When it comes to giving gifts to littles, it’s wise to remember that you’re actually gifting to the parents too. So those toys that light up, play songs, wiz, bang, and whir? Yeah, we’re not so thankful for those. But there is a treasure trove of amazing goodies out that there that kiddos will clamor for and that won’t make mamas shudder when adding it to the ever-growing collection of kid-related accouterments. Here are some faves I’m going to be giving to the new wee babes in our life (and a couple I’ll be adding to our world as well!).

gift guide for the littles on apartment 34 gift guide for the littles on apartment 34

1> Finding non-cheesy, kid-friendly tableware seemed like a never-ending quest. Enter Miniware. Even the cutlery is cute. And eco-friendly. Problem solved.

2> I am endlessly obsessed with kids books (check out this post if you need more recs). This story, about what you can discover when walking in the woods, warms the heart & is easy on the eyes.

3> Every kid needs a cuddly friend and a sweet, friendly deer is perfect this time of year!

4> A rocking robot?! I just want one.

5> The train obsession is real. This guy connects and includes blocks.

6> Gotta love it when a kid dresses better than you do. This cactus romper is too cool for school.

7> Because every mama needs a few minutes hands-free.

8> Do not be fooled. You do not need an ugly, ginormous automated chair that takes up half your living room. This rocker will do the trick and looks amazing!





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I have waited a long time for this day to come. After more than three years, we’ve completed the bulk of renovations on our house, I’ve designed (most!) of the spaces and I finally get to celebrate a holiday season in a house the feels like home. And while I still can’t quite do the full top-to-bottom reveal just yet, I can’t help but share a few sneak peeks of my favorite modern holiday moments I’ve created this year. First up is a mega sneak peek of my living room.

modern holiday moments on apartment 34

I’m sure you’re not shocked to learn I’m not into very colorful holiday decor. It feels weird to me to take a bunch of red and green stuff, dump it all around your house for a month and then pack it all away again. I’m more of a “use everyday things to lend a festive spirit to your space” kind of person. Thankfully, I was able to turn to my friends at Overstock.com for all the super gorgeous finishing touches I needed to not only make our spaces feel holiday ready but also find some treasures I’m going still going to love come January 1. Case in point – so many pretties for my living room! It really is the finishing touches that set the tone for a space. Thankfully, I didn’t have to dash all over town or spend hours and hours searching for the perfect piece or even pay for shipping. I found my swing arm wall sconce, textured throw pillow, throws, a chic tray, candle holders and more all at Overstock. Rather than douse my space in literal holiday cheer, I love making a nod to the season through texture, layers, warmth and just a few light touches of obvious holiday decor (hello DIY wreath!! More on that to come tomorrow).

modern holiday moments on apartment 34

In this hectic tech world, it’s nice to have something soft and cozy to cuddle up with. I’ve long been obsessed with the jumbo knit trend (do you remember the master I met while in Australia a few year back??) and this gorgeous handmade throw is on Overstock right now. It adds immediate cozy yumminess anywhere you put it.

modern holiday moments on apartment 34

Coffee tables are a great spot for a little holiday cheer. Using a tray as a mini serving area lets guests sit back and relax. I’m obsessed with this tray’s brass handles and marble insert. Perfect spot to place a holiday tipple. I also love breaking out a bit of crystal this time of year. A crystal decanter and glasses make even ice water feel special. The holiday season is all about glowing light so I tend to put candles just about everywhere. I’m obsessed with this brass candle holder set and I know I’m going to use them all year long.

modern holiday moments on apartment 34

Even with my minimalist ways, I can’t resist a fun little layer of this gorgeous magnifying glass. It’s sturdy enough that I would totally let my kiddo play with it.

modern holiday moments on apartment 34

Cozying up on the couch is probably my favorite holiday activity. A textured pillow adds that inviting (dare I say hygge) touch you crave this time of year.

