How long has it been since you’ve spent an entire day in bed? Can you even remember? Wouldn’t it be blissful?

I will be enduring the exact opposite of said bliss today. Instead, I’m crammed into a middle seat on the six-hour cross country trek to New York. But the entire time, I’ll be dreaming of this:

I’m loving this shoot by Finnish stylist Susanna Vento for the magazine Scandanavian Deko. It turns the expected bedroom “catalog” shot on it’s head, quite literally! I’ve been loving our all white bed, oh to be cuddled under a cute print comforter right now instead of trudging through an airport….

All in due time my friends. All in due time.

PS: You can find more of Susanna Vento’s stellar work here and even more Scandinavian goodness on Deko’s Pinterest page here.  Apologies for my excessive over-Pinning last night!

photography by Kristiina Kurronen, work discovered via a merry mishap

What do you think?

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  1. hmm, I think the last time I spent a day in bed I had the flu. Ha! Sounds devine though right a bout now…

  2. Sleep and laziness are under-appreciated these days! Sarah, how about an all day movie marathon in bed?