In kitchen design’s recent history, the Magnolia Home-ification of the dominant kitchen trend has led to a swath of all white behemoths. Are they pretty? Sure. Will you still probably like them in 20 years? Highly likely. Am I SO sick of looking at all white kitchens? Abso-freakin-lutely.

I think that’s one of the reasons I’m just obsessed with the new kitchen trend I’ve caught percolating up through design magazines and on Pinterest – the return of warm wood cabinetry to a modern kitchen.

Is the All White Kitchen Trend Finally Over on apartment 34

Now to be clear – this is not the dark wood cabinetry of the 80’s. There’s not a shaker or builder grade cabinet to be found here. Rather, this new kitchen trend showcases beautifully warm, rich solid walnut cabinets. The look is flat front with minimalist hardware, but amazing craftsmanship. Think highly skilled joinery and refined detail. These are not rustic nor traditional. The look offers a truly modern, yet timeless style.

Is the All White Kitchen Trend Finally Over on apartment 34

To keep the look from being too overbearing and heavy you’ll notice there are few if no uppers used in these designs. That is what further modernizes these kitchens. In each of the looks, the gorgeous walnut anchors the room, while things are kept light and air up above. Perhaps you have a shelf for a bit of display or storage space. Or maybe there’s nothing at all, accentuating a minimal more Scandinavian style.

Some designs have stone or stainless steel counters and others continue with wood. Some designs feature a backsplash, some showcase a clean, naked wall.

Here’s an example of how you can in fact pair color with warm walnut cabinetry (gasp!).

While this look is more popular in a European context, I’m strongly advocating for American designers to adopt this style. It’s fresh, it’s warm and reminds that the kitchen is not a sterile showroom but instead the working heart of the home.

i’m not quite ready to gut my kitchen and start over to get this look…but I’m certainly tempted. Are you? Are you feeling this look??


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  1. Love this design. Would love to do something like this to my home.

  2. I’m super into this kind of kitchen design! Love the warmth it brings into a space.

  3. Yes! All the yes! Thank you for saying this out loud. I love minimalism but it’s so much more than that paired with walnut.

  4. although the wooden kitchen is very pretty, a white kitchen all in porcelain is still more attractive and needs less maintenance.

  5. I’m very interested by this look ! It’s contemporary but warm . I am redoing my kitchen and had been thinking all white but not anymore.

  6. Unfortunately, like most trends, this too will appear dated pretty fast. Also, take note that a lot of these kitchens you’ve shared have white components. I believe it’s a good mix of warmth to incorporate the wood but I don’t think it means that the “all white” kitchen is dated. If anything it’s evolved to this. Most people do not have the means to update their kitchens frequently so it’s important to be mindful of how it will date before deciding on a trend. This is very “trendy”

  7. I love this look! Building a new home and am having trouble finding a kitchen company in the US with this look. Any contacts or assistance is appreciated.

    1. Look at Reform! They’ve opened showrooms in LA and NYC – they’re who I’m using on our Hood Canal Cottage kitchen and I LOVE them. The product is so good.

  8. Not a big fan of white kitchen, but I must admit it’s great to combine with traditional wood cabs