modern holiday moments on apartment 34

And then there is the mantel! I’ve longed for a fireplace where I can enjoy mantel moments again. But this year I’m craving a touch more subtly then over the top elaborate setups of years past (turns out the simpler route is also much easier to maintain than the ever-dropping garlands). I opted for a gorgeous magnolia wreath from Overstock (that’s faux but that can be our little secret). I also added this really amazing polished aluminum reindeer bust. Rather than wall mount him (still don’t have the heart to punch holes in my pristine plaster walls), leaving him on the mantel was the perfect solution. A few more of my prized candles and a little bowl of Christmas baubles completes the look. While I like my more clean vibe, if you wanted a playful take you could hang some Christmas baubles from Vixen’s ears (that’s what I’ve named her).

modern holiday moments on apartment 34

In my book, it’s not the holiday season without a bar cart moment! I broke out more crystal stemware to add to my cart but kept the rest of it nice and spare. A gorgeous peacock feather wreath adds a modern glam touch.

modern holiday moments on apartment 34

If you are in the garland mood, Overstock has a ton of great options for that as well. For this look, I applied my holiday layering trick by starting with a (faux!) evergreen garland, topped with a string a Christmas balls. I then tucked a marble tray underneath as a little seat for some pillar candles (always candles) and a few more loose Christmas baubles complete the look.

modern holiday moments on apartment 34

But really, when it comes right down to it, the holiday season is about cuddling up with the ones you love most. That’s the number one thing on my to-do list between now and 2018. Thankfully, I have plenty of jumbo knits and my cuddly pup ready to help facilitate!

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photography for apartment 34 by Leslie Santamaria 

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While I swore this was my ultimate gift guide, as we round the bend toward the heart of the holidays, I couldn’t help but round up a few more gift ideas (because trust me, I’m still hunting too!). With wellness all the craze these days – yes, I’m trying to incorporate meditation into my daily life, I’ve become fascinated by clean skincare regimes and I carry essential oils in my purse – there are so many lovely things that can help us on the path to feeling good, both inside and out. Who wouldn’t be happy about feeling good this season.

wellness gift guide on apartment 34wellness gift guide on apartment 34

1> If better sleep can come in form of all-natural oils, sign me up

2> The secret to healthy skin, less cellulite and better circulation is using this dry brush for two minutes a day

3> Stocking stuffer alert! You can give yourself a mini facelift with this facial roller. Doesn’t hurt that its gorgeous too

4> This face oil is glowing skin in a bottle. Srsly. I swear by it

5> Sometimes you need a little insight into the universe. This tarot deck is a stunner

6> What if you could just sprinkle fairy dust on your food to cure all your ills? Don’t know if it works, but it’s with a shot

7> Travel-ready essentials oils. Perfect antidotes for visiting family over the holidays

8> Nothing keeps moisture locked in during the cold winter months like a really good body oil




art by rocio montoya via trendland

This time of year it’s way too easy to overindulge on the daily. Holiday parties, cocktails, and heavy dishes are everywhere. I’m looking for ways to eat light, fresh and most importantly quickly as there are just too many things to get done every day! That’s why I’m obsessed with this simple but delicious crostini recipe made with Alouette Garlic & Herb Soft Spreadable Cheese. It’s the perfect for a quick and easy lunch, but you could also whip up a batch to serve at brunch or even bring as your contribution to a holiday party. Scroll below for the full recipe!

simply delicious crostini recipe on apartment 34

Zucchini Toast with Alouette Garlic & Herbs Soft Spreadable Cheese  


1 zucchini sliced
1 slice rustic bread
1 watermelon radish sliced
Alouette Garlic & Herbs Soft Spreadable Cheese
Coarse Sea Salt
Fresh chopped parsley


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place zucchini slices on a cookie tray, brush zucchini slices with olive oil, and roast until edges brown 5-8 mins. Toast your bread (I like to grill mine on the stove with butter!). Cover bread with a generous amount of Alouette Garlic & Herbs Soft Spreadable Cheese. Layer on roasted zucchini & freshly sliced watermelon radish. Top with coarse sea salt & chopped parsley. Enjoy!

