We’ve all been there. We’ve walked through those fake mini-apartments inside that giant blue box and suddenly feel like we need to pick up and move to Scandinavia. The appeal of the aesthetic is easy to understand. Design driven furniture that perfectly balances form and function feels fresh, light and livable. The color palettes are typically neutral. Every piece in a room commands its own attention.


These spaces aren’t overwrought. Or crammed with crap you don’t need. The colors, shapes and materials feel timeless. House plants and textiles are used for additional texture and both warmth and life. I’d glad come home to any of the rooms above.

What if you could get design-focused furniture like what we see here, that is high quality, affordable, ships straight to you and easy to assemble? Enter Greycork. The new furniture startup, founded by three graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design caught my eye the second an email about them hit my inbox. Greycork has spent years and hundreds of design iterations working to create classic, well-built pieces you can order online and quickly assemble upon arrival – without any tools. Oh and it all looks dang good too. Everything is made of solid hardwood – baltic birch ashwood and solid ash hardwood. Everything is manufactured in the United States. And sold at prices you can actually afford.

When you’re pulling together your first apartment or looking to create that first essential layer of foundational pieces in a room, it’s always smart to lay a good foundation. Greycork is proving you don’t have to shell out your life savings to do that. That approach looks really good to me.

Here’s how to recreate that refined Scandi-inspired look at home:


SHOP THE LOOK: bowl/ pendant light  / table light / pillows / coffee table / sidetable / hanging plants/ sofa / bookcase


images pic 1 / pic 2 / pic 3

this post is in partnership with greycork. all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. thanks for supporting collaborations we’re excited about and that have kept apartment34’s doors open.

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  1. Love that it’s made in the US — and some of the vignettes are worth imitating for sure!