Now before you go running for the hills, let me just preface that I too was VERY skeptical of this color at first. I mean, the name itself sure isn’t doing the color any favors…Burnt…Orange? Sounds downright repulsive. 

BUT with that being said, I challenge you to set aside your judgement for just a moment and allow me to make a case for this under-appreciated color. Sure, in fairness, perhaps burnt orange will never be “the new black” but it’s certainly worthy of some serious attention.







See? Not bad, huh? It gives off a 60’s Mod-vibe without feeling too dated or retro. Plus, when it’s in flowy lightweight fabric form it looks ultra-elegant and contemporary. Even when incorporated as a statement color into decor, it offers a healthy dose of character and an inviting sense of warmth.

Are you convinced? What are your thoughts on the color? 

Image 1 via Nanushka // 2 via JCrew // 3 via Dust Jacket Attic // 4 via The D Pages // 5 via Blueberry Modern  // 6 via Nordic Design

Copy written by Ali Hartwell

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve always loved burnt orange. Particularly in moody shades as dark as good darjeeling with a bit of muted blue or navy. I mean, this isn’t like the 70s, when it was paired with all things brown or lime green. I am so happy to see this color getting a bit of love, lately.

  2. Burnt Orange was my father’s favorite color. Lovely seeing it in those pictures.

  3. Will not be as dated as all the copper will be next year.

  4. This color has always been been a favorite – it’s perfect for fall and always carries a warm vintage quality.