dueling windows was dueling his and hers beds! The only question was who would design for “his” vs. “hers!”. I ended up tackling the her bed.

I hope you like the result!


Obviously, I have a penchant for neutral color palettes and an obsession with white beds. They just feel so fresh, clean and luxurious {albeit impractical as a dog owner!} Playing with the lush pieces from the likes of John Robshaw, Coyuchi and lush french and belgian cottons, I was like a kid in a bedding candy store! Layering a white quilt on charcoal sheets, I added depth and more texture with a grey duvet cotton layered with even more cotton and cashmere throws. Subtle printed sheets made for a sweet, inviting place to rest your head.


However, since this is a dream bed I had to up the glam factor a bit, and what better way to do that than with touches of shimmer and shine.



I’m not sure the husband would enjoy sequined pillows, but the dipped dyed ombre cashmere throw so needs to be mine!

A huge thank you to In Bed for inviting me to come play. If you live in San Francisco I do hope you make a point to stop by. Our beds will be made in the front window for the next month! Oh and you can check out Courtney’s Man-antasy {aka man-fantasy} bed right here!

original photography by apartment 34 {eek!}

What do you think?

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  1. It looks amazing! I love the glam metallic touches & all of your uses of texture on this bed. (P.S.: I have the bedding/throws problem, too.)

  2. Love this bed! I wish I lived closer to HD Buttercup….but I’m on the wrong coast!

  3. I love those bling-bling pillows. I’d totally sport those on my bed!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  4. I love those bling-bling pillows. I’d totally sport those on my bed!


    Jules of Canines & Couture