Whether it be the super early sunsets or the general madness of the season, the holidays have the tendency to make a person extra thirsty for a nice, stiff cocktail. So obviously, I’m serving up a bunch of options to quench that thirst!

For most of these holiday cocktails, I dug deep back in the Apt34 archives to bring you the best of our adult beverage selection. Some are light and fizzy while others might satisfy your desire for the once-a-year-because-it’s-kinda-heavy type of cocktail. We dare you to pick just one.


If you’re looking for a fizzy delight, you’ll want to choose one (or several – who are we to judge?) of these little darlings. They’re light, delicious and perfect for a holiday gathering or New Year’s Eve.

10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails on apartment 34

Find the recipe for this beauty here.

10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails on apartment 34

For the easiest, yet yummiest champagne cocktail recipe, click here.

10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails on apartment 34

Or perhaps you prefer your champagne a little spicy? This recipe adds cinnamon.

10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails on apartment 34

The Apartment 34 Sparkler is my signature New Year’s Eve drink!


If you prefer to reach for a margarita or perhaps a nice bourbon, we recommend sipping on one of the options below. Talk about warming up winter – these will definitely get the job done.

10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails on apartment 34

Take your Old Fashioned next level with this recipe.

10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails on apartment 34

The apple spice bourbon flip will definitely keep the cold at bay.


And now for what we like to consider the true holiday faves (aka those heavier options mentioned above). They’re creamy, decadent and damn delicious. Dessert in a glass if you will. Oh and we will.

10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails on apartment 34

Spiked hot chocolate. Need I say more?

10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails on apartment 34

Holiday cookie in liquid form. If you don’t chew, are calories involved??

10 Lovely Holiday Cocktails on apartment 34

I’d say this is like peppermint ice cream, in boozy liquid form. I approve.

What’s your poison of choice? All of the above? Yeah, same.

Check back later today for the cocktail lovers’ gift guide!

I used to pride myself on being able to put together a good outfit. But the throes of early motherhood and the fact that no two days in my world ever look the same have damped my old fashionista ways. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good look. It just needs to be accomplished extremely quickly and with little to no thought. The best way to do that? A major statement making piece. Just one piece of flair can turn your basics into a head turning look.

The gift guide below is intended for those statement-loving ladies in your life. But it also might secretly be my personal wishlist. I guess secret’s out now!

1. A Major Earring Moment. Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to sass up any look. I’d love to pair these Ariel Gordon double hoops (they’re hollow so they’re not heavy!) with my new favorite black turtleneck,  jeans and a cute kitten heel.

2. Fuzzy Feet. The furry shoe, people. It’s a thing. It took awhile to grow on me, but now I’m really into them.

3. Hat Head. Throw on a good hat and you look like you tried. When in fact it’s exactly the opposite! Any hat by Janessa Leone is sure to do the trick.

4. A Shapely Tote.While the It Bag craze has died down, a unique bag is always a good look.

5. Cook Kicks. If the effort to wear heels is going to made, they might as well be really dang good looking. These playful geometric suede pumps are perfect foil to a timeless holiday dress.

6. Top it Off. When in doubt, a coat will make any outfit look polished. This belted houndstooth option is a classic in itself.

7. Totes Adorbs. Because a girl can never have too many bags this little tote is a perfect way to switch things up.

8. Sweet Sweater. I love the feminine shoulder detail on this darling chocolate brown cardigan.



image via the effortless chic

Apartment 34 on Instagram

While this time of year is usually about all things red, green or at least metallic, today’s home tour is filled with warm color palette, filled to the brim with chocolatey brown goodness that still feels equally cozy and inviting – and I would argue appropriately seasonal.

Home Tour: A Warm Color Palette to Ward off the Winter ChillHome Tour: A Warm Color Palette to Ward off the Winter Chill

The delicious chocolate brown floors that stretch throughout the home anchor the minimal white walls without the stark contrast of black (as you see here). Pops of golden-mustard, be it in pillows or throws, combined with candles being dotted throughout are the perfect understated nod to the celebratory season.

Home Tour: A Warm Color Palette to Ward off the Winter Chill

The mix of textures keep the use dark brown hues from becoming one note. I spy woods, leather, velvet and wool all mix to a very inviting effect.

