When it comes to renovating and designing house, lighting is one of your most significant decisions. Light fixtures are the crown jewels for every room. They are often what give a space its personality. And so I won’t lie; selecting lighting is stressing me out! You don’t want your choices to be like a bad pair of boots – something you regret for seasons to come. And with no less than eight – yes I just said eight – chandeliers to select, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

My goal is to strike the delicate balance between a statement-making fixture and something that’ll feel timeless for years (and years!) to come. I’ve turned to a lot of Parisian apartments and remodels of NYC brownstones as my inspiration. They always feature amazing Victorian details like crown molding, ceiling medallions and ornate fireplaces with modern fixtures. This is exactly the type of look I’m gong for.

The key? Finding pieces that fit together –  as if they were all part of the same family. Sure everyone looks a little different, but like siblings, you just want them to all get along nicely.


From the dining room to the kitchen, entryway and bedrooms (master, guest and nursery), I’ve got the opportunity to really mix and match styles, genres and looks as you move throughout the house. I’ve slowly but surely been whittling down options to create my short list of fixtures that might make the final cut.

Here are eight of my very favorites.


> 1. Mini Mikado Chandelier
> 2. Brass Diamond Pendant
> 3. Orb Pendant Light
> 4. Brass FLOS Pendant
> 5. Tom Dixon Beat Light
> 6. Glass Globe Pendant Light
> 7. Black Pendant Light
> 8. Menu Franklin Chandelier

I see the large black pendant setting a striking scene in our dining room. The Orb Pendant light could be fantastic as a major statement in the kitchen. The brass Flos pendant might be exactly what I need over my free standing tub in the master bathroom. And how crazy cool would the Mini Mikado Chandelier look in our entry? I really kinda want them all.

Curious what made the final cut? CLICK HERE. This one has been by far the most popular!

Whoever said the lavatory is strictly a place for “business” was WAY off. This highly trafficked room deserves so much more. In a space that tends to be de-prioritized when it comes to decorating, we’re loving the idea of using a piece of art to elevate your typical bathroom decor.

In fact, we’d argue that the bathroom is a perfect place to display an eye-catching art piece. There’s always a “captive” audience, if you know what we mean.


We’re not suggesting you throw down mad cash for an original masterpiece here. Rather this is the perfect place to get a little experimental and peruse sources like eBay, Etsy, Elsie Green or your good ole fashioned flea market for something inexpensive and interesting. We love the high contrast and seriousness of the portrait in the bathroom above. It adds an air of gravitas to the space. You’ll note there isn’t a shower in this space so there’s less need to fret about dampness.

In the end, adding a piece of original art is a simple way to give the bathroom the attention it deserves. After all, it’s always been there to help us take care of our dirty work.

What sort of interesting decor have you seen or chosen for your bathroom?? We’d love to hear more Ideas to Steal!

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image via Oscar V

Apartment 34 on Instagram

If you’re looking for a timeless color combo to get inspired for the new season, I’ve got you covered. There’s something so classic and yet always alluring about {drum roll please….} camel and black!

I’ve long been obsessed with how the honey undertones of camel pair perfectly with an inky, jet black. So obsessed, in fact, that I’d back my love for this rich and warm color combo over the reigning classic black and white any day. This look is just a little warmer – a little more complex.

And this goes for both fashion and decor! But what’s that, you say? Hesitant about such a “standard” pairing? But this is a classic that will keep everyone coming back for more. I’m confident this evidence will change your mind.

color coded: camel + black on apartment 34color coded: camel + black on apartment 34color coded: camel + black on apartment 34color coded: camel + black on apartment 34color coded: camel + black on apartment 34color coded: camel + black on apartment 34color coded: camel + black on apartment 34color coded: camel + black on apartment 34color coded: camel + black on apartment 34

So good, right? When it comes to personal style, camel and black is literally the easiest thing to wear. Throw on black jeans, booties, a black tee and a camel coat and…done! I always feel my post pulled together and confident in this uniform. A little navy or gray added to the mix never hurts. Then you just sit back and wait for the compliments, because they will come.

The same goes for the combo in your home. Black and camel feels sophisticated yet comfortable. It says you have style but you’re not trying to pretentious about it. The color combo is casual, calm and endlessly cool. It’s super his & hers friendly too. Never underestimate the power of a camel couch and black pillows. And I’m not just saying that because I had one.

