Every season it surprises me that Mango doesn’t seem to get the recognition it deserves. It’s the store in the mall that is completely under the radar, overtaken by crazy-filled shoppers in  Zara and H&M. It seems to just get swallowed up by trendier and larger recognized brands like J.Crew and Madewell. But it is certainly not a brand to ignore. They have great basic pieces at such an affordable price point and when they put out lookbooks like this, there’s no denying this line’s got serious style!


First of all, the whole team is obsessed with this black and white editorial. It’s really difficult to shoot in fashion in black and white. How do you make the clothes pop? But Mango has managed to take something so basic and make it look simply stunning and we want it all! The cropped tailoring of a blazer, the slouchy menswear fit of a trouser and the architectural lines of that blouse are sartorial perfection.

Here are a few of the pieces I’m dying to get my hands on!


get your shop on: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Stocking up on basics is always a good idea. You can never have too many soft sweaters {love this one!} for layering or nicely fitting black pants at the ready. It’s the simplest way to look sophisticated at a moment’s notice.

It also doesn’t hurt to add some interest to classic pieces with some neutral accessories. They might not be that flashy, but they are far from boring!!


get your shop on: sunnies // cuff // heels // bra // bag // necklace // belt

We’re ob-sessed with this black metal cuff and leather necklace– a nice change from gold jewelry. And have you noticed, backbacks are back?! This gorgeous one would be perfect for traveling. And these color-blocked heels? You’ll never guess how affordable they are- they look like a million bucks!

So, now that we want each and every one of these accessories to pair with Mango’s simple silhouettes, you have to spill: which piece is calling your name for Spring?!

images via Mango

What do you think?

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  1. I agree with you! I love Mango! Their coats and jackets, especially, are gorgeous.

  2. I’m not a Mango shopper but that needs to change because these pieces are F-A-B! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You know, I first became aware of the brand when I studied abroad in London and never really purchased anything. I always admire the simple, clean lines in your shopping/outfit posts and should definitely keep Mango in mind for pieces like these. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Thanks for this tip! I haven’t heard of Mango, though I’m sure there is one in NYC (I hope). This weekend I went in search of new silhouettes for spring/summer (I’d love a few looser, relaxed yet structured pieces) and did not find a thing! The shift, pleated trousers and boxy blouse are exactly what I was trying for~ : )

    1. I believe they do have a NYC location–definitely worthy of a drop by!!

  5. Love Mango. Their basics are great and good quality for the price you pay. Loving those heels, btw!

  6. I looooove Mango! They have the best dress patterns, by mine opinion!