Guys, I have an unhealthy addiction; with all white bedrooms! Pristine, crisp, beautifully impractical white bedrooms. I love the minimalist feel, the clean simplicity and soothing calm of the monochromatic space. White bedrooms feel spa-like, as if they offer a retreat from the mess of daily life. My Bedrooms Pinterest board runneth over.


The challenge, obviously, is to actually keep life’s messes from destroying your all-white room! I’ve actually always had a love affair with all things white. I still remember my mom trying to talk me out of white Keds circa second grade because she knew I’d want to accomplish the nearly impossible task of keeping them clean! And I’ve never met a white tee or button down that I don’t love.

While all white bedding requires similar amounts of work to keep stains at bay {especially with kids – of the two or four-legged variety}, there other other ways to accessorize with white! I’d gladly add any of these pieces to our bedroom!


I’m curious- do you dare stick with all white bedding or decorate mostly with white? We have for the past couple years and so I’m now the queen of laundry and am BFFs with Oxy-clean and the Magic Eraser. But I will still argue it’s worth the extra effort!! Collapsing into the fluffy white cloud of goodness each evening just might be the best part of my day! — Erin

Get Your Shop On:

> “White Afternoon” Print by Judith Gigliotti
> Carpe Diem Candle
> Scope Wall Clock
> Kate Spade “Odds & Ends” Tray  
> Ladies & Gentlemen Studio Chime 
> White Acapulco Chair 
> KAS Designs White Beaded Pillow 
> Rope Storage Basket
> Wilshire Table Lamp

image 1 via Duneha // 2 via Design Chaser // 3 via Pinterest  // 4 via Arch Daily // 5 via Varpunen

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  1. White bedrooms are hot right now but I think you can’t really go wrong with this color. Its a classic color. We love it as well. 🙂

  2. I love your ideas about white rooms! You definitely aren’t the only one who likes such themes. It’s really captivating to have a room that can give you a relaxing and calming feeling. All those sample photos are indeed inspiring and moving. This is worth my time.

  3. It’s awesome. White bedrooms are becoming a trend now. But, you have to make sure to clean the room, walls and materials in the room at regular intervals.

  4. The All white bedroom is beautiful!!! It is a modern styled look full of peace and serenity throughout. I used to be a big fan of colors but after seeing this pictures I am inspired to change my bedroom to an all white theme. My apartment complex is pretty cool about changing the wall color so I don’t think it will be a problem. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I am with you on the all white everything, especially, bedding. I too am BFF with Oxy-clean, it’s such a relief to find someone else who is crazy for white.