Over these last twelve weeks of being at home, self-care has dropped to very low on the priority list. It’s been crowded out by survival, childcare, work, cooking, cleaning and cleaning, and homeschool, and more cooking.

The one bit of me-time I’ve carved out is my skincare routine. I’ve been wanting to achieve a truly clean skincare regime for a long time now. I’ve taken baby steps over the last couple of years, but I’ve spent a good chunk of my snippets of free time to research clean beauty products and test them out. At 40 years old (gulp!), I have some clear skincare goals in mind. They mainly include moisturize, moisturize and moisturize, keep wrinkles at bay, try to get rid of existing wrinkles and help me look less exhausted all the time.

I’ve got to say, after amassing a nice little beauty arsenal, my skin is looking pretty dang good these days. Since the daily joys can be a little few and far between some weeks, I thought you might benefit from a little personal pampering as well. Those 10 minutes I take every evening (and two minutes in the morning!) are helping me to feel a little more human.

Below you’ll find my top picks for clean cleansers, treatment products, and makeup. I vouch for each and every one of these as I’m currently using them on a daily (or weekly!) basis. I hope you might find one or two you’d like to try. I promise you’ll be lookin’ good on those Zoom calls!


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