Who tackled a major purge this weekend? I did, I did! As each week of April ticks by, I’m desperately trying tackle the piles, room by room. I want to enter into summer (yes, I just said summer!) feeling light and free. I’m going to be sharing a peek behind the curtain of my spring cleaning later this week, but for now, here are some beautifully minimalist spaces that are certain to inspire you to get your clean on.

minimalist interiors on apartment 34

Monochromatic at its finest, this black, white and gray space is pristine.

minimalist interiors on apartment 34

Lovely creams and warm woods free of clutter or unnecessary adornment (endless pillows and throws be gone! What if you couch was just clean) make this living space feel light and airy.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

Proof that less is more (and marble is timeless) in the bathroom. The brass and rustic stool add the perfect counter balance to the hyper minimal look.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

Ok, this room is for you minimalist-phobes. I would ditch the throw pillows and the blanket on the chair. Maybe even edit a few pieces off the console in the back corner. But overall, I like this vibe.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

It’s nearly impossible to keep a bedroom stuff-free but I’d love to try. A simple photo, plant and light. A stack of books. And some closed storage is a genius idea. I also love bringing in color through bedding. This lovely dusty rose is a super pretty yet calming hue.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

Loving all the smooth, clean lines in this living space. The organic touches withe the plants soften the look juuuusst. enough.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

When it comes to keeping a dining area organized, trays are your best friend. When you corral a collection in a tray, it feels like the clutter is tamed.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

This room speaks to the minimalist in me…who still likes to collect things. But the shelfie in the background isn’t over crowded. A nice shelf of books and just a couple of glass objects add depth and interest. I’d feel like I was on vacation in this space.

minimal interiors on apartment 34

Who says an entry needs to be crammed full of stuff. A lovely, clean hall table offers a wide open, clutter-free welcome.

Are you feeling the minimalist vibes of these spaces like I am? I know it can be really tough to motivate to deep clean, but when you’re ruthless the after is so much better than the before.

When it comes to cleaning, who says you have to use the same ole same ole plastic crap. Maybe if our cleaning tools where a little easier on the eyes, they’d be more fun to use! I’d be thrilled to add any of these pretties to my cleaning collection.spring cleaning ideas on apartment 34

SHOP CHIC CLEANING: concrete toilet brush holder / modern dustpan & sweeper / black feather duster / washing up whisk / scrub brush / copper cloth / wiper / glass brush

Be sure to check back later this week – you’ll get a major peek at one the dirtiest areas in my house!



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Friends, the terrazzo trend. Can we talk about it? I am very (very) on the fence about this design choice. I’m actually leaning over into the “what are they thinking” camp. Because terrazzo is a state.ment. And one I suspect will feel very 2018 in about 2019. Terrazzo is on airport floors. I don’t think it should be in kitchens or bathrooms or anything built after 1974. But… then I spied this kitchen that features a creamy, soft, super neutral terrazzo. And now the terrazzo jury is out.

idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34

This version of terrazzo feels elegant. I realize I’m drawn to describe this kitchen as elegant because of all the other elegant elements in this space. The warm oak cabinetry is very stately and grounding. I love the joinery – it feels very architectural. The beautiful brass hardware elevates the cabinets to feel more urban and modern. And even the accessories dotted throughout the space – in black, white oak or silky cream tones all have sultry curved lines and sculptural shapes. Each element plays really well with the counters. The entire look feels very modern but organic at the same time.

idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34

While I love the soft grays, blues and even hints of blush pink mixed in these counters, the look is still not for the faint of heart. I mean that island is a very dramatic moment in this room. Even with the toned-down color palette, it is still a very bold choice.

idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34

So I remain undecided. Well, correction. I can decisively say I really like the look of this kitchen. And yet could I ever actually live with terrazzo? I’m not 100% sold yet.

How about you? Are you into this look? Are down with trend in general?

If you need more interesting design ideas, CLICK HERE.


kitchen design and images by nordiskakok

Apartment 34 on Instagram

For today’s one room challenge update, we’re talking paint. Choosing a paint color is often a very tricky business. Yes, white is an obvious (and actually deceptively challenging) choice. I certainly have never seen a white room I didn’t like. But white can also feel a little too simple. There’s always the accent wall idea. Kinda meh about that one too though. When it comes to a kid’s room, especially a toddler room, you have the liberty of getting extra playful with how you paint. I have committed to doing just that for the challenge, but the question is how??

As a reminder, here’s what the room’s paint job currently looks like.

paint inspiration on apartment 34

The room is currently a soft blue gray, painted up to about two feet from the room’s 11′ foot ceilings (rough life, I know). I still really love the paint color and the effect it has on the room – it really helps draw the eye up and makes the room feel bigger than it is. Rather than repaint the entire space, I plan to add a playful modern accent moment (or maybe two!). You can just have so much fun with it.

