It’s very rare that I’ll don a skirt. A modern woman’s world is lived in pants, point blank. Period. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the chance to get a little girlier now and again and what better opportunity than summer wedding season?? We do have a few nuptials on the docket and they got me thinking about how I’d like to evolve my wedding guest style. I feel like I’m passed the days of strapless dresses. Tight or mini have never been my jam. And while I have a good go-to dress in the closet, pulling out the same one over and over feels a little lame.

Thankfully, I think I might have a found a solution. Meet my new wedding look.


I’m really loving the idea of working separates for weddings. Way more versatile than any dress, your look would play double, even triple, duty in your day to day wardrobe! The top would be perfect paired with cut-offs for a weekend in wine country. The skirt a great option for Saturday brunch with a tank and sandals.


An asymmetrical petal skirt and blousy architectural top {with hand done emboraidery no less!} have an easy chic style that is unique, sophicated and decidedly comforatble – score! A pair of hot heels simply seals the deal {hot heels always seal the deal fyi}. A few additional accessories and your wedding look is set – and really ready for any day of the week!




> Isabell de Hillerin Hand Embroidered Top
> Isabell de Hillerin Silk Petal Skirt
> B Brian Atwood Tie Back Embroidery Sandals
> Nallik Lapis + Brass Necklace
> Bottega Veneta Cat Eye Sunglasses
> Highlow Handmade Clay + Polymer Bracelet
> Carven Le Parfum
> Topshop Quilted Envelope Clutch


original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // styling by Erin Hiemstra

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  1. Luv your look-disagree with your opening remarks in regards to skirts. I am a modern woman and I rock my skirts. To each her own….

    1. Thanks for the comment Cindy – I was hoping to get a rise out of people with that one! Appreciate you chiming in with your perspective. I so many women in pants in san francisco I feel like I never ever see a dress, let alone a skirt!

  2. I find your comments about pants vs skirts offensive. A modern woman chooses what she wears to express her personal style.

    1. Thanks for the comment Caroline. I was hoping to catch someone’s attention with that statement! I find a really hard time rushing through life in skirts (especially with the SF wind!) but I wish I knew how to rock it and feel confident!