What do you think? Has camel and black always been a go-to for you or is it just now winning over your hearts?
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image 1 via The Quarter Life Closet // 2 via Stil Inspiration // 3 via Adenorah // 4 via we and the color // 5 via Who What Wear // 6 via Domino // 7 via The Chronicles of Her // 8 via Rue Magazine // 9 via The Fashion Cuisine

For years, we maintained a Tasty Tuesday around here. Do you guys miss it?? I definitely still love to eat and drink so I’m always down to bring you more delicious ideas. This cocktail recipe is still one of my favorites – and perfect for these last few weeks of summer.

For today’s Tasty Tuesday we are continuing our thirst quenching cocktail series and it just so happens that today I’m featuring my current favorite drink! I first had something like this lovely, refreshing recipe at a good friend’s house a few months back and ever since then I’ve been hooked on the flavor pairing.

cocktail recipe: cucumber gin fizz on apartment 34

This drink is perfect for one of those days that you’re exhausted and need a pick-me-up, fast. The cucumber refreshes and the ginger enlivens your senses. It even feels like you’re hydrating, ha! It’s the ideal before dinner aperativo or would make a killer signature cocktail for your end-of-summer parties.

The fresh cucumber juice has a delicious bright quality and the ginger provides just a bit of kick at the back of the mouth. It’s like a cocktail that’s good for you and I’m obsessed. Plus, I get to use my brand new juicer when making it which is awesome- the best purchase I’ve made all year.


1 oz. fresh cucumber juice
1 oz. gin
1 oz. ginger simple syrup*
1 oz. fresh lime juice
club soda

You can either juice about two inches of a cucumber or muddle and strain pieces of fresh cucumber to obtain 1 oz. of juice. Mix juices, syrup and gin in shaker with ice. Shake for 20 seconds. Top off with club soda and serve in an old fashion glass with a cucumber slice and ice ball!

RECIPE: Pour Me Ginger Simple Syrup*


1 cup water
1 cup sugar
4 oz. ginger, peeled and chopped

Add sugar and water to pot and bring to boil. Once sugar is incorporated, take off heat. Add ginger to mixture and let seep for 2 hours. Strain mixture through fine strainer and refrigerate remaining syrup. Lasts up to one month in fridge.

If you try it, we would love to hear what you think!!

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original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick 

You know I love a house with a dramatic black and white color palette. But this stunner in Brooklyn is a clinic in high contrast design. This home expertly mixes strong lines with organic accessories. Tone, texture and shape take center stage. There is the perfect balance of brass accents.

 This house looks like it should be in Paris, rather than in hipster mecca, but I’d gladly move in, regardless of location! Scroll and prepare to be in awe.

home tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklynhome tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklyn

There is no shortage of textural detail in this house. From herringbone floors, to coffered ceilings and 3D-paneled french doors, there is eye candy everywhere.

home tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklyn

The home features two of my favorites, custom pieces by Cuffhome (whose light fixture I used in my Sunset Magazine Idea House design) and Sara Paloma ceramics.

home tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklynhome tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklynhome tour: eye catching design in Brooklyn

Cuffhome’s stacked dining table is bananas.

home tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklynhome tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklynhome tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklyn

From grasscloth-covered walls to woven poufs, there’s something you want to run your hand over in virtually every room.

home tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklynhome tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklyn

This sophisticated take a kid’s room may have been one of my primary inspirations for Carter’s toddler room makeover.

home tour: eye-catching modern design in boroklyn

There is impressive attention to detail in every single space of this home. That’s why the minimalist decor works so well. The architecture, the furniture, even the walls are decor in and of themselves.

Here are a few pieces we’ve rounded up to help you recreate this look:


> 1. Arc Sofa
> 2. Fish Catcher Pendant
> 3. Cara Oval Coffee Table
> 4. Mirror
> 5. Cog Candle Holder
> 6. Hans Pedestal Side Table
> 7. Fan Dining Chair
> 8. Mongolian Lamb Pillow
> 9. Sweater-weave Basket
> 10. Dora Maar Urn

I don’t know about you, but I’m Ioving the drama of this space. It makes me want to walk through my house and purge even more. What about you? Love it? Hate it? Scared of it? Do share!

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Images via Sketch42

Yes, it is true. I’ve been working on the restoration and design of my historic Victorian home in San Francisco for nearly four years now. But even as a blogger, I’m still a normal person my friends. We didn’t win the lottery. I’m not a professional interior designer. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not getting everything for free. And this house is a beast! But I have actually shared quite a bit of my progress – with the hopes of a full before and after to come this fall, but my laundry room makeover has been the most popular reveal I’ve posted to date. In case you missed it, check it out below.