Home Tour: A Warm Color Palette to Ward off the Winter Chill

If you’ve ever shopped for a vintage oil jug, you’re used to seeing the clear versions. You might be lucky enough to happen upon a green one. But an amber jug is particularly stunning. It has me scrambling for an amber accessory or two to add to my Christmas decor.

Home Tour: A Warm Color Palette to Ward off the Winter Chill

The checkered floor in this space could feel too retro, but instead it offers a bold contrast to the modern, minimalist kitchen. Golden amber glassware helps further soften the look.

Home Tour: A Warm Color Palette to Ward off the Winter Chill

The caramel-y wood dining chairs pop off the black dining table.

Home Tour: A Warm Color Palette to Ward off the Winter ChillHome Tour: A Warm Color Palette to Ward off the Winter ChillHome Tour: A Warm Color Palette to Ward off the Winter Chill

If you swapped out this bunch of pampas grass for a sprig of pine, you’d immediately feel the holiday mood.

I think I need to add a milk-chocolate brown throw on my bed for winter! Are you loving this color palette as much as I am??

For our home tour archive, CLICK HERE.

images via fantastic frank

Alright friends, how’s that Christmas shopping going?? Assuming many of you are as behind as I am, I thought I’d dive into the gift guides in earnest this week. So you’ll being getting a daily dose of shopping ideas each morning, along with the day’s regular post each afternoon as well. Don’t worry, these guides are helping me too. They’re forcing me to track down unique pieces for everyone on my list! Oh and I’d love to know what gift guides you would find most helpful. For the kiddos? The guys? In-laws?? I definitely want to offer whatever helps the most.

I’m kicking things off with one of my personal favorites – guides for the design-loving cook. I’m certainly a sucker for any pretty kitchen gadget, so you might consider this a personal wishlist as much as it is a gift guide! Continue to scroll for eight deliciously gorgeous options.

Gift Guide for the Design-Loving Cook on apartment 34Gift Guide for the Design-Loving CookWhile it took me a really long time post kiddo to get back into cooking, I’m finally diving into new recipes, cooking family dinners, dreaming up recipes and loving every minute of it.I might even try my hand at baking this holiday season. But I am very particular about what comes into my kitchen. And these days you do not have to sacrifice form for function. Any one of the kitchen accuerumounts listed below would certainly help motivate me to keep on cooking. Or at least hang out in the kitchen and stare at my pretty tools while I await Thai takeout. No judgements.

1. The Perfect Whisk. While the handle on this whisk looks like faceted stone, it’s in fact made of easy to grip silicone!

2. Your Secret Weapon Spice. Za’atar is the perfect finishing touch for soups, salads, even sprinkled on yogurt or in your olive oil. Your guests will think you’re a genius.

3. A High Design Cast Iron.Everyone needs a good cast iron pan but who says it has to be big and bulky. This thin, sleek modern version does the job, beautifully.

4. When Spoon Meets Spatula. Multi-use tools are a must and this Spoonula can scoop. It can scrape. It can withstand 500 degree heat and cleans like a dream. Kick all those old sad spatulas good-bye.

5. An Above Average Bowl. A handmade stoneware bowl adds a touch of art to the kitchen.

6. Really Nice Rice. This traditional hagama rice cooker will ensure you get a perfect batch of rice each time. Or look perfect on your counter. Both are equally good reasons to need one.

7. Compost Trés Chic. Just because you compost can get kinda disgusting, that doesn’t mean it’s container should be. Finally a compost bin I wouldn’t mind sitting out on the counter.

8. The Fundamentals. Every home cook needs the proper set of tools. This set of seven offers the pieces you’ll reach for on the daily. But most importantly, each tool in this set is as good looking as it is useful.


image by nicole franzen for eyeswoon

Gift giving is an odd exercise. There are the commercialized aka relatively meaningless gifts. A pair of noise-canceling headphones. A throw blanket. A candle. You know all that generic stuff that you could throw at anyone and they would be…pleased. But not likely going to do a backflip.

This year, I’ve been trying to put as much thought as I can behind gift options, thinking intently about the interests, passions and personal style of recipients in order to come up with gifts that really resonate. I was particularly inspired by our current political climate, the #MeToo movement and the surge of women just elected to Congress. Feminine energy and empowerment is in the air and I’m loving it.

A Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

With this theme in mind, I partnered with Society6 to put together a gift guide of pieces highlighting their brand new furniture collection. Society6’s treasure trove of wall art, over 300,000 independent artists’ work is represented on the site and many are offered already framed, home decor (think serving trays, wall clocks, throw pillows, bedding, rugs, and additional decorative items) and now furniture (customizable credenzas, benches, counter stools and coffee tables) is vast! You can really hone in a style that speaks to to your unique tastes at prices you can actually afford.

But for this gift guide I wanted to create a cohesive vignette – which I think would be great in a hallway, a bedroom or home office – celebrating all things feminine, playful but also powerful and strong.

A Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

Even though I knew I was going to use Society6’s new customizable credenza and bench in this design, the inspiration for the final look started with the wall art. Society6’s art catalog is just so good. I adore these pieces so much. Each one spoke to me immediately.

For me, Floral beauty by Society6 artist Dada22 represents the endlessness nature of female creativity, that is too often silenced as depicted in Brutalized Gainsborough by Chad Whys. Then, in Books by Carl Arl, there is trying to know, do and be everything to everyone, but being exhausted by the entire endeavor. Just a couple of my “deep thoughts.”

Ultimately, I think collectively this little trio of wall art offers a visual encapsulation of the female experience, but I’ll leave you to interpret them however you see fit (dying to know what think of each one – be sure to comment below!).

A Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your LifeA Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

With my art selected, I then went on to design my custom credenza. You can apply a litany of designs from Society6’s catalog to their new credenzas, but I was immediately smitten with the boob print by Natalie Catalina. Not necessarily for the shy, I love its cheeky style. The brass legs are another great design detail.

A Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

I toned things down a bit by choosing to cover a bench in the design Shape Study #16 by This Weekend Studio. Their work consists of geometric shapes in muted color palates. The bench’s brass legs tie directly to the credenza (you could also pick black for the legs) and the muted “mountains” print in taupe and white means this bench could work in an entry, a bedroom or even at an eat-in kitchen table seamlessly.

A Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your LifeA Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

A final few details tie everything together. A moon phases wall clock by Canadian illustrator and designer Nayla Smith offers another nod to female energy. A light pink glass vase offers a pop of feminine sophistication.

I would gladly receive any of these pieces this holiday season, but this vignette also exemplifies how you can inject personality and individualism into your own space. Because letting your personality proudly shine through your design is really the greatest gift of all.

Shop my picks from Society6 below. Your entire order is 30% OFF today with the code JOLLY30!

original photography for apartment 34 by andrea posadas

This post is in partnership with Society6. Thanks for supporting collaborations we’re excited about and that have kept apartment 34’s doors open.

While all-white interiors are a stalwart of Scandinavian design, as I sit in 20-something degree weather in Seattle, I’m finding myself drawn to cozier, more rustic versions of winter whites on white on white on white. I’m curious to see if you’re feeling this look too.

Color Coded: Winter Whites on apartment 34Color Coded: Winter Whites on apartment 34Color Coded: Winter Whites on apartment 34Color Coded: Winter Whites on apartment 34

While there’s a bit of wabi-sabi to this look, key decisions keep the look from going to shabby chic. Modern light fixtures make a ton of difference. A classic Nelson saucer pendant lamp or maybe a vintage Noguchi (investment alert!) help keep the look current.

Color Coded: Winter Whites on apartment 34Color Coded: Winter Whites on apartment 34

Clean modern lines juxtaposed with more traditional pieces mix for the perfect cozy, rather than sterile feel.

Color Coded: Winter Whites on apartment 34

And all kinds of texture – knits, wools, linens, woods, hides, paneling, painted brick, exposed beams, they all combine to give you that nest-like feel.

Color Coded: Winter Whites on apartment 34Color Coded: Winter Whites on apartment 34

People often lament that white furniture is highly impractical, but I actually beg to differ. With the invention of Oxyclean, you can get rid of just about any spill quickly and keep your whites bright for the long term.

For more color inspiration, CLICK HERE.

interiors by leanne ford / fantastic frank / the design villa

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