There’s something about a minimal home that always calls to me. Maybe it’s because baby toys continue to multiple in my house at a rapid pace these days. Or maybe it is because a minimalist look just feels simpler, calmer – like if you can accomplish it you must have your sh** together. Regardless, this minimalist home tour out of Melbourne is calling to me. I think it’ll call to you too.


Architect Michael Ellis created this modern, minimal home with an open floor plan that accommodates a family of five. The mostly all white space contrasts with the accents of charcoal gray and slate blue, but is warmed by use of honey toned wood throughout.


The streamlined finishes create an easy relaxed flow throughout the home. The clean lines of the mid-century furniture are equally easy on the eye. Every decor piece was chosen with intention and for a purpose, creating a clean, almost zen-like aesthetic that translates from room to room. One of our favorite details of this space is the way the flatscreen tv blends into the charcoal gray wall in the living room, because who really wants to have their TV as a statement anyways? I also love how many of the cabinets do not have hardware, or the ones that do keep it very minimal, with small brass pulls for an of-the-moment touch (should the trend fade, hardware is one of the easiest things to swap out to update your look).


There are three things that make this home so easy on the eyes. A cohesive color palette that flows from room to room, a light hand with accessories – a simple stack of books, a well-placed family photo and touches of greenery give life to each space – and all that closed storage. This is house likely not devoid of stuff – they’ve just done an excellent job of keeping it all out of sight!

This space is the perfect example of how you can have a minimal and modern space while still adding personality and warmth with beautiful pieces, rich texture & saturated accent colors.

Here’s how to recreate the look in your house!apt-34_mid-century-minimal

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photography by christine francis for pipkorn & kilpatrick 

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  1. Who makes the blue chairs around the dining table.