Everyone always wants their house to be pulled together. I’m no different. But since I can’t make couches or rugs magically ship faster, I’m making progress wherever I can. Case in point: Our laundry room! I’d neglected to actually design the space before we moved into our house. But after just a few quick fixes, I got the room all dressed up nice and I can actually smile while folding clothes!

laundry room makeover reveal on apartment 34

You may have caught the before pic of the space in this post. But in case you missed here it is again.

laundry room makeover reveal on apartment 34

The room was essentially nothing more than a tiny box with a giant washer & dryer in it! When it came to actually adding some design into this space, I focused on three main goals.

1. Make it Functional: In the rush of completing construction, I never put any thought into the laundry room other than creating one. I knew I wanted a front loading washer dryer for their ease and capacity. But I got mine and just plopped them in there. I didn’t spend anytime thinking about how to optimize space, storage or really make the room actually work.

2. Add Storage: Now that I’m mom, I’m dealing with every kind of laundry dilemma under the sun. So the amount of stain boosters, whiteners and laundry pre-treaters have exploded. I needed to create space in our laundry room so there would be room for it all.

3. Make it Really Really Good Looking: Utility spaces can look just as good as any other room in the house. A few design tricks can make even highly functional spaces chic.

And if I do say so myself, I think I was able to achieve all three of my goals – though I’ll let you be the final judge.

laundry room makeover reveal on apartment 34

Let’s talk function first. I selected the LG SideKick washer and dyer for my laundry room. I adore them, but they are pretty big! They both sit on pedestals making them nice and tall and easy to load and unload. But they are also rather deep. I nestled them into the wall as much as possible, but the laundry room is already relatively narrow. To get the storage I was craving, I had a custom shelf built that just fits over the two units. That shelf allows me to have everything I use daily – detergent and and laundry boosters et al at arms reach. I like that I don’t have to open any cupboards or move things in and out. Everything is right at my finger tips.

laundry room makeover reveal on apartment 34laundry room makeover reveal on apartment 34

I was also able to capitalize on storage built into the LG Twinwash washer/dryer system itself. For one thing, the washer pedestal actually conceals an additional mini washer! That lets me do a quick small load, wash delicates or soak stained items in my favorite pre-treaters without needing an additional tub or bucket. Winning! The dryer pedestal is also actually a storage drawer. That’s where I house all extra detergents, stain fighters, essential oils, linen sprays and the like. I love that it keeps all the packaged goods tucked away where I don’t have to stare at a hot mess of labels. Major decorating secret. Decant anything you can and hide everything else to help decrease the appearance of clutter Again, winning!

laundry room makeover reveal on apartment 34laundry room makeover reveal on apartment 34

The design elements of the room are where the design and function really come together. I started by installing beautiful Erica Tanov wallpaper to create a dramatic feature wall at the back of the room. I’m in love with the gold foil. It’s the perfect backdrop for my storage system. I worked with local organizing guru Bliss Haus to design a beautiful laundry supply storage system. Every cleaning product I need is decanted into glass jars for a clean, uniform look. There are even jars to collect dryer lint and lost socks! The custom print labels are so cool. It really took the room to the next level. A modern white and wood metal Japanese basket holds other key cleaning solutions like white vinegar, water and scented room spray. Because sometimes laundry rooms just get funky.

laundry room makeover reveal on apartment 34laundry room makeover reveal on apartment 34laundry room makeover reveal on apartment 34

I also used jars with natural wooden lids from Jenni Kayne to mix in a organic modern touch to the design. To create even more texture and save my bare feet on cold days, a vintage Moroccan dhurrie rug from St Frank was added to the floor. The golden tones warm up the room and tie in with the Erica Tanov wallpaper’s golden hue.

My favorite design idea in the space might have to be the Meghan Shimek weaving I found at local San Francisco boutique The Podolls. I needed something to conceal our electric panel! The wall hanging does the job perfectly. A fiddle leaf fig and white textured planter from my favorite local florist Flora Grubb adds life and a pop of rich color.

All these elements come together to create my dream laundry room. I can do loads and loads while loving my surroundings. One more room down. Many many more to go!

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original photography for Apartment 34 by aubrie pick 

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