The first idea is to highlight the bed. It’s going to be the new big-boy toddler bed so I think it would be wise to make an extra big deal out of it.

paint inspiration on apartment 34

I could do a mountain motif.

paint inspiration on apartment 34

Or perhaps a super hero theme?

paint inspiration on apartment 34

Or maybe go prehistoric (though I guess this is technically an accent wall).

But I’m really gravitating to a more modern, abstract accent around the bed.

paint inspiration on apartment 34paint inspiration on apartment 34paint inspiration on apartment 34

I think the triangle idea is cool, simple and would still feel fun a few years down the road.

But I don’t want to stop here. I also want do something on the room’s set of closet doors. Something like this…

paint inspiration on apartment 34

I love the idea of painting the doors just half way up. It offers an unexpected focal point without being too strong.

paint inspiration on apartment 34

Or perhaps going full height with a bold dark color like this! Go bold or go home right?

I’m still zeroing in on the final look. I’m also trying to not be intimidated by the DIY factor of all this (not my strong suit). And of course, I actually have to select my paint color. I’ll be finalizing my paint design and color selection sometime this week, so be sure to follow along on Instagram stories! I’ll be sharing all and most likely asking for your opinion there.

And if you have any creative ideas or DIY painting tips, please send them my way! This might be the scariest part of this whole project.

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We all know that as life gets busy it can be really easy to skip a home-cooked meal. From Postmates to drive-throughs there are a million ways to get a quick bite. But you sacrifice so much when you take the easy way out. It costs way more money and usually is way worse for your health. So even as I’ve been swamped with projects of late, I’m staying committed to eating at home. How? Enter the one-bowl meal. A one-bowl meal is the perfect busy person solution. You just make sure your refrigerator (and pantry!) are crammed with ingredients, make sure your spice cabinet is stocked and you can reach in and whip up any one of these bowls for virtually any meal. They’re really all-day friendly. I recently made this delicious bowl that’s now on heavy rotation, but I’m also constantly pinning new ideas. The following 11 one-bowl meals are on the top of my must-make list for the rest of the month. I’m confident these will keep me and the fam well-fed until May.

11 one-bowl meals on apartment 34

For all the avocado toast lovers out there, why not eat it in bowl form?! This salad combines some yummy bread chunks with avocado, but adds pickled shallots, toasted seeds and feta. Definitely next level. I’m all over it.  The recipe is here.

11 one-bowl meals on apartment34

When in doubt, put an egg on it. That is my mantra when it comes to one-bowl meals. When it’s a Turkish egg drizzled in a spicy butter sauce I’m jumping for joy. This bowl is in the detox vein but gives you some full-fat goodness that will keep you satiated for hours. She’s real purdy too. The recipe is right here.

11 one-bowl meals on apartment34

Seeds toasted with Tumeric give this chickpea salad a hearty, Moroccan vibe. I’m into it.

11 one-bowl meals apartment 34

This recipe for overnight oats is one part breakfast, one part lunch. Yes, it’s foundation is oats – traditional breakfast fare, but the addition of miso-braised kale and scallions and furikake season takes it to a savory place that’s perfect for lunch. But then you also add a soft boiled egg so really, I think this dish is one of those any-meal types. Regardless its beautifully delicious and possibly want I’m going to make tonight! Deets are here.

11 one-bowl meals on apartment 34

Bowl recipes typically include super ingredients and this one features a motherlode. Quinoa, kale, spinach avocado, almonds, coconut oil, sprouts and of course an egg. They call it a Green breakfast bowl, but this just might be what I’m having for dinner tonight!

11 one-bowl meals on apartment 34

This salad recipe had me at halloumi cheese. Have you ever had it? It’s this kinda soft, kinda firm squicky greek cheese and I.love.it. Fried halloumi combined with lentils, cucumber, and some charred tomatoes sounds like the perfect combo to me.

11 one-bowl meals on apartment 34

Smoothies are a no-brainer for breakfast, but if you want to take a little more time to slow down, set some intentions, or simply scroll Instagram for a few minutes, a smoothie bowl is a perfect solution. A smoothie bowl lets you add all kinds of favorite toppings. You’d be amazed how much more mindful you are when you actually have to chew. Check out this recipe from the Apt34 archives right here.

11 one-bowl recipes on apartment34

I love any recipe that includes smoked salmon but when you add dukkah – my favorite spice blend du jour – things get really delicious. This is the perfect dinner salad idea. Hearty, flavorful and pretty too.

11 one-bowl meals on apartment 34

Sweet spring carrots are now popping up everywhere. This lovely carrot ribbon salad with orange tahini dressing would be the perfect light lunch. Get the recipe here.

