No – not the blog. This puppy’s not going anywhere. In fact, we’re just getting warmed because we moved into our house yesterday! Hence why I’ve been MIA this week. Sorry about that! It’s been 642 days since we bought this crazy 150 year old San Francisco Victorian. The blood, sweat and tears that went into our renovation have been truly admirable (only the tears have been mine – the blood & sweat belonged to our amazing contractor and his team).

But today there is nothing but an exhausted smile on my face. I cannot wait to dive head first into phase two of our project – turning our dream house into my dream home. Now it’ll be a while before I can fully reveal all to you, so I’ll have to beg your continued patience. But oh my, do I have some fun plans in store. And I’ll continue to share sneak peeks on Instagram and now Snapchat on occasion too (seeing if I can hang with the cool kids there). Here are few snaps to whet your appetite.

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This house has literally been years in the making. But to see it come from the diamond in the rough it was (if you need a fresher on where this sucker started just click here or here) to what I’m sitting in as I type right this very second…well it’s a remarkable transformation and a testament to the team of amazing and talented professionals who helped build my vision – almost from the ground up.

But the adventure is only just beginning. I hope you’ll plan to stay on board for the rest of the ride!

In the meantime, get caught up on our renovation here.

Check out a ton of my design inspiration here

And follow my Pinterest board for the entire project here!

I’d also love to know what you’re curious to learn about! I’ve made many a fascinating discovery as I traveld down this occasionally bumpy renovation road and I’m sure there will be missteps in the upcoming design process too, but I like to think we’re in this together. For those who have been around for years – I appreciate you more than you could ever know.



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  1. Your pics are gorgeous. Congratulations on getting it finished. We are still in the middle of a complicated renovation (17th century historically protected building) and the excitement is fading. When walls, and old wallpaper and old tile come down, it’s thrilling. Then comes the tedious part (wiring, plumbing) where it seems like nothing is moving forward. I can’t wait until we get toward the end, with painting. Even the new windows, which are supposed to arrive next week. Can’t wait until I can share your satisfaction at a job well done.

  2. Oh! Congratulations!
    For a moment I thought it was a blog moving.
    Enjoy every step, I’m doing a transformation in my house and the most exhausting part was the floor. Is not an easy DIY but the finish was perfect.
    Which was the most enjoyable renovation you made in here?

  3. 1. no doubt this reno is the most awesome thing EVER
    2. this makes me crazy excited to gut our house soon
    3. i am literally dying to see the wonderful you created