Happy Friday friends! Has spring offically sprung where you are? I’ve heard the new season is slowly peeking its head out on the East Coast – and we’re about to enjoy crazy warm temps in San Francisco! And tonight it was light at 7:15 pm. Heaven. It’s making me want to bust out a so fresh and so clean all-white look. Sadly, I’m down to about three tops that fit at the moment so I’m going to have to put my sartorial dreams on hold for a couple more weeks {yup, we’re down to two weeks if you’re following along with the bump watch.} Instead, I’m lazer focused on nesting, aka {spoiler alert!} making major updates to the loft! Because who wouldn’t want to cram a complete redesign into the three weeks before their due date?! But the updates are moving along pretty dang well – you might have spied a little sneak peek on Instagram today – and of course all will be revealed when we’re done!

For now, here are a few fun links to keep you occupied while I spend the weekend folding onsies and sourcing light fixtures!

> I’ve been told new moms become incredibly efficient. Newborn or not, I’m incorporating these tips for increasing daily efficiency into my life

> Normally a travel addict, the trips and been few and far between these last 9 months! But what little wouldn’t want to immediately jet set? Cassandra’s recent trip to Morocco has me inspired – and suffering from serious wanderlust.

> I really really really don’t do pink, but this Melbourne home tour has me seriously rethinking things. It’s the perfect palette for spring.

> I’ve found the first pair of heels I’m buying post-pregnancy. And I may have already bought these flats!

> This light and the styling in this apartment just made us die a little inside.

> We’re always on the hunt for affordable art. This collection of black and white abstract art pieces are all under $160!

And if you missed them our most favorite recent posts include this, this and this! Till Monday!

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  1. Amazing links. I love the Morocco pictures:)
    Fiona href=”http://www.thedashingrider.com”>THEDASHINGRIDER.com

  2. Cassie ‘ s Morocco photos very over the moon.. my colors. . Can’t wait to see the loft work… 2 weeks.. wow…