11 one-bowl meals on apartment34

Have you ever seen a prettier smoothie bowl? I love the idea of dressing up a green smoothie with toasted seeds, berries, kiwi and mint. I’m confident mine won’t look as gorgeous as Gather & Feast’s, but I’m ok with that.

11 one-bowl meals on apartment 34

Chickpeas are a reoccurring star of these bowls, but it makes sense – they’re just so versatile. Packed with both fiber and protein chickpeas take on virtually any flavor profile you assign them. This Moroccan spiced chickpea bowl adds garlic, chili powder, cumin, turmeric and garam marsala for Moroccan flare. Cucumber and good greek yogurt counterbalance with some coolness. And the combo is just delicious.


For even more easy healthy recipe ideas, CLICK HERE.


I know this is supposed to be the year of big bold color. I’ve even espoused being brave with color a couple of times myself. I’ve been pinning a ton of color too. But as much as I love a courageous design decision, there’s something about a timeless palette that will always look of the moment. Case in point, the combination of black, white and wood that I just cannot quit.

timeless color palette on apartment 34timeless color palette on apartment 34timeless color palette on apartment 34timeless color palette on apartment 34timeless color palette on apartment 34timeless color palette on apartment 34

This classic color palette is a calm, cool and refreshing respite from life’s noise. It offers the space for your day-to-day to add the color rather than objects that surround you. But this palette isn’t one note. There’s actually a ton of variety to play with.

You can decide between cool whites or warm. You can mix and match a huge range of wood tones. For example, walnuts feel rich and sophisticated. Light maple feels airy and bright. Wood floors add warmth to all white walls. I’m obsessed with the patterned floor above although herringbone is always a good choice too. It’s a lovely old world look. But I also love the modern vibe of a white floor too.

It’s the hits of black that modernize – a black focal wall adds drama, pops of black like a light fixture or faucet offer places for your eye to land and black furniture feels chic. Black will always elevate with its sleek edginess. I recommend putting something black in virtually any room.

So while I try to conduct a bit of a spring purge, I’m looking to both pare back the colorful clutter, and instead, add just a few subtle layers to my world. Any of the 18 black, white or wood objects below would definitely do the trick!

shop a black, white and wood color palette on apartment 34

SHOP: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 /17 /18


What do you think? Do these subtle yet striking rooms speak to you as much as they do to me?

For more color palette ideas, CLICK HERE.




images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Anyone else super happy it’s Friday?? After an extra busy few weeks I’m reaalllyyy looking forward to a very low key weekend. Do you find it is really hard these days to feel deserving of down time? I certainly do. In fact, I was just reading about the importance of play for adults. Something to to seriously consider. This weekend I am escaping the city (and even my kid) for a little R&R in wine country. It’s been a really long time since we’ve been up there – even though it’s one of my favorite places on earth. Despite the devastating wild fires last fall, wine country is very open for business. I cannot wait to spend a little time in my happy place, curled up with a good book – or if I’m being realistic, a magazine – and indulge in a little me time (you can see why I love wine country so much HERE).

I hope you’re able to relax, unwind and maybe even unplug(!) this weekend. Right after you check out our top links of the week of course.

I recently shared a stunning dream kitchen. Well, another one debuted this week and I can personally attest to its gorgeousness because I’ve been in it! If you haven’t seen coco+kelley’s kitchen you must check it out.

Victoria shared one of my favorite photographers. If you don’t know her work now you know.

I’ve definitely got some wanderlust and thank’s to Erica’s amazing recap I’ve added Hong Kong to my travel wishlist.

Since wellness is basically a state of being right now I’m always intrigued by the latest fad. I just read about activated charcoal pills. Have you tried them? Are you into them?

Similarly, “lattes” that don’t actually have coffee in them are now a thing. This pink rose latte sounds interesting. Would you give it a go?

Earlier this week, I shared something a tad personal on Instagram and to my surprise it seemed to resonate quite a bit. If you missed it you can see it right here.

Did you catch the One Room Challenge update this week? I’ve set my design direction, now it’s off to the races!

I haven’t had the shopping bug in a long time, but I’m feeling very ready to shake off the winter doldrums with a few fresh threads. Of course there are the pieces I’m coveting in my April edit, but ShopBop is having on of their mega sales right now. You can save up to $500 off! I’ve been pinning all of my faves, but I’ve got my eye on a light spring jacket, some fresh kicks and some cute jeans. Hurry hurry cuz this sale ends tomorrow.

If that’s not enough, Loeffler Randall is also having their Friends & Family sale. I’ve got this bag in my cart.

And if you’d rather dress your house than your body, One Kings Lane is have a moving sale with some incredible deals. Like this stunning four-poster bed. A sweet set of dishesOr a cutie little pendant light.

If you’re looking for even more spring finds I’ve been pinning all my faves like mad.

Happy Weekend!

image via that kind of woman 

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