This recipe was so much fun to make that we actually made a video demonstration of it! Check out Instagram later today for the exclusive.

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Does anyone else out there decorate for the holidays in phases? While our tree is up, I’m still working to deck the rest of our halls. While I did a traditional garland on our staircase last year, this year I’m craving a slightly lighter, more modern touch. I’ve yet to land on exactly what I’m going to do (watch Instagram the next couple of days for sneak peeks) but the following eight modern garland ideas are offering major inspiration.

modern garlands on apartment 34

Digging the ultra minimal look.

modern garlands on apartment 34

Magnolia and eucalyptus are a pretty alternative to classic pine boughs.

modern garlands on apartment 34

While I’m wanting to simplify, it’s hard to resist a major moment this time of year.

modern garlands on apartment 34

Black, white and a hint of green. A picture perfect holiday look, no?

modern garlands on apartment 34

I’m loving the look of subtle draping, though the bird is a bit much. Too much design cliché for me. The mixed candles are a bit more of a practical approach.

modern garlands on apartment 34

Really loving this clean refined holiday style.

modern garlands on apartment 34

This reminds me of my favorite of my mantles to date. A touch of drama with the draping, a bevy of candles, but still monochromatic and clean. This might be my winner. Will be sharing my halls fully decked quite soon!

Do you have a favorite look?

images in order of appearance mokkasin / these four walls / hunted interior / faux martha / lonny / unknown / studio mcgee / lonny

I don’t know if it’s the holiday season’s arrival, the colder temps outside or the fact that the following home tour is unequivocally gorgeous, but I’m throwing my dedication to minimalism to the wind in favor of this inspired layered look. As you scroll, I think you’ll agree, this warm, layered, eclectic space just sucks you right in.

This 1908 villa in Malmo, Sweden, was painstakingly renovated over three years by its owner, Malin Perrson. While many elements of the 110 year old house was refurbished (roof, electrical, windows, floors), the former model turned interior stylist didn’t fill her home with the typical midcentury Scandinavian pieces we all know (and love), but instead furnished it  one of a kind antiques, flea market finds and repurposed pieces. Yet, the final look feels anything but dated. The juxtaposition of current design trends, ranging from concrete floors and stainless steel counters in the kitchen, to brass accents and modern fixtures in master bath, seem right at home next to vintage Moroccan pendants, 18th century mirrors and reclaimed church pews (used as dining benches). Virtually everything in this space feels found or collected rather than purchased. But there are a few genius design tricks that keeps the vintage vibe from going to too grandma.

The color palette remains consistently muted throughout the house. The dominance of black and white feel timeless. Spaces also remain edited rather than overstuffed. Most rooms rely on significant negative space, leaving them feeling open and airy. I love the use of genius details in the kitchen like the antique cabinet turned into counter space and a concrete-clad sink set against the wall with a faucet above.

Some walls in the house were not refurbished, exposing old layers of paint and wallpaper. While the herringbone floors are new, they as if they might have been there forever.

A Murano glass chandelier holds court in a sitting room.

I will forever remain a sucker for a physical inspiration wall. Black washi tape adds an intentional graphic touch.

A vintage painting makes for the perfect vignette at the top of a stairway.

The mix of cool grays and warm brown towns add to this homes soothing, yet welcoming feel.

I call this vintage down in a good way – not in a fixer upper kind of way.

I love this home’s elevated take on kids’ spaces (the owner does have three). But there’s nothing overly saccharin nor crayola-fied in these rooms. Instead, vintage pieces are simply repurposed for a child’s needs.

This home feels like a space that is ever evolving. Nothing is static. New treasures come in, perhaps old pieces find new homes. It’s kinda like life. It always ebbs and flows. So the spaces we live in should too.

Here’s how add a bit of this vibe to your space.

mirror / chandelier / moroccan pendant / arm chair / vintage stoneware / pendant / cutting board / art / vintage gucci suitcase / rug / basket

You can learn even more about this home’s owner, Malin Perrson here.

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photography by petra bindel for milk decorationelle